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Game Updates [ more ]

New Atari 8-bit credits by FatherJack | Today, 05:56 PM
Metro Redux
New Xbox One cover by Sciere | Today, 04:36 PM
New Tatung Einstein credits by Игги Друге | Today, 04:33 PM
Metro: Last Light (Limited Edition)
New Xbox 360 cover by me3D31337 | Today, 02:29 PM
Ridge Racer 2
New Trivia by Patrick Bregger | Aug 26, 2014

New Games [ more ]

Code Breaker (Windows 3.x)
Added by piltdown_man | Today, 06:13 PM
Button Madness (Windows 3.x)
Added by piltdown_man | Today, 06:12 PM
Fun School 3 for the Under 5s (CDTV)
Added by Игги Друге | Today, 05:27 PM
Grave Digger (Spectravideo)
Added by Игги Друге | Today, 05:22 PM
Pokémon Tetris (Pokémon Mini)
Added by _-_ | Today, 04:42 PM
Pokémon Party mini (Pokémon Mini)
Added by Michael Cassidy | Today, 04:39 PM

New Screenshots

Code Breaker screenshots by piltdown_man

Button Madness screenshots by piltdown_man

Brimstone screenshots by FatherJack

Liberogrande International screenshots by りき hydao

Grave Digger screenshots by Игги Друге

Pokémon Party mini screenshots by Michael Cassidy

Pakman/Millipede screenshots by Игги Друге

Minnesota Fats' Pool Challenge screenshots by Игги Друге

New Reviews [ more ]

Front cover
Death Gate
"Interactive fiction at its peak"

Front cover
Robot Alchemic Drive
"A unique and very fun giant robot game with plenty of flaws as well"

Front cover
Nemesis 2
"Execution is everything"

Front cover
"Considered a legit sport in some countries. And for good reason!"

MobyGames News

On this day in 1994
The classic SNES game, Earthbound, was released in Japan on this day in 1994.

It was later released in the US in June 1995, along with an unusual marketing campaign centered around the idea that "boys love smelly gross stuff".

The ads used the slogan, "This game stinks". And they had a $10 coupon with the instruction, "Cut this coupon not the cheese".

Unfortunately, said coupon expired in 1996...
Submitted by MobyReed (59) on Aug 27, 20143 comments
State Of MobyGames - August 2014
We've done a post updating everyone on the great strides made since last December on MobyGames - and what we're hoping to do next, with your help. It's over here in our forums.
Submitted by Simon Carless (39) on Aug 24, 20140 comments
Congrats, Piltdown_Man; more platforms!
Just a quick update, since time and contributions whiz onwards - with a couple of key MobyGames updates:

- Massive congrats to piltdown_man for reaching 70,000 points - including 1006 games and 16,223 screenshots - on MobyGames! As Patrick Bregger notes in his thread: "As most approvers will know, he is not only dedicated to document shareware game collections and other obscure games (mostly PC) but also to document every single thought process and every piece of evidence in his comments to the approver." Amazing work!

- As noted by Kabushi in the new platforms thread, we've now added two brand new (and rather niche!) platforms - the Tomy Tutor/Pyuuta (info), and the Pokemon Mini (info) - which only has ten games total! So have at 'em...
Submitted by Simon Carless (39) on Aug 16, 20141 comments
New platforms & new MobyGoal (arcade!)
A couple of notable updates! Firstly, we've turned the keys of game platform adding over to veteran admin Kabushi, and he's gradually adding several that we don't have currently. Most recently, the Tatung Einstein (info) & the PC-6001 (info) are now added!

Separately, we've set up a new MobyGoal, and it's to get to 1500 arcade games - actually, we're already at 1300, so this one may be quite straightforward and we may end up extending it later, but let's see how we do! (Considering we didn't even have an arcade section 6 months ago, already getting to 1500 games is super-impressive.)
Submitted by Simon Carless (39) on Jul 26, 20140 comments
Latest MobyGoal - 250 ZX81 games - reached!
Congrats to everyone - and especially Kabushi and FatherJack, who went on a bit of an adding spree - for already reaching our latest MobyGoal. There are now 250 ZX81 games listed on the site, complete with description, screenshot, publisher and more. (Don't stop there - let's try to get to a complete system snapshot!) Next MobyGoal is coming very soon...!
Submitted by Simon Carless (39) on Jul 18, 20140 comments

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