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Payday: The HeistNew promo image by jaXen | Today, 03:12 AM
Madden NFL 10New PSP credits by Jake AM | Today, 01:13 AM
ArmelloNew PlayStation 4 cover by Kam1Kaz3NL77 | Today, 01:13 AM

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Armello (PlayStation 4)Added by Kam1Kaz3NL77 | Today, 01:13 AM
Snakebird (iPhone)Added by Sciere | Yesterday, 01:50 PM
The Hunger Games: Catching Fire - Panem Run (Android)Added by Sciere | Yesterday, 01:47 PM
Fear the Walking Dead: Dead Run (iPad)Added by Sciere | Yesterday, 01:44 PM

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by derboo

The Blackwell Legacy


by MAT


Wii U

by Harmony‚ô•

World of Tanks

PlayStation 4

by MAT

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by Kam1Kaz3NL77


by Kam1Kaz3NL77

Dead or Alive 5

by Picard

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

by Picard

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Payday: The Heist

by jaXen

Rocksmith: All-new 2014 Edition - Johnny Winter: Be Careful With a Fool

by jaXen

NCAA College Basketball 2K3

by Virgil


by Virgil

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Front cover

Shadow Complex

"America's answer to Metroidvania"

by Pagen HD on Jul 13, 2016
Front cover

Fran Bow

"Take the red pill.."

by krisko6 on Jul 07, 2016
Front cover

Kathy Rain

"This could be the beginning of a new series"

by Nowhere Girl on Jul 06, 2016
Front cover

Streets of SimCity

"Complete rubbish."

by Aginnon on Jul 06, 2016

MobyGames News

New milestones - MobyPoints stars, complete!
Just a brief note on some notable MobyPoints milestones for certain users, plus another completed system.

Firstly, congrats to me3D31337 for hitting 50,000 MobyPoints recently, after almost 10 years on the site (yay!) He's now an all-time Top 25 contributor to the site. Also, the resurgent Kam1Kaz3NL77 just pased 20,000 points and is now in the all-time Top 50, thanks to lots of custom cover and special edition uploads, among other things!

Finally, thanks to Terok Nor, we just polished off the complete set of titles - all 22 of them. What's up next for the 'complete catalog' treatment? It's your call, Internet!
Submitted by Simon Carless (107) on Jul 08, 20163 comments
Milestone: over 10,000 promo images added!
Thanks to everyone who's been supporting the new promotional images section - including concept art, official screenshots, wallpaper, and more - on MobyGames since we set it up just a couple of weeks ago.

We've already reached the milestone of 10,000 promo images added, including subjects as diverse as Mighty No.9 concept art, Diablo II wallpaper, Max Payne 2 official screenshots, and adorable Undertale dogs.

Thanks so much to MAT, Harmony, Evolyzer, Kennyannydenny, Michael Cassidy & everyone else adding images right now - in some cases putting them back on the 'current Web' from the Wayback Machine. Our long-term commitment to storing these images watermark-free, detailed metadata & our high Google Image ranking should help the Internet access good quality video game images for a long time to come!
Submitted by Simon Carless (107) on Jun 29, 20168 comments
20,000 Windows game SKUs on MobyGames!
A big milestone in MobyGames history has been reached - we've reached 20,000 individual Windows games, add-ons & special editions! (You may see slightly different numbers on different screens, but the milestone is legit, heh.)

Karsa Orlong informs us that Uli Stein: Color Chaos, contributed by Rainier S, was the 20,000th SKU, so thanks to him and to ALL of the contributors that have made this possible. And roll on 30,000!
Submitted by Simon Carless (107) on Jun 19, 20169 comments
New Content: Promotional Images

Here at MobyGames, all of our content is contributed and created by our users. Our descriptions are written, our screenshots selected, and our box art scanned by our contributors. As a result, we have a lot of things you can't find anywhere else.

This focus on original content has left us, until now, with a gap in our coverage of games: we didn't have a place for official screenshots, concept art, or any other images that game developers and publishers themselves created. We couldn't be a comprehensive database without these, so I'm pleased to say that we are now accepting contributions of promotional images for all games in MobyGames!

What kinds of images does that mean? In short, just about any official image: official screenshots, official wallpaper, concept art, and other odds and ends. We've been testing this for a few days, and a lot of great things have been contributed already!

Want to contribute some promotional images? You can see the guidelines on our standards page, or if you'd like to jump right in you can look at this quick guide to contributing official screenshots from Steam or other store pages. We appreciate your contributions!

If you'd just like to browse through the new images, we've got you covered: there's a new page dedicated to our growing collection of video game imagery, where you can see a selection of the latest images submitted by our users. It's linked right from the homepage, too--just click the 'more' link on the New Images section to get there. Have a look around, and enjoy!

Submitted by Tracy Poff (1725) on Jun 11, 201639 comments
Site Updates: New Cover Types and More
You know all those awesome extras that came with games in years gone by? Those were really great. If only there were some comprehensive game database where you could find them...

A long-awaited announcement: now, our contributors can submit images of anything that is in game boxes, instead of only the box cover art and media. From maps and posters and reference cards to order forms and box spines and registration cards, you can submit them all. The full details can be found on our lovely Standards and Practices page (and you really should look them over if you're planning to contribute), but the short version is: if it's in or on the game box, we want to see it. Just one caveat: we only want images of the outside of the items, so please don't try to submit scans of each page of the game manual--just the front and back covers will do. Think of it more like a museum than a library, and you'll be set.

There have been a number of other changes since last time, too. Here's a taste:
  • Top games by genre display now makes sense
  • No more duplicated games on the 'Just Added' list
  • Developer rap sheets now show the year for the platform release they're credited on, rather than the earliest release on any platform
  • Better excerpts when you share links on social media
  • New mobygoal: 3000 ZX Spectrum games
That's it for now, but as always you can look forward to more in coming weeks. Thanks as always to our contributors, and especially the approvers who helped hammer out the guidelines that made this update possible. Until next time, happy gaming!
Submitted by Tracy Poff (1725) on May 28, 201630 comments

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