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Words With Friends
New Trivia by Alaka | Today, 04:04 PM
The Blackwell Deception
New Trivia by Patrick Bregger | Today, 04:04 PM
Dinky Doo
New Commodore 64 credits by FatherJack | Today, 01:50 PM
New Commodore 64 credits by FatherJack | Today, 01:49 PM
Halo: The Master Chief Collection
New Xbox One cover by MacKenzie Bates | Today, 11:29 AM
Forza Horizon 2 (Day One Edition)
New Xbox One cover by Yearman | Today, 11:22 AM

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Cookie (ZX Spectrum)
Added by Mikael Johansson | Today, 03:51 PM
Dinky Doo (Commodore 64)
Added by FatherJack | Today, 01:49 PM
Deviants (Commodore 64)
Added by FatherJack | Today, 01:49 PM
The Big Deal (Amiga)
Added by Patrick Bregger | Today, 01:47 PM
Big Box 2 (Amiga)
Added by Patrick Bregger | Today, 01:46 PM
Big Box (Amiga)
Added by Patrick Bregger | Today, 01:46 PM

New Screenshots

Dinky Doo screenshots by FatherJack

Deviants screenshots by FatherJack

Zap!2000 screenshots by Kabushi

Destroyer Escort screenshots by FatherJack

Derby Day screenshots by FatherJack

Spot screenshots by りき hydao

Sudeki screenshots by 666gonzo666

The Humans: Meet the Ancestors! screenshots by Evil Ryu

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Front cover
Silent Hill 2
"Terrifying visuals, eerie sounds and sexual depravity – you’re in for a treat."

Front cover
Max Payne
"Max Payne is still a great game on the PS2, but technical issues creates some setbacks."

Front cover
Police Quest 3: The Kindred
"My favorite of the PQ series to this day"

Front cover
The Secret of Monkey Island
"I would become a pirate just to be able to play this game"

MobyGames News

DRM-FREE Fall Sale at GOG
GOG's DRM-free big fall sale has begun. Up to 90% off on 700+ games. And for the next 48 hours Mount & Blade is available for free!
Submitted by MobyReed (62) on Nov 12, 20140 comments
New MobyGoal - 3,500 Amiga games!
Following our success in getting to 1500 arcade games, we're switching to our old friend the Commodore Amiga! Right now, we have 3107 games listed for it, and our new MobyGoal - displayed on the front page of the site prominently - is to get to 3500 titles in total. Ready, set.... document!
Submitted by Simon Carless (43) on Nov 07, 20143 comments
1,500 Arcade Games Documented
Just earlier this year we added the arcade platform, and as of today we've achieved the milestone of 1,500+ documented arcade games!

Every single entry (at minimum) includes description, release info, genres, publisher and developer. Many including screenshots, credits and trivia, with more being added all the time.

Thanks to all contributors and approvers for helping document these important pieces of game history.

Some notable entries include: Centipede, Donkey Kong, Double Dragon, Galaga, Gauntlet, Golden Axe, Gradius, Joust, Mortal Kombat, Ms. Pac-Man, Paperboy, Rampage, Smash T.V., The Simpsons, Space Invaders
Submitted by MobyReed (62) on Oct 22, 20143 comments
FatherJack hits all-time yearly contribution record!
He's an animal! News out of the forums is that FatherJack has broken the single MobyGames contributor record for points earned in one year. As אולג小奥 notes, FatherJack has now "scored an unbelievable 43255 points, beating my record of 43191 in 2012". A lot of his recent MobyGames contributions have been filling out great swathes of missing info around Commodore 64, ZX-81 games and more, but he's also been super important to adding to our arcade collection, among others! Congrats again, Sir!
Submitted by Simon Carless (43) on Oct 20, 20147 comments
Tuesday Trivia
In 1981, the Arcade classic Centipede was ported to the ZX81 platform by Jeff Minter (who founded Llamasoft the following year).

Centipede for the ZX81 was significantly different from the original, which Jeff later explained was due to the fact he had never played it. He had only seen pictures and heard about it.

Minter later went on to make Gridrunner, another game inspired by Centipede.
Submitted by MobyReed (62) on Sep 30, 20141 comments

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Popeye no Eigo Asobi
NES version released. (Japan)
Clu Clu Land
NES version released. (Japan)
NES version released. (Japan)
Déjà Vu: A Nightmare Comes True!!
NES version released. (Japan)
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