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Omega Quintet (Iffy's Online Store Exclusive Limited Edition)New PlayStation 4 credits by Picard | Today, 04:14 AM
Dragon Ball Z: BudokaiNew GameCube credits by Evil Ryu | Today, 04:12 AM
Prototype 2: Excessive Force PackNew PlayStation 3 cover by Alaka | Yesterday, 11:57 PM
Prototype 2: Colossal Mayhem PackNew PlayStation 3 cover by Alaka | Yesterday, 11:57 PM

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Crackdown: Free-for-All Pack (Xbox 360)Added by Kennyannydenny | Today, 04:13 AM
Prototype 2: Excessive Force Pack (Xbox 360)Added by Alaka | Yesterday, 11:57 PM
Prototype 2: Excessive Force Pack (PlayStation 3)Added by Alaka | Yesterday, 11:57 PM
Prototype 2: Colossal Mayhem Pack (Xbox 360)Added by Alaka | Yesterday, 11:57 PM
Prototype 2: Colossal Mayhem Pack (PlayStation 3)Added by Alaka | Yesterday, 11:57 PM
The Civil War: Master Players Edition (DOS)Added by jean-louis | Yesterday, 07:45 PM

New Screenshots

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion


by Max Tikhonov

The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind


by Damien Reeves

The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind


by Ziut Jodle

Where's My Water? 2

Windows Apps

by Sciere

Where's My Perry?


by Sciere

Realms of Chaos


by MrFlibble

Wolfenstein 3D


by MrFlibble

Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure: Forbidden Planet


by MrFlibble

New Reviews

Front cover

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

"Finales are hard."

by krisko6 on Jun 27, 2015
Front cover

Phantasy Star

"Wonderful RPG"

by dave taylor on Jun 27, 2015
Front cover

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

"Amazing presentation, boring gameplay"

by Greek Bastard on Jun 26, 2015
Front cover

Star Wars: X-Wing (Collector's CD-ROM)

"“Great, kid. Don’t get cocky.”"

by Gatekeeper on Jun 26, 2015

MobyGames News

Our 6th ever MobyGames 100k user!
Gigantic congratulations to LepricahnsGold who has made it to 100,000 contribution points on MobyGames!! He is only the 6th ever user to make it to that historic milestone - the others being Sciere, Cor13, [formercontrib!], Kabushi, and Patrick Bregger.

[While we're here - another notable recent milestone is that 666gonzo666 hit 50,000 - massive thanks to him!]

If you'd like to join them, please go ahead and contribute now - MobyGames is only possible through our amazing users' contributions.
Submitted by Simon Carless (50) on Jun 14, 20157 comments
This Day In History/Covers Of Day on Moby's Twitter!
As part of an attempt to bring MobyGames at least tentatively into the 21st century (ho ho!), we'll now be alternately featuring a 'This Day In History' game and a 'Cover Of The Day' on MobyGames' Twitter feed. Please check it out, follow us, and try to fave/RT us as much as possible so we can grow our social media following!
Submitted by Simon Carless (50) on Jun 07, 20155 comments
Watermarks Begone
After a long week of reprocessing work, the entirety of our 271,573 box covers and 680,458 screenshots are watermark free!

Additionally, we now display them at a higher quality (less compression and larger). We hope these changes will make MobyGames just that much better of a resource for the gaming community at large.

Other sites, YouTubers, bloggers and so on should always feel free to make use of these assets. Though we would greatly appreciate attribution back to MobyGames, so we can ensure our contributor base remains healthy and can grow. Without them, the 95,000+ game entries with countless credits, trivia and other information would simply not exist.

Not only is every piece of information here submitted by gamers, but it also goes through an approval process to ensure it's as accurate as possible. This is a huge amount of work, and we always need more contributors and approvers to help maintain (and improve!) our mission of being the most complete and accurate database of game information possible.
Submitted by MobyReed (64) on May 08, 20159 comments
Moby Milestone: 50,000 Unique Games (April 2015)
We now have 50,000 unique games documented in our database! Every single game was hand entered by contributors and carefully verified by our approvers.

A huge thanks to the thousands of MobyGames contributors over the past 15 years who've helped us reach this point! Including each platform release, we are currently at 94,818 total game listings for 165 platforms. You can see the full breakdown by platform here.

To help mark the occasion, we're announcing our plan to remove the MobyGames watermark from all covers and screenshots. This has been in the works for a while and we'll soon be re-processing all 675,000+ screenshots and 270,000+ covers.
Submitted by MobyReed (64) on Apr 18, 201516 comments
MobyGames updates - March 2015!
Just a quick note on the front page to make sure everyone knows we've been updating MobyGames - our code as well as loads of new items - over the past few weeks!

In code and format additions, the Changelog is up to date, and includes a number of new game systems - including Windows Apps - and some notable security updates, as well as lots of affiliate link fixes - massive thanks to Nelio!

Elsewhere on contributions, we're rapidly approaching 50,000 unique games - more on that when we get there - and wanted to give some shoutouts to MAT and piltdown_man, who got to 80.000 points this year.

Also some great new milestones in points were reached by Sciere, ryanbus84, Thomas Petterson and more - and thanks to new contributors Kennyannydenny and Jennifer McMurray! Onward and upward...
Submitted by Simon Carless (50) on Mar 09, 20159 comments

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