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Dark Souls III: Ashes of AriandelNew PlayStation 4 cover by A.J. Maciejewski | Today, 12:00 AM
CaterpillaNew VIC-20 credits by S Olafsson | Yesterday, 11:59 PM
Hudson HawkNew ZX Spectrum credits by S Olafsson | Yesterday, 11:58 PM
Persona 5: Catherine Costume and BGM SpecialNew PlayStation 4 cover by Harmony♥ | Yesterday, 11:40 PM

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Jamestown+ (PlayStation 4)Added by A.J. Maciejewski | Today, 12:00 AM
Batman: The Telltale Series (PlayStation 4)Added by Jouni Lahtinen | Yesterday, 11:42 PM
Rise of The Tomb Raider - 20 Year Celebration: Collector's Edition (PlayStation 4)Added by Picard | Yesterday, 11:40 PM
Persona 5: Catherine Costume and BGM Special (PlayStation 4)Added by Harmony♥ | Yesterday, 11:40 PM

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Lament Island


by poison borz

Inspector Gadget: Mad Robots Invasion

PlayStation 2

by Evil Ryu

Dark Souls II


by Oleg Roschin

Perry Mason: The Case of the Mandarin Murder

Commodore 64

by Ricky Derocher

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Dark Souls III: Ashes of Ariandel

by A.J. Maciejewski

Persona 5: Catherine Costume and BGM Special

by Harmony♥

1000 Tiny Claws

by Alaka

Bubble Trubble

by Alaka

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Shades of Black: A Carol Reed Mystery Adventure

by Sciere

WipEout HD: Fury

by firefang9212

ECW Hardcore Revolution

by Sean-Paul Kearns

WipEout HD

by firefang9212

New Reviews

Front cover

All-New Now That's What I Call A Music Quiz 2

"Good for one, possibly two, plays but that's about it"

by piltdown_man on Oct 25, 2016
Front cover


"Repetative, but true to its roots"

by Alex Z on Oct 19, 2016
Front cover

Spyro: Year of the Dragon

"The best variety game ever made"

by Damian Armstrong on Oct 13, 2016
Front cover

Space Hulk: Vengeance of the Blood Angels

"Not as good as the 3DO version"

by Operation Hot Zone Kill on Oct 10, 2016

MobyGames News

Congrats to Karsa Orlong - 100,000 MobyPoints!
Just a quick (but massive!) note of congratulations - Poland's very own Karsa Orlong just reached 100,000 MobyPoints!

He joined us only back in 2010, so to be the 9th person in the history of the site to make it to 100k is SUPER impressive. He's also getting closer and closer to his goal: "Trying to add all commercial Polish video games to MobyGames' database." (While doing a bunch of extra approvals and work along the way!) Thanks again to him...
Submitted by Simon Carless (392) on Oct 25, 20169 comments
ANNOUNCE: MobyGames hits 100,000 promo images archived!
We only announced this section in June 2016, but we're delighted to announce that we have over 100,000 images added to the promo images section on MobyGames.

Many of these are automagically 'scraped' from major stores (Steam, iOS, Google Play, etc!), which is still important since these screenshots change and sometimes disappear over time. But a large number are also grabbed from other sources, like '90s FTP sites or even press CD-ROMs. And MobyGames' high Google ranking means the images often get prominently displayed for Internet users to check out and use. So... great work, all contributors who made this happen!

(We're planning more ability to contribute other types of images to MobyGames soon, including a way to add magazine advertisements, so watch out for an announcement on that!)

Submitted by Simon Carless (392) on Oct 19, 20168 comments
Spotlight on: Kabushi's amazing work adding obscure games!

While we've been focusing a lot on the recently added promo art, we also wanted to point to some regular contributors who don't get enough 'MobyGames news section love'. In particular, Sweden's Kabushi continues to regularly add super-important credits and game entries for obscure systems.

For example, here's the 200+ games he's added this year, including rarities like Addition Magician, a rare Lumines J2ME game, and even a Sonic title for the Leapster.

You can check out everything he's added in 2016 here, & since many of these titles are not well-documented on Wikipedia or elsewhere, the info, credits & screenshots are super important for documenting game history. Much kudos to him!
Submitted by Simon Carless (392) on Oct 16, 20163 comments
MobyGames adds API, asks for more Patreon help!
As we just updated on the MobyGames Patreon page: "Thanks in part to the help of our wonderful Patrons, we have built a MobyGames API and are currently in the process of alpha testing! There's still a lot of work to do, but this is a big step forward."

We're keen to keep adding features to the site, and your monthly pledge really helps to pay for server costs and for coding time to both add to the existing site & continue working on a new one. Please consider adding to our Patreon today - we have some new tiers & special icons for supporters!
Submitted by Simon Carless (392) on Oct 12, 20160 comments
Preserving '90s PC promo screenshots on MobyGames!

Since we launched the promo images section on MobyGames, there's been over 90,000 images uploaded (!), including many rare press CD-ROM images & raft of automatically 'scraped' images for Steam, Nintendo and iOS - thanks to _all_ contributors who've made that possible. (The image 'scraping' tech will be rolling out to all contributors soon, by the way - it's approver-only right now.)

In any case, we wanted to also highlight the amazing work of MrFlibble, a MobyGames contributor who notes on his profile: "I'm primarily interested in more or less obscure shareware games of the 90s era for DOS and Windows." And he's been uploading lots of rare images - many pre-release - from the games of that period.

Some great examples he pointed out to us - Powerslave pre-release pics from 1996, some rare concept art for Z, some Dark Colony official images, and early Redneck Rampage images. Thanks so much to MrFlibble, and we'll try to highlight other great contributors - both for promo images and to our regular credits/game additions - soon.
Submitted by Simon Carless (392) on Oct 08, 20161 comments

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