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Real Soccer 2010New Windows Mobile credits by Kabushi | Today, 01:54 PM
WarfishNew Mainframe credits by vedder | Today, 01:49 PM
Desktop DungeonsNew promo image by jaXen | Today, 01:06 PM
Gun MetalNew Windows cover by Danfer | Today, 12:42 PM

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Warfish (Mainframe)Added by vedder | Today, 01:47 PM
Experimental Advanced version of Startrek (Sol-20)Added by vedder | Today, 01:46 PM
Blacksea Odyssey (PlayStation 4)Added by mars_rulez | Today, 12:36 PM
Spacejacked (PS Vita)Added by mars_rulez | Today, 12:36 PM

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My Child Lebensborn


by MrMamen



by piltdown_man

Superman Activity Center: Hidden Profiles

Windows 3.x

by piltdown_man

Acorn Arcade


by piltdown_man

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Gun Metal

by Danfer

Power Rangers: Dino Thunder

by Katie Cadet

The Biggest Loser

by Leeona

Blacksea Odyssey

by mars_rulez

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Desktop Dungeons

by jaXen

Demon Hunter 3: Revelation

by jaXen

LEGO The Incredibles: Parr Family Vacation Pack

by jaXen

Rocksmith 2014 Edition: Remastered - Nina Simone: Feeling Good

by jaXen

New Reviews

Front cover

Immortal Redneck

""That lion lady can turn [email protected]&! into steak?!""

by Tony Denis on Yesterday, 04:33 PM
Front cover


"Surprisingly underrated"

by Gatekeeper on Jul 15, 2018
Front cover

Mega Pinball

"Only For The Desperate Pinball Player"

by Mark Hinds on Jul 15, 2018
Front cover

Time Mysteries: Inheritance

"This is not really a hidden object game"

by piltdown_man on Jul 12, 2018

MobyGames News

LOTS of new (old) platforms added to MobyGames!
Largely because Vedder is adding a mountain of old games in his attempt to document early titles better (look at 1976's much-augmented list, for example) Kabushi has added all of the below game platforms recently: PCs: Altair 8800, HP 9800, Intel 8008, Intel 8080, KIM-1, Microtan 65, SWTPC 6800, Tektronix 4050, Zilog Z80; Consoles: Bubble, Interton Video 2000, Tele-Spiel ES-2201, Telstar Arcade. And Vedder has added more since then which he can mention in the comments to this news story if he wants, haha.

Oh, and we added the Pokitto too! Go us!
Submitted by Simon Carless (1808) on Jul 15, 20184 comments
New MobyGoal (& apologies for downtime!)
Thanks to everyone for bearing with us through some site downtime a couple of days ago. Our (slightly old site) had its 'task manager' malfunction, so it required some complex surgery from Reed & special guest helper Brian H! Seems to be working now, but feel free to post or PM if you see anything amiss.

Secondly, we took advantage of the editing to add a new stretch MobyGoal - 7,000 iPhone games. Yep, we know they're not such a popular area to add for contributors, but there are a lot of smartphone games played by millions and not yet documented, so we thought we'd ask nicely!
Submitted by Simon Carless (1808) on Jun 22, 20181 comments
Some more great MobyGames users (& their milestones!)
Following up from the last post about this, and noting some of the congratulations mentioned in the news comments, wanted to point out:

- Rainer S, who does an amazing job of adding cover art for German titles in particular, is now over 100k MobyPoints, one of a select few (less than 15!) to ever do that.

- The incredibly methodical Piltdown Man is now over the 150k points mark - thanks to him for adding a lot of obscure PC shareware games of recent.

Thanks to these two, and please post other user milestones in the comments as you see them!
Submitted by Simon Carless (1808) on May 27, 201813 comments
REMINDER: come hang on the MobyGames Discord!
Just a brief reminder that the MobyGames Discord server is open to all past, current & future Moby contributors.

It's a real-time chat service where various regulars talk about MobyGames contributions, game collecting, and other random fun facts. See you there!
Submitted by Simon Carless (1808) on May 19, 20180 comments
Shout-out: FAM's excellent game cover additions!
We wanted to give a shout-out to one of our newest contributors, FAM, who has been adding all kinds of rare game packaging art since he started contributing in February.

For example, he's adding nicely scanned original covers for rare PC Engine CD games, as well as weird Amstrad CPC games & lots more besides. Look through his full contributions to date here.

Submitted by Simon Carless (1808) on May 05, 201810 comments

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We need 1458 more iPhone games documented to complete this goal!

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