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Empire Earth IINew Windows cover by Danfer | Today, 08:07 AM
Punch KingNew Game Boy Advance credits by リカルド・フィリペ | Today, 04:16 AM
Aggressive InlineNew Game Boy Advance credits by リカルド・フィリペ | Today, 04:15 AM
P.O.W.: Prisoners of WarNew PlayStation 3, PSP and PS Vita cover by Alaka | Today, 03:31 AM

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Hajwala Drift (Android)Added by firefang9212 | Today, 03:49 AM
Magium (iPhone)Added by Pseudo_Intellectual | Today, 03:49 AM
Dark Fear (Android)Added by Pseudo_Intellectual | Today, 03:48 AM
The Filmmaker (Android)Added by Pseudo_Intellectual | Today, 03:48 AM

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Civil War: Secret Missions


by MaxFreeman


Apple II

by Kabushi


Apple II

by Kabushi

Scorched Earth


by OmegaPC777

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Empire Earth II

by Danfer

P.O.W.: Prisoners of War

by Alaka

RPG Maker Player

by mars_rulez

River City: Knights of Justice

by mars_rulez

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Air Force Special Ops: Nightfall

by mars_rulez

Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition - Tunø

by Charly2.0

Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition - Randers Airport

by Charly2.0

Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition - Endelave

by Charly2.0

New Reviews

Front cover

Double Dragon Trilogy

"Among the best of early beat-em-ups and excellent remixed music"

by Andrew Fisher on Yesterday, 07:07 AM
Front cover

NASCAR Road Racing

"A good NASCAR arcade-style racer from EA, but not the best!"

by Katie Cadet on Jun 05, 2017
Front cover

King's Quest V

"Graham & Cedric's NES Adventure "

by Shamal Jifan on May 29, 2017
Front cover

Roberta Williams' Phantasmagoria

"Sierra opens the door of controversy"

by *Katakis* on May 20, 2017

MobyGames News

New(ish!) on MobyGames - the Mainframe platform.

Much like our Arcade platform, it's taken MobyGames a long time to add Mainframe games as a platform because, well, it's not one particular hardware configuration - rather a set of unique games on unique early computer hardware.

But the platform is here now, thanks to help from Kabushi & others, and already has 50+ well-researched entries going back as far as 1951 (!) - almost all added by excellent MobyGames contributor Vedder. Thanks again to all involved.
Submitted by Simon Carless (1455) on Jun 18, 20179 comments
New taskforce: Description adding/improvement.
There's been some rumblings - not entirely incorrectly - in recent days that although we're catching up a LOT on MobyGames thanks to our new 'entry helper', there are some Steam/PSN/etc. store descriptions that don't reflect games properly.

The best example is probably Stephen's Sausage Roll, which we've now added a basic description for. But if there are others that don't describe the basic gameplay in an understandable way, please add them to this thread and we'll make descriptions for them. Thanks again.
Submitted by Simon Carless (1455) on Jun 17, 20173 comments
Notable milestones - Kabushi & MAT!
Just a couple of super-neat milestones. Firstly, it looks like veteran MobyGames contributor Kabushi sneaked past Unicorn Lynx to make the all-time #2 spot on our contributor list with 178,001 points, wow, thanks to his steady contributions on many retro platforms. Congrats to him!

Secondly, MAT who is in 6th place overall, just bested 150,000 points for the first time, another spectacular result - lots of Japanese covers and screens in here. Congrats to both - and if you have spotted other milestones, please put them in the comments on this post :)
Submitted by Simon Carless (1455) on Jun 04, 201712 comments
New Alpha feature: MobyGames has video!

Some of you may have spotted that games such as RiME now have - shock, horror - an official launch/release video embedded on their page! Yes, it's only taken us until 2017 to enter the world of moving images, please don't mock us :P (Some other examples: Grand Theft Auto V, Beavis & Butt-Head In Virtual Stupidity, haha!)

This is an Alpha roll-out of a feature that will be available to all in the next few months, whenever you can start submitting via our new 'Phoenix' version of the website. ('Entry helper' is another Phoenix feature that is already available to all - we've been making great progress of late.)

This new video adding feature - intended specifically for official videos that include gameplay of the title - is now accessible on a contributor by contributor basis. If you're a regular contributor who'd like to get access to it and add videos, please PM me & I'll give you specific instructions and rules. (BTW, we are using embedded YouTube videos, but intend to archive any linked-to videos to our collection over time to ensure they don't get lost due to changing accounts or policies.)
Submitted by Simon Carless (1455) on May 28, 201712 comments
Another milestone - 200,000 promo images!
Just a note that, according to the MobyGames Stats page, we have just passed 200,000 promotional images - congrats to all, and thanks to all contributors who made this possible.

Of course, many of these are automatically added when the 'entry helper' is used. (This is super useful if the websites they are grabbed from ever go away.) But there's also a lot of custom promo image work - for example, from Mr Flibble, who is adding all kinds of neat old PC game screenshots, among other things! And roll on, 300k images!
Submitted by Simon Carless (1455) on May 26, 20170 comments

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