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Blackguards 2New PlayStation 4 cover by mars_rulez | Today, 01:01 AM
Shoppe KeepNew PlayStation 4 cover by mars_rulez | Today, 01:01 AM
de BlobNew Windows credits by Sciere | Yesterday, 11:06 PM
Adventure Time: Legends of Ooo - Big Hollow PrincessNew promo image by Scaryfun | Yesterday, 11:05 PM

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Burly Men at Sea (PlayStation 4)Added by mars_rulez | Today, 01:01 AM
Shoppe Keep (PlayStation 4)Added by mars_rulez | Today, 01:01 AM
Robonauts (PlayStation 4)Added by mars_rulez | Today, 01:01 AM
Final Fantasy IX (PlayStation 4)Added by mars_rulez | Today, 01:00 AM

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Treasure Masters, Inc.: The Lost City


by Rainer S

Eggerland 3


by OmegaPC777

Elven Mists


by Rainer S

Jewel Master: Jade Dynasty


by Rainer S

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Blackguards 2

by mars_rulez

Shoppe Keep

by mars_rulez


by mars_rulez

Final Fantasy IX

by mars_rulez

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Adventure Time: Legends of Ooo - Big Hollow Princess

by Scaryfun

Ryū ga Gotoku: Ishin!

by MAT

Arctic Baron

by MrFlibble

Tiny Hawk

by Alaka

New Reviews

Front cover

Planet's Edge: The Point of no Return

"A richly imaginative space RPG!"

by Unicorn Lynx on Sep 17, 2017
Front cover

F1 2002

"EA Sports' last Formula One racing instalment for a 10-year old PC!"

by Katie Cadet on Sep 13, 2017
Front cover

Watch_Dogs 2

"DedSec has given you the truth. Do what you will."

by krisko6 on Sep 10, 2017
Front cover


"Customizable Thexder"

by Katakis | カタキス on Aug 31, 2017

MobyGames News

Highlighting our new(ish) 'dedicated console' section!

Earlier this year, MobyGames launched a 'dedicated console' platform, recognizing that there's a lot of 'many games in one' TV games out there that don't have a central place to get documented.

Thus far contributors have added everything from the NES Classic to bizarre official Mega Drive x guitar games, and lots more besides. There's even a dedicated Tic-Tac-Toe machine from 1956 in the mix somewhere - and lots of Pong-like machines, of course.

Thanks to all MobyGames contributors that helped so far - and yes, we have a 'dedicated handheld' section too, for all you Game & Watch fans.
Submitted by Simon Carless (1612) on Sep 16, 20172 comments
New milestones - 400k cover art, 250k promo art!
As we continue to truck through the summer, just a note that we've reached some new MobyGames milestones in terms of contributions.

Sure, we're over 136,000 games on the DB, but the new milestones of note are that we've made it to 400,000 pieces of cover art, and 250,000 pieces of promotional art. Thanks to ALL MobyGames contributors who've made that happen. (For comparison, only 4 years ago we had 72,000 games, 226,000 pieces of cover art, and 0 pieces of promo art!) Great work...
Submitted by Simon Carless (1612) on Sep 02, 20171 comments
Reminder: our Discord community is up and running!
Just a reminder that we have a fairly active Discord community for MobyGames with a number of contributors stopping in and chatting. If you're a regular contributor - or are just thinking about starting - then we recommend you come and check it out!
Submitted by Simon Carless (1612) on Aug 26, 20171 comments
New iPhone MobyGoal; new MobyPoints rewards for descriptions!
Two small updates: firstly, we've updated the MobyGoal to be 4,500 iPhone games, because we made it to 4,000 so easily! (Sorry to those who helped us get there - it's just a bit further to this new goal :P)

Secondly, after some notes on the rewards for ad blurbs vs. descriptions, all handwritten descriptions are now worth 4 MobyPoints on the website (so 3 more points than previously). Hope this'll help encourage.. there may also be an additional modifier for complexity in the future.
Submitted by Simon Carless (1612) on Aug 20, 201712 comments
2017 - a fine year for adding games on MobyGames so far!

We just wanted to highlight the above graph, for which the red bar is the number of games - of any era - added on MobyGames by users since 2012. So 2017's total additions include games from 1981, 2012, and even 2017! (Side note: the green bar is number of times games have been set to 'pending', so includes 2 entries for anything that needed to be set to WIP.)

Current MobyGames management took over the site at the end of 2013, following an aborted site redesign. We're proud of the work you've done with us to keep up with what is an increasingly crowded game market, and fill in a lot of older holes in our database! (And there's four and a half months to go, so expect 2017's red bar to go a lot higher by year's end.)
Submitted by Simon Carless (1612) on Aug 14, 201726 comments

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