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Sonic Dash 2: Sonic BoomNew iPad credits by Freeman | Today, 04:41 AM
Sonic Jump FeverNew iPad credits by Freeman | Today, 04:02 AM
Jackbox Party Pack 2New promo image by Katie Cadet | Today, 01:52 AM
The Jackbox Party PackNew promo image by Katie Cadet | Today, 01:50 AM

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Warp Shift (Android)Added by Sciere | Yesterday, 11:18 PM
Stranded (Android)Added by Sciere | Yesterday, 11:18 PM
Snowboard Hero (iPad)Added by Sciere | Yesterday, 11:18 PM
Jumping Joe! (Android)Added by Sciere | Yesterday, 11:17 PM

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Natomi Bottle Rockets Extreme


by JudgeDeadd

Ducati World: Racing Challenge


by John Thomson

Games Pack


by piltdown_man

Beetle Ju


by Rainer S

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Galaxy on Fire: Manticore Rising

by Sciere

Warp Shift

by Sciere


by Sciere

Snowboard Hero

by Sciere

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Jackbox Party Pack 2

by Katie Cadet

The Jackbox Party Pack

by Katie Cadet

Warp Shift

by Sciere


by Sciere

New Reviews

Front cover

Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar

"A bit religious, but some good ideas"

by Andrew Fisher on Aug 19, 2017
Front cover

Mad Max

"Plenty to do, most of it interesting"

by Mark Langdahl on Aug 17, 2017
Front cover

The Witness

"Puzzle after puzzle after puzzle"

by Nowhere Girl on Aug 16, 2017
Front cover

Harley-Davidson: Race Across America

"Not as thrilling as having an actual Harley"

by blakegriplingph on Aug 12, 2017

MobyGames News

New iPhone MobyGoal; new MobyPoints rewards for descriptions!
Two small updates: firstly, we've updated the MobyGoal to be 4,500 iPhone games, because we made it to 4,000 so easily! (Sorry to those who helped us get there - it's just a bit further to this new goal :P)

Secondly, after some notes on the rewards for ad blurbs vs. descriptions, all handwritten descriptions are now worth 4 MobyPoints on the website (so 3 more points than previously). Hope this'll help encourage.. there may also be an additional modifier for complexity in the future.
Submitted by Simon Carless (1521) on Yesterday, 03:23 AM8 comments
2017 - a fine year for adding games on MobyGames so far!

We just wanted to highlight the above graph, for which the red bar is the number of games - of any era - added on MobyGames by users since 2012. So 2017's total additions include games from 1981, 2012, and even 2017! (Side note: the green bar is number of times games have been set to 'pending', so includes 2 entries for anything that needed to be set to WIP.)

Current MobyGames management took over the site at the end of 2013, following an aborted site redesign. We're proud of the work you've done with us to keep up with what is an increasingly crowded game market, and fill in a lot of older holes in our database! (And there's four and a half months to go, so expect 2017's red bar to go a lot higher by year's end.)
Submitted by Simon Carless (1521) on Aug 14, 201719 comments
Graph: Gameplay Genres
I'll try to make this a sort of semi-regular thing. Previously I posted about Main Genres.

This time, using the MobyGames API I generated the following graph depicting the release of games of specific gameplay genres per year.

Click to enlarge!

The vertical axis is number of games. Each game in the database is represented in the graph for the first release it was available.
Submitted by vedder (25148) on Aug 05, 20172 comments
New MobyGoal - adding iPhone games, before they disappear!
As you might have seen discussed in recent articles, there's about to be a whirlwind of iOS games rendered unplayable - and perhaps eventually removed from the App Store, due to the changes in iOS 11 & dropping of support for 32-bit apps.

So we decided to make our current MobyGoal around adding iPhone games, with an initial total of 4,000 targeted. (We're already 50% of the way between the previous total and the goal, partly because Sciere has been adding lots on his summer holidays, which is great - but we need your help.)
Submitted by Simon Carless (1521) on Aug 04, 20173 comments
Genre Dominance
Using the MobyGames API I generated the following graph depicting the dominance of various main genres throughout history as a percentage of games from that year.

Click to enlarge!

Compilations/DLC/Special Editions were filtered out for this data.

The pre 1971 era is a bit hectic due to a low number of games released there. But it's cool to see the shift from mostly strategy and simulation to the dominance of action games with the advent of the Arcade and home computers.

The puzzle genre might be under-represented due to a recent addition of that as its own genre instead of a sub-genre for strategy/tactics.

I wonder what percentage of that huge sports-bubble in the 70s is Pong clones?
Submitted by vedder (25148) on Jul 26, 20174 comments

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Early games had such simple graphics that screenshots were not effective in marketing the game, so conceptual illustrations were used instead. For an example of this, take a look at boxes from IBM or Funtastic games--then compare them to their screenshots. (This is not to say that Funtastic and IBM games aren't fun--they are--we're just using them as an example.)   more tips

Current MobyGoal

4500 iPhone Games (10%)

10% Complete

We need 450 more iPhone games documented to complete this goal!

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Valis: The Fantasm Soldier
NES version released. (Japan)
Mac Pan
Atari ST version released. (Germany)
Shingen the Ruler
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A Ressha de Ikō
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3D Maze
Windows 3.x version released. (Worldwide)
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