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FIFA Soccer 10New Wii cover by Rainer S | Yesterday, 10:49 PM
Castlevania: Spectral InterludeNew ZX Spectrum cover by S Olafsson | Yesterday, 09:48 PM
The NeverhoodNew PlayStation credits by Freeman | Yesterday, 09:21 PM
SkullmonkeysNew PlayStation credits by Freeman | Yesterday, 08:14 PM

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Metal Slug: Super Vehicle - 001 (Nintendo Switch)Added by mars_rulez | Yesterday, 09:27 PM
Pong (Dedicated console)Added by Kabushi | Yesterday, 09:25 PM
Shadow of the Beast (PlayStation 4)Added by MAT | Yesterday, 04:54 AM
King's Quest: Epilogue (PlayStation 4)Added by MAT | Yesterday, 04:54 AM

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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Nintendo Switch

by Tonos Gratis

Sword of the Stars II: Enhanced Edition


by Kordanor



by Ibrahim Nad┼żak

Battlehawks 1942


by Ricky Derocher

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FIFA Soccer 10

by Rainer S

Castlevania: Spectral Interlude

by S Olafsson

Colossal Adventure

by S Olafsson

4x4 Off-Road Racing

by S Olafsson

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We are the Dwarves

by Evil Ryu

Shadow of the Beast

by Evil Ryu

WTF: work time fun

by GTramp

Mario Party

by Virgil

New Reviews

Front cover

The Curse of Monkey Island

"The Monkeys are Listening"

by Shamal Jifan on Mar 23, 2017
Front cover

The Simpsons: Tapped Out

"My Favorite Droid Game!"

by Scott Monster on Mar 20, 2017
Front cover

The Beast Within: A Gabriel Knight Mystery

"The best interactive movie Sierra has ever done"

by *Katakis* on Mar 18, 2017
Front cover

Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition

"Thoughts on the symbolism in Dark Souls, and the gameplay as well"

by Pagen HD on Mar 14, 2017

MobyGames News

'Entry helper' - the good, the bad, and what's next...

So it's been a couple of months since we rolled out our 'entry helper', which allows users to add games from Steam, iOS/Android, PSN and much easier. And here's what happened so far:

The Good: as you can see from the above graph (red bar), we're adding a LOT more important games/DLC to the site - 3x as many as before! It's also had the great side effect of allowing retail cover contributors (like Charly 2.0) to add all kinds of covers that they couldn't because there was no game entry in place. And it's allowed regular contributors like Sciere to switch to high-quality data entry like credits.

The Bad: There have been some issues too - particularly with new contributors who aren't used to checking dev/publisher data and genres so closely. But we are working through those. Also, although many ad blurbs on Steam are high quality, a few - especially on PSN - are not so good and will really need descriptions adding at some point.

As for what's next? Well, thanks again to all for their help contributing to our DB! We still need more help with our PSN game adding competition until the end of May - keep contributing! And after that we may try to concentrate on key missing iOS & Steam games.

All of this gives us a much stronger data set for our longer term goals, which are to a) display everything in a much prettier/more useful fashion via a new version of the website and b) to continue building on the key elements of the website (credits, covers, and promo art, as well as the 'relational database' element of the site) for the far future.
Submitted by Simon Carless (1213) on Mar 27, 201720 comments
Neat use of MobyGames API for Star Wars game article...
As you may know, we've opened up MobyGames' data in an API for not-for-profit use (and commercial use under certain circumstances - PM me either way!), and we've had 30+ people sign up for API access so far.

One of the earliest fruits of the API usage is this post about Star Wars game history by Cheeseness, which uses MobyGames data to create an interactive timeline of the myriad of Star Wars games out there. Cool, huh? We hope to see more cool uses like this over time...

(Incidentally, we now know there's a few missing Star Wars games on MobyGames, particularly mobile/browser titles, if anyone wants to have a go at adding them!)
Submitted by Simon Carless (1213) on Mar 11, 20170 comments
Adding Switch as a platform, as an 'entry helper' source.

Having originally been available purely for PSN (PlayStation Store), iOS (iTunes) & Steam (PC/Mac/Linux), we're happy to announce that you can now use as a source for our 'entry helper'.

This means that if you visit our New Game Wizard, you will be able to enter the URL for any game with info on - including Wii U, Wii, DS, and 3DS formats - and it'll automatically grab the 'ad blurb', digital cover, screenshots, and developer/publisher where possible. Hopefully we can fill in some gaps on Nintendo platforms with this simple method!

Along the same lines, just wanted to confirm that this we've added the Nintendo Switch as a game platform and are rapidly adding the games released for it so far, if you'd like to help out there, too.
Submitted by Simon Carless (1213) on Mar 06, 201712 comments
MobyGames - missing PlayStation games contest with $ prize.
Now that we've added the 'entry helper' tool here at MobyGames, we're in great shape to use it to catch up on some of the console games we're missing info on.

So we're announcing a contest for adding missing PlayStation games which'll run through the end of May. The person who adds the most PlayStation games - with a bonus for adding other formats - will win a $100 Amazon gift card. (We know you don't do this for the money, but we thought it'd be fun!)

An initial list of missing U.S. PS4 games (about 250+!) is available here, so you can get to work straight away. Please fill out detailed genre info, full developer/publisher info, then mark it off in the spreadsheet - and you get 2x the credit if you add the other platforms for these games at the same time!

As we get going, we may compile similar lists for PlayStation Vita and other platforms - if you're adding games for Sony platforms beyond PS4 or non-U.S. PS4 games, feel free to add them into the Google Doc yourself. Other questions welcome. We're planning to use the missing games as a basis to expand our coverage of credits (in particular!), promo art, etc & will have some more plans in that direction soon.
Submitted by Simon Carless (1213) on Feb 20, 20179 comments
Credits help wanted - YouTube vids/screenshots permitted!

While we have some amazing contributors entering game credits (one of the most important parts of MobyGames' data!), we're looking for more. We wanted to highlight this, especially now we're adding a lot of interesting PSN console and Steam PC games as part of our 'game helper' functionality.

We particularly wanted to confirm an unwritten rule - that you can link to a YouTube video for checking/proof when submitting your credits. (EDIT: you can grab screenshots easily from YouTube videos, which we would prefer.) Our standards have been amended as follows:

"Although not mandatory, EITHER screengrabbed in-game screenshots/scanned manual credits OR a link to a YouTube video with the credits captured are greatly encouraged. If you're using YouTube credits uploaded by others, please use this FAQ to grab screenshots from it and upload. This will help approvers verify and double check your credit submissions for possible human error factors (typos, missing developer names, etc.) and make the approval process much faster."

[NOTE: Though in the future, we may allow developers to enter their own credits individually, right now contributors need to enter the game's entire credits for it to be accepted.]
Submitted by Simon Carless (1213) on Feb 12, 201717 comments

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