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Game Updates [ more ]

Simple Sokoban
New Linux credits by Mateusz Viste | Today, 03:40 PM
Magic Ball 2: New Worlds
New Windows cover by Rainer S | Today, 03:04 PM
Castle Blackstar
New Amstrad CPC credits by FatherJack | Today, 02:44 PM
German Trains Volume 5: Die Baureihe 111
New Windows cover by Rainer S | Today, 02:43 PM
Desert Bus
New Trivia by Sciere | Apr 13, 2014
Legends of Pegasus
New Trivia by Patrick Bregger | Apr 12, 2014

New Games [ more ]

Magic Ball 2: New Worlds (iPhone)
Added by Rainer S | Today, 02:55 PM
Puzzle Trooper (iPhone)
Added by Greg Zielinski | Today, 02:51 PM
Puzzle Trooper (iPad)
Added by Greg Zielinski | Today, 02:51 PM
Puzzle Trooper (Android)
Added by Greg Zielinski | Today, 02:51 PM
German Trains Volume 5: Die Baureihe 111 (Windows)
Added by Rainer S | Today, 02:43 PM
ProTrain Perfect Extra 1 (Windows)
Added by Rainer S | Today, 02:42 PM

New Screenshots

Simple Sokoban screenshots by Mateusz Viste

Simple Sokoban screenshots by Mateusz Viste

Bop'N Wrestle screenshots by FatherJack

BMX Freestyle screenshots by FatherJack

Kajko i Kokosz: Mirmiłowo Wielkie screenshots by Karsa Orlong

Mick screenshots by vileyn0id/8088

Pure Chess screenshots by Kabushi

Joe Dever's Lone Wolf screenshots by Pirou Julien

New Reviews [ more ]

Front cover
"Get into Zeliard --- because you can"

Front cover
Resident Evil
"Ouch! When I said, "bite me", I did not mean it literally!"

ETJB, Apr 14, 2014

Front cover
Return to Krondor
"Too much has changed during my absence"

Front cover
Mortal Kombat
"A watered-down Genesis clone of MK "

MobyGames News

(Semi)-Weekly Whale - April 11th!
And here's the latest (Semi)-Weekly Whale, rounding up milestones, new additions to the database, and thanks from the Patreon crowdfunding we've been doing of late! Dig in...
Submitted by Simon Carless (26) on Apr 11, 20140 comments
A new member of the 100k club
Congratulations to Patrick Bregger who is now only the 5th person in MobyGames history to reach the 100,000 point milestone! An incredible achievement.

Thanks to Patrick the MobyGames database is vastly richer with his many thousands of high quality contributions. Including 1,574 games, 1,086 credits, 1,115 pieces of trivia, 1,574 descriptions and much much more.
Submitted by MobyReed (52) on Apr 09, 20148 comments
Thank you Patrons!
A big huge Moby-sized thanks to our first Patrons!

Including: Chris Hayes, Father Jack, Simon Carless, Brave Wave Productions, MK2k, Trixter, netsabes, Rob Caporetto, Smike, Arjon van Dam, Reinhold Hoffmann, Sgt. Nukem, Johan Jönsson, Mike Melanson, Víctor "vEK" Cerezo, Glenn Sugden and Ole Bekkelund.

As a special thanks to our early supporters, the first 100 will also be immortalized as a Founding Patron. Forever listed on even if you are only a patron for a month.

To become a Patron, or for more information, please see our Patreon page.
Submitted by MobyReed (52) on Apr 09, 20140 comments
Introducing Moby's Trivia Tuesday!
Did you know that Electronic Arts was originally called Amazin' Software?

According to founder Trip Hawkins, "The original name had been Amazin' Software. But I wanted to recognize software as an art form and wanted to change it to SoftArt. But Dan Bricklin of Software Arts asked us not to use that name. So, in October of 1982 I called a meeting of our first twelve employees and our outside marketing agency and we brainstormed and decided to change it to Electronic Arts."

Quote from Gamasutra.
Submitted by MobyReed (52) on Apr 08, 20140 comments
RollerCoaster Tycoon's 15th Anniversary
This month MobyGames turned 15 and so did the classic RollerCoaster Tycoon series!

I remember when RollerCoaster Tycoon was released and it dominated the NPD PC charts for years. It was an extremely impressive achievement, especially given that the game was created by one developer and programmed in assembly of all things.

To celebrate, GOG has a sale on the original games for just $8.17 until April 2nd. If you haven't played these classics in a while, this is a good opportunity to get them on the cheap!
Submitted by MobyReed (52) on Mar 31, 20146 comments

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Ikari Warriors II: Victory Road
NES version released. (Japan)
Can Can Bunny Superior
PC-88 version released. (Japan)
Pink Sox 5
MSX version released. (Japan)
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