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Pokémon GONew promo image by Harmony♥ | Today, 09:04 PM
4 ElementsNew promo image by Harmony♥ | Today, 09:03 PM
Chubby GristleNew Amstrad CPC credits by S Olafsson | Today, 05:03 PM
Continental CircusNew Commodore 64 credits by S Olafsson | Today, 05:01 PM

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Batman: Arkham Origins - Black Mask Challenge Pack (PlayStation 3)Added by GTramp | Today, 04:18 PM
Batman: Arkham Origins - Initiation (Xbox 360)Added by GTramp | Today, 04:17 PM
Rocksmith: All-new 2014 Edition - Papa Roach Song Pack (Macintosh)Added by jaXen | Today, 04:15 PM
Rocksmith: All-new 2014 Edition - Papa Roach: Scars (Windows)Added by jaXen | Today, 04:09 PM

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Scuba Dive

ZX Spectrum

by Karsa Orlong

Moonshine Racers


by Au Yeung Tin Chun

Anna's Quest






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Pokémon GO

by Harmony♥

4 Elements

by Harmony♥

747-400 Precision Simulator

by piltdown_man

Airport 2000: Volume 2

by piltdown_man

New Reviews

Front cover

Microsoft Soccer

"An mediocre Kick-Off clone that tries to be like the early FIFA games, but falls flat"

by Aginnon on Sep 21, 2016
Front cover

Super Star Wars

"It's Star Wars SNES owners, but not as we know it!"

by Retro_Minded on Sep 14, 2016
Front cover


"Really good"

by Flysem on Sep 12, 2016
Front cover

Shovel Knight

"Let's get shoveling... down to the NES era"

by *Katakis* on Sep 12, 2016

MobyGames News

Internet Archive using more MobyGames descriptions...
In another sign that MobyGames is the gold standard for documenting video game history, the Internet Archive is now using 2,000+ more MobyGames descriptions - making a total of nearly 3,400 (and counting!) items in its MS-DOS Software library.

The MS-DOS Software library at the Internet Archive "includes action, strategy, adventure and other unique genres of game and entertainment software. Through the use of the EM-DOSBOX in-browser emulator, these programs are bootable and playable [in an Internet browser]."

Although the legalities of running 'abandonware' in-browser are still muddy, and MobyGames is not intending to host or link to abandonware in our official archives at this time, it's gratifying to see a non-profit using our information to widely expand their metadata on a widely used resource - thanks to Duncan Cross, Jason Scott and the Internet Archive team for making this possible.
Submitted by Simon Carless (352) on Sep 19, 20168 comments
Highlight: more rare CD-ROM promo art added!

We've previously mentioned that - since we set up the promo art section on MobyGames - user Virgil has been contributing a bunch of rare promo art from CD-ROMs.

Before the Internet got swift enough to distribute hi-res assets, video game press were given asset CD-ROMs, and we now have a second MobyGames user, Krvavi Abadas, also uploading rare screens/hi-res artwork. (Yay!)

So if you want everything from super hi-res Twisted Metal Black promo art (click through for the original image!) to Wipeout Fusion concept art and even hi-res team art, much of this art is appearing for the first time in unwatermarked, original versions on the Internet. And we'd like your help to contribute more!

[BONUS: we've actually started a collection on the Internet Archive to preserve the original CD-ROMs. If you have any press CD-ROMs with original assets, we'd love you to upload the .ISOs to the Internet Archive (it's easy!), and then PM me, so I can get them moved into this collection for safekeeping & for MobyGames users to add them to our collections.]
Submitted by Simon Carless (352) on Sep 02, 20161 comments
Looking for MobyGames 'featured games' & reviews.
Just a quick note - we're looking for some more Featured Games, since they appear prominently on the front page of the site, and we're trying to switch them out weekly.

Just go to the 'Featured Game' wizard & enter a couple of paragraphs about why you love one of your favorite games in the MobyGames DB, and hopefully we'll go ahead and featured it!

In addition, we'd love a more regular supply of reviews (which are featured prominently on the front page right now, too!) Just go to a particular game and click on the 'review game' link next to User Reviews & you're set!
Submitted by Simon Carless (352) on Aug 20, 201616 comments
New On MobyGames: Achievement Art
Since adding promotional images of all kinds (we now have over 25,000 - check them out), we've been getting some neat unexpected image types, in addition to official screenshots & concept art.

In particular, most excellent MobyGames user Kennyannydenny has been working on adding achievement art (the pictures you get when you complete in-game milestones!) for a number of popular PS4 and Xbox One games, including for Project Spark, for Fallout 4 (scroll down!), and for Minecraft: PS4 Edition.

Turns out there's a lot of original, hi-res art associated with achievements, many of it interesting and not available easily online unwatermarked. So chalk this up to another win for MobyGames!
Submitted by Simon Carless (352) on Aug 07, 201613 comments
New on MobyGames: Atlus' E3 2006 promo art

As well as our daily image updates on Twitter, on Facebook and even on Google+, we have so much good art being added since we launched promo images that we're creating regular news stories highlighting them.

In this first highlight, we wanted to showcase Virgil's great work uploading Atlus' rare press assets from E3 2006, including concept art & enemy sprites from Grasshopper's quirky Contact, plus creepy character art from Rule Of Rose, some very pretty promo art from signature RPG series SMT: Persona 3, and similarly gorgeous promo art from the Devil Summoner series.

And a reminder: we're making all promotional assets available in their original high resolution for posterity. Just click on the image to see the full-res version! And we're looking for more promo image contributors, especially if you have press CDs or other assets. Just go to a game and hit 'contribute', or PM myself if you have a large cache of images you want to digitize or upload!
Submitted by Simon Carless (352) on Jul 30, 20160 comments

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