New Moby Milestone: 50,000 unique games documented! 94,818 including all platform releases.

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Need for Speed: Undercover
New Wii credits by Evil Ryu | Yesterday, 10:56 PM
New iPhone credits by LepricahnsGold | Yesterday, 10:55 PM
Pikmin 3
New Wii U cover by Kam1Kaz3NL77 | Yesterday, 07:24 PM
Freekscape: Escape from Hell
New PlayStation 3, PSP and PS Vita cover by Sciere | Yesterday, 02:23 PM
New Trivia by FatherJack | Apr 21, 2015
Space School Simulator: The Academy
New Trivia by FatherJack | Apr 21, 2015

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Freekscape: Escape from Hell (PS Vita)
Added by Sciere | Yesterday, 02:23 PM
Freekscape: Escape from Hell (PSP)
Added by Sciere | Yesterday, 02:23 PM
Freekscape: Escape from Hell (PlayStation 3)
Added by Sciere | Yesterday, 02:23 PM
Disney Th!nk Fast (Wii)
Added by VictorVance | Yesterday, 10:05 AM
The Wild West (TRS-80)
Added by Kabushi | Yesterday, 01:30 AM
Space Attack (TRS-80)
Added by Kabushi | Yesterday, 01:29 AM

New Screenshots

Ball Revamped II: Metaphysik screenshots by gal anchel

Majesty: Heroes of Ardania screenshots by Alex Z

The Order: 1886 screenshots by コナン

Jack Nicklaus presents The International Course Disk screenshots by Infernos

Mass Effect 3: Groundside Resistance Pack screenshots by Yearman

Supercow screenshots by LepricahnsGold

Supercow screenshots by LepricahnsGold

Mob Enforcer screenshots by StickFigures

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Front cover
Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker
"A Backpack Overburdened with Adventure"

Front cover
Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers
"You got what it takes to become a Schattenjäger?"

Front cover
"Gaming's Potempkin Village"

Maw, Apr 24, 2015

Front cover
King's Bounty: Warriors of the North
"Being stupid never felt so good"

MobyGames News

Moby Milestone: 50,000 Unique Games (April 2015)
We now have 50,000 unique games documented in our database! Every single game was hand entered by contributors and carefully verified by our approvers.

A huge thanks to the thousands of MobyGames contributors over the past 15 years who've helped us reach this point! Including each platform release, we are currently at 94,818 total game listings for 165 platforms. You can see the full breakdown by platform here.

To help mark the occasion, we're announcing our plan to remove the MobyGames watermark from all covers and screenshots. This has been in the works for a while and we'll soon be re-processing all 675,000+ screenshots and 270,000+ covers.
Submitted by MobyReed (63) on Apr 18, 201516 comments
MobyGames updates - March 2015!
Just a quick note on the front page to make sure everyone knows we've been updating MobyGames - our code as well as loads of new items - over the past few weeks!

In code and format additions, the Changelog is up to date, and includes a number of new game systems - including Windows Apps - and some notable security updates, as well as lots of affiliate link fixes - massive thanks to Nelio!

Elsewhere on contributions, we're rapidly approaching 50,000 unique games - more on that when we get there - and wanted to give some shoutouts to MAT and piltdown_man, who got to 80.000 points this year.

Also some great new milestones in points were reached by Sciere, ryanbus84, Thomas Petterson and more - and thanks to new contributors Kennyannydenny and Jennifer McMurray! Onward and upward...
Submitted by Simon Carless (48) on Mar 09, 20159 comments
In Memoriam: PolloDiablo (Astrid Beulink)
Just a short note that, tragically, former MobyGames contributor PolloDiablo, aka Astrid Beulink (who is ranked in the Top 60 all-time on Moby) lost her battle with cancer earlier this month, according to Adventure-Treff (German-language). Astrid - who posted in the Approver forum in November to update us on her progress - was very active in the adventure gaming community in particular as a beta tester and contributor. She will be missed by all of the communities she supported, including us here at Moby.
Submitted by Simon Carless (48) on Jan 18, 201523 comments
MobyGames Stats 2014
A new year. A new MobyGames stats graph!

Happy new year everybody!

Previous years: January 2014 January 2013 January 2012 January 2011 January 2010 January 2009

Each coloured shape in the graph represents a platform. Horizontal axis is time. The vertical axis represents the number of games released. So the height of a shape on a given point in time indicates the number of games released for that platform that year. The total height of the graph on a given point in time shows the total releases that year.

Of course the graph is only as complete as our database is.

Notable changes:
  • I've changed to a different colour scheme. It may be a bit harder on the eyes, but with some macro magic I tried to keep related platforms similar colours. For example all Microsoft platforms are shades of orange, Apple is green, Sony is blue, Nintendo is red, ZX is purple, and because there are only so many colours Commodore is a different shade of green. I also grouped brands with only one platform into similar colours based on the type of platform (console, handheld, pc, etc.)
  • I'm now using MobyGames data for Arcade games, this means that there are much fewer arcade games shown in the graph this year. Although we managed to document an impressive 1525 in the last year, that's nowhere near the 8000+ of
  • 7004 new games compared to last year's graph, in spite of the huge decrease of Arcade games!
  • 159 different platforms are displayed in the graph!

Submitted by vedder (20289) on Jan 04, 201527 comments
Happy holidays - new records, new platforms!
Well, it's that holiday time of the year, and we're finishing up with a bang! Two things, this time! First, as the ever-delightful Karsa Orlong points out in a PM to me: "New records: - the first four top contributors (FatherJack, Sciere, Karsa Orlong, 666gonzo666) beat their annual records with FatherJack setting the all time year to year record - Sciere set a new annual record of approvals (beating my 60k approvals from 2013), what is the proof, together with contributions points record, of his alien deep space cybernetic origin!"

Second, Kabushi continues to add new platforms, and if hyou follow this forum thread, you can see them being piled up in _real-time_, which is awesome. Just added is the Bally Astrocade, among a number of others. Finally, once again - thanks to EVERYONE who makes MobyGames' continued success possible - and have a wonderful Xmas & New Year!
Submitted by Simon Carless (48) on Dec 23, 20145 comments

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Spy vs Spy
NES version released. (Japan)
Game Freak, Inc.
Company founded by Satoshi Tajiri, incorporated as Game Freak, Inc.
After Burner
Sharp X68000 version released. (Japan)
Crime Fighters
Arcade version released. (Japan)
Magician Lord
Arcade version released. (Japan)
Baseball Stars Professional
Arcade version released. (Japan)
Hacchake Ayayo-san
Sharp X68000 version released. (Japan)
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