New MobyGoal! We're aiming for 1,500 well documented Arcade games.

Game Updates [ more ]

Wagan Land
New NES credits by Doommaster1994 | Today, 02:11 AM
Tecmo Super Bowl
New SNES credits by りき hydao | Yesterday, 10:53 PM
Strategie Boxxx
New Macintosh and Windows cover by Rainer S | Yesterday, 10:44 PM
Final Fantasy IV
New Trivia by FatherJack | Yesterday, 08:39 PM
Video Poker Slot
New Trivia by piltdown_man | Yesterday, 08:36 PM
Desert Stormfront
New Linux, Macintosh and Windows cover by Rainer S | Yesterday, 01:43 PM

New Games [ more ]

Kittens & Cacti (Windows)
Added by POMAH | Today, 06:00 AM
Cabbages and Kings (Windows)
Added by POMAH | Today, 05:59 AM
Strategie Boxxx (Windows)
Added by Rainer S | Yesterday, 10:44 PM
Strategie Boxxx (Macintosh)
Added by Rainer S | Yesterday, 10:44 PM
Dimahoo (Arcade)
Added by 666gonzo666 | Yesterday, 10:37 PM
20 Year Reunion Ms. Pac-Man/Galaga Class of 1981 (Arcade)
Added by LepricahnsGold | Yesterday, 09:03 PM

New Screenshots

Kittens & Cacti screenshots by POMAH

Cabbages and Kings screenshots by POMAH

Dimahoo screenshots by 666gonzo666

Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Explosive Mission Pack screenshots by eWarrior

Runes of Avalon: Path of Magic screenshots by LepricahnsGold

Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Tactical Enhancement Pack screenshots by eWarrior

The Walking Dead: Season Two screenshots by Sciere

Ace Combat: Assault Horizon - Enhanced Edition screenshots by Yearman

New Reviews [ more ]

Front cover
Might and Magic VIII: Day of the Destroyer
"Unfairly ignored because of a dated engine"

Front cover
"Seven ways to kill the fun"

Front cover
Putt-Putt Saves the Zoo
"Welcome to the zoo, zoo, zoo..."

Front cover
Anomaly: Warzone Earth
"Good controller support, with some very questionable game design decisions"

MobyGames News

New platforms & new MobyGoal (arcade!)
A couple of notable updates! Firstly, we've turned the keys of game platform adding over to veteran admin Kabushi, and he's gradually adding several that we don't have currently. Most recently, the Tatung Einstein (info) & the PC-6001 (info) are now added!

Separately, we've set up a new MobyGoal, and it's to get to 1500 arcade games - actually, we're already at 1300, so this one may be quite straightforward and we may end up extending it later, but let's see how we do! (Considering we didn't even have an arcade section 6 months ago, already getting to 1500 games is super-impressive.)
Submitted by Simon Carless (37) on Jul 26, 20140 comments
Latest MobyGoal - 250 ZX81 games - reached!
Congrats to everyone - and especially Kabushi and FatherJack, who went on a bit of an adding spree - for already reaching our latest MobyGoal. There are now 250 ZX81 games listed on the site, complete with description, screenshot, publisher and more. (Don't stop there - let's try to get to a complete system snapshot!) Next MobyGoal is coming very soon...!
Submitted by Simon Carless (37) on Jul 18, 20140 comments
Milestone - 3,000 Amiga games in the DB!
We're continuing to flow in thousands of new piece of data a week to MobyGames, and just a shout out for this forum thread in which Kabushi notes: "We now have over 3000 Amiga games. Well done everybody! Game no, 3000 was Karsa Orlong's Skarb Templariuszy (which I'm glad I don't have to pronounce)." Congrats to all involved - spectacular work, and roll on 4,000 (and 5,000, and etc!)
Submitted by Simon Carless (37) on Jul 06, 20145 comments
MobyGames site updates - June 29th.
A few brief updates as we continue to do what we do best - document the history of video games in terrifying detail!

- There's been two new game platforms added recently: OS/2, the Microsoft/IBM OS which got beaten by Windows in the '90s, and the Thomson MO (which, yes, is sufficiently different from Thomson TO to list separately, and is sorta a French version of the C64 or ZX Spectrum, from the mid'80s.) Thanks to all who helped add/contribute to those so far.

- Although we're waiting for a code push to update the goal, new MobyGoal is to get 250 ZX81 games. And we've already gone from 80 to 133 since we asked. So try to complete the goal before it's even displayed, for bonus points :P

- Otherwise, it's business as usual, although we're trying to get more organized for when regular code updates on the site return. This will not be for at least a couple of weeks, due to demands on Moby site owner Reed's time. (MobyGames does not currently bring in enough revenue through ads/affiliate to allow anyone to work on it fulltime.)

Thankfully, Indra is helping to codify some of the more important suggestions (here) and bugs (here) for future MobyGames development in the forums. Yep, we will probably move to bug tracking software at some point, but not just yet cos a) Indra is HAVING FUN and b) The data is getting built up in a readable way right now anyhow. Please resubmit bugs or suggestions now if you want Indra to add them to the list.

Thanks - more updates soon.
Submitted by Simon Carless (37) on Jun 29, 20141 comments
GOG & Steam Summer Sales
GOG is running a summer sale on 700+ DRM free games for up to 90% off. With new bundles appearing daily.

A good chance to get classic games on the cheap! A notable bundle deal for today includes every Leisure Suit Larry game for just $4.37.

Additionally, Steam has started their summer sale with new deals each day!
Submitted by MobyReed (57) on Jun 19, 201418 comments

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