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Dancing FurbyNew Game Boy Color credits by firefang9212 | Yesterday, 11:38 PM
pop'n music GBNew Game Boy Color credits by firefang9212 | Yesterday, 11:37 PM
Dear Esther: Landmark EditionNew promo image by Evolyzer | Yesterday, 08:28 PM
Morningstar: Descent to DeadrockNew promo image by jaXen | Yesterday, 07:29 PM

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New Danganronpa V3: Minna no Koroshiai Shin Gakki (PS Vita)Added by Harmony♥ | Yesterday, 04:12 AM
Sniper Elite III: Afrika - International Camouflage Rifles Pack (Windows)Added by jaXen | Yesterday, 04:11 AM
Sniper Elite III: Afrika - U.S. Camouflage Rifles Pack (Windows)Added by jaXen | Yesterday, 04:10 AM
Sniper Elite III: Afrika - Save Churchill Part 3: Confrontation (Windows)Added by jaXen | Yesterday, 04:10 AM

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XCOM: Enemy Within


by me3D31337

BioShock 2: Remastered


by MaxFreeman

Truck Racing by Renault Trucks


by Victor Vance

Mute Crimson+


by lights out 10000

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Xenon 1

by jean-louis

New Danganronpa V3: Minna no Koroshiai Shin Gakki

by Harmony♥

Sniper Elite III: Afrika - International Camouflage Rifles Pack

by jaXen

Sniper Elite III: Afrika - U.S. Camouflage Rifles Pack

by jaXen

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Dear Esther: Landmark Edition

by Evolyzer

Morningstar: Descent to Deadrock

by jaXen

Mayan Death Robots

by jaXen


by Infernos

New Reviews

Front cover

The New Adventures of the Time Machine

"A flawed game, but can be enjoyable"

by Przemysław Kochański on Yesterday, 03:56 AM
Front cover


"Charming, but sadly marred by Christian proselytism"

by Cavalary on Yesterday, 03:56 AM
Front cover


"Luck-based board game for people with no control issues."

by linibot on Yesterday, 03:56 AM
Front cover

Roberta Williams' King's Quest VII: The Princeless Bride

"What the Disney?"

by *Katakis* on Yesterday, 03:56 AM

MobyGames News

Credits help wanted - YouTube vids/screenshots permitted!

While we have some amazing contributors entering game credits (one of the most important parts of MobyGames' data!), we're looking for more. We wanted to highlight this, especially now we're adding a lot of interesting PSN console and Steam PC games as part of our 'game helper' functionality.

We particularly wanted to confirm an unwritten rule - that you can link to a YouTube video for checking/proof when submitting your credits. (EDIT: you can grab screenshots easily from YouTube videos, which we would prefer.) Our standards have been amended as follows:

"Although not mandatory, EITHER screengrabbed in-game screenshots/scanned manual credits OR a link to a YouTube video with the credits captured are greatly encouraged. If you're using YouTube credits uploaded by others, please use this FAQ to grab screenshots from it and upload. This will help approvers verify and double check your credit submissions for possible human error factors (typos, missing developer names, etc.) and make the approval process much faster."

[NOTE: Though in the future, we may allow developers to enter their own credits individually, right now contributors need to enter the game's entire credits for it to be accepted.]
Submitted by Simon Carless (1152) on Feb 12, 201716 comments
'Entry helper' now live for Steam, PSN, iOS for all contributors!
Now available to all, the 'entry helper' allows any MobyGames contributor to add a game by linking to its store page (Steam, PSN, iOS) when you go to 'Add New Game'. From there, we grab the release date(s), digital cover, promotional screenshots, developer and publisher where possible, and the 'ad blurb' (store's description of the game.)

Some notes for those using it for the first time:

-The 'entry helper' only works for adding games from scratch. Please try to check quickly to see if the game was released for other platforms & add those too, if you can. (Reminder: please provide the proof URL in the comments on your submission!)

- If it can't find a precise match for a developer or publisher, the 'entry helper' will leave that field blank. Please type in the name again and if it's not in the DB, you can add it at that stage.

- For the Steam version, please check for when the Linux and Mac versions were added, since sometimes this is unclear even on Steam itself.

- You can skip writing a description (only using the 'entry helper') if the store page had an English language description of the game.

- There's very little you need to add to make a valid entry. (You do not have to write a description, though we'd love you to.) But at the very least, please make sure you fill in some of the basic genre, perspective, and game style tickboxes when adding a game. Ideally, you could also add tech specs too.

That's the basic shape of it. Please feel free to ask questions in the forums, and good luck!
Submitted by Simon Carless (1152) on Feb 03, 201713 comments
Milestone: 150,000 promo images on MobyGames!
Thanks to everyone who has contributed to promo images on MobyGames - that is to say, official screenshots, renders, wallpaper, concept art and more - since its establishment last year.

Amazingly, we've reached the 150,000 image milestone already. Recent contributions include GBA rally car renders, No Man's Sky special edition promo shots, and Lords Of Magic concept art, to name but three.

Why does hosting this matter at all? Well, we're putting new art online (or back online) in many cases, to be kept in safekeeping, indexed by Google Images and available on our API. And even when we're mirroring official store pages, we're ensuring that when that store goes down (and it will, eventually), the artwork is still available for posterity. Thanks again to all contributors, and roll on 200k!
Submitted by Simon Carless (1152) on Jan 29, 20172 comments
New 'entry helper' coming soon for Steam, PSN, iOS...

Some of you eagle-eyed MobyGames users may have noticed newly added games, for example Song Of The Deep, which are using the Steam (or PSN) Store description instead of a user-created description.

This is part of a Beta feature we're currently testing, allowing all users to add a game entry by augmenting the existing entry page for a game on a digital store. It will import release/platform information, digital covers and promo screenshots, and 'Ad Blurb' (the Store description), and is an extension of our successful screenshot grabbing feature which has added over 100,000 images to the site.

Having done this, you can (optionally) skip the 'description' stage of the entry - this will be particularly helpful for those who don't have English as a first language, but want to add entries from existing stores. (We still allow people to add a user description later, and are definitely encouraging people to write them where they can add info & value, though.)

The initial stores to be supported are the U.S. Steam store (Win/Mac/Linux), U.S. PlayStation Store (PS4/PS3/Vita), and Apple Store (iOS). If you'd like to Beta test this feature before its official rollout, please PM me - and thanks to Tracy Poff and our contributors for their hard work on it already!
Submitted by Simon Carless (1152) on Jan 21, 201722 comments
New 'most wanted' option for Promo Images
Just a small note - we've just added the ability to see which games don't have any Promo Images (official screenshots, etc) to the MobyGames Wanted page.

This means you can now easily find - in real-time - which games are missing that info. This is particularly helpful for platforms like iOS and Android, where we also have the 'scraper' tool. Enter an App Store or Google Play URL in the 'contribute... promo images' section & it'll grab the screenshots/promo art for you! Anyone want to go on an adding spree?
Submitted by Simon Carless (1152) on Jan 05, 20175 comments

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