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Galaxy of Games 201New Windows cover by Rainer S | Today, 04:14 AM
TelengardNew Mainframe credits by vedder | Today, 02:05 AM
Nürburgring 1New Arcade credits by vedder | Today, 02:01 AM

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God of War (PlayStation 4)Added by krisko6 | Today, 03:24 AM
474 (Arcade)Added by vedder | Today, 01:50 AM
Knock-Out (Arcade)Added by vedder | Today, 01:50 AM
Dual (Arcade)Added by vedder | Today, 01:49 AM

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Fortress of the Witch King

Apple II

by snuf

Night Trap


by OmegaPC777

Everybody's Gone to the Rapture

PlayStation 4

by MAT

Demolition Division

BBC Micro

by Kabushi

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Galaxy of Games 201

by Rainer S

Sega Superstars Tennis / Xbox Live Arcade Compilation Disc

by Leeona

Get Fit with Mel B

by Leeona

International Rally Championship

by Danfer

New Promo Art more


by jaXen

God of War

by krisko6

Sword of Moonlight

by Daedolon

Ninja Blade

by Daedolon

New Reviews

Front cover

Heart of Darkness

"A challenging, atmospheric platformer that's not as well-known as it should be."

by krisko6 on Apr 19, 2018
Front cover

The Fantastic Four

"Mr. Fantastic versus Iceman"

by carolflynt on Apr 12, 2018
Front cover

Her Story

"An interesting use of the medium, but a conclusion? I leave that to you, as does the game."

by Cavalary on Apr 04, 2018
Front cover

Super Mario Bros. 2

"If you don't like vegetables then you can throw them at enemies"

by Lisa Müller on Apr 04, 2018

MobyGames News

Lots of MobyGames user milestones!
Since I asked in one of our forums, here's a WHOLE bunch of neat recent milestones in terms of points from our users. We have Foxhack making it to 20,000 MobyPoints, for example! And also Kam1Kaz3NL77 just recently reached 75,000 points.

Oh, and Piltdown Man is perilously close to 150,000 points, so thank him in the near future when he makes it! There's lots more, of course, so we'll be back to thank them in the near future...
Submitted by Simon Carless (1777) on Apr 15, 20185 comments
Contributor highlight: Kabushi's early cellphone images.
Although we've been adding a larger quantity of modern games, there's still plenty of work being done with older systems and formats.

As always, veteran contributor Kabushi is doing a lot of rare documentation in a low-profile manner, and he's been adding a bunch of promo images for early (2001) Ludigames/Gameloft title Lock 'Em Up, for example.

And overall, the overall list of games that he's added shows lots of concentration on rare & overlooked formats and titles - which is amazing. Keep it up, Sir!
Submitted by Simon Carless (1777) on Apr 08, 20186 comments
Check out our Featured Games archive!
MobyGames has included 'featured games' - with why they're interesting - on the front page for almost two decades now (!). So just wanted to highlight the full archive, including such recently showcased gems as BMX XXX, Nuclear War, and Henry The Hedgehog's Big Adventure.

You can add featured game write-ups via this page - thanks to Tony Denis, Katie Cadet, Flapco, Harmony, Plokite Wolf, Kennyannydenny, and Virgil for some of the recent submissions - we still need more, so go ahead and submit if you can.
Submitted by Simon Carless (1777) on Mar 24, 20180 comments
New MobyGoal; two new contributor milestones!
A brief update with three things to mention here:

- We have a new MobyGoal: we're looking for 280 more iOS games, which would get us to 5,250 in total. That's a small fraction of the amount available, obviously, but we're just trying to pick out highlights. Help us out if you can!

- Congrats to Charly2.0 for making it to 100,000 MobyGames points, many of them on cover art, which he's been a MAJOR contributor to in recent years, hurray.

- In addition, looks like Kennyannydenny also hit a key milestone, of 50,000 MobyGames points, thanks to his work documenting DLC for modern-day platforms (and quite a few standalone games too!) Great work here also...
Submitted by Simon Carless (1777) on Mar 04, 201812 comments
Sciere = 500,000 MobyGames points?!
It might seem outrageous, but it's true - Sciere, the top all-time MobyGames contributor, has reached a milestone that no other user on the website ever has - 500,000 MobyPoints!

Please congratulate and thank him for his 15 amazing years of service to game history on MobyGames.
Submitted by Simon Carless (1777) on Feb 12, 201824 comments

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Yie Ar Kung-Fu
NES version released. (Japan)
Antarctic Adventure
NES version released. (Japan)
Bio Miracle Bokutte Upa
NES version released. (Japan)
Fūun Shaolin Ken: Ankoku no Maō
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Yū Yū Jinsei
TurboGrafx-16 version released. (Japan)
Tommy Lasorda Baseball
Genesis version released. (Japan)
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