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Action Force II: International HeroesNew ZX Spectrum cover by ZeTomes | Today, 08:31 PM
Fast Food Tycoon 2New Windows cover by Rainer S | Today, 08:29 PM
Space BattleNew Atari ST credits by Jo ST | Today, 05:09 PM
Onimusha: Dawn of DreamsNew PlayStation 2 credits by Freeman | Today, 05:03 PM
Pokémon ColosseumNew Trivia by ~Harmony~ | Yesterday, 11:43 AM
Sad SatanNew Trivia by ~Harmony~ | Yesterday, 11:42 AM

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Stealth Inc. 2: A Game of Clones (Windows)Added by Kabushi | Today, 08:32 PM
Heroes of Scene (Linux)Added by Sciere | Today, 08:32 PM
tictactoe (Atari ST)Added by Jo ST | Today, 08:29 PM
Jewel Quest III (Windows)Added by PEDRO FERREIRA | Today, 08:21 PM
March of War: Face Off (Windows)Added by Tatar_Khan | Today, 08:20 PM
March of War - StormSiege (Windows)Added by Tatar_Khan | Today, 08:16 PM

New Screenshots


Atari ST

by Jo ST

Autobahn Raser II


by Rainer S

March of War: Face Off


by Tatar_Khan

March of War - StormSiege


by Tatar_Khan

Rockabilly Kid


by Sunset Sundowner

Ikari Warriors

Commodore 64

by ssw85

Echoes of the Past: The Citadels of Time


by me3D31337



by MAT

New Reviews

Front cover


"The humble beginning"

by Infernos on Aug 25, 2015
Front cover


"A faithful conversion of the arcade game, minus some good features"

by *Katakis* on Aug 25, 2015
Front cover

Chutes and Ladders

"This game sucks and is a complete ripoff of the original board game!"

by Jason Kilroy on Aug 24, 2015
Front cover

SpellForce: The Order of Dawn

"Death is meaningless "

by Flapco on Aug 24, 2015

MobyGames News

MobyGames Twitter feed - cover ideas wanted!
Now that our covers are unwatermarked, there's never been a better time to show off some of the amazing video game cover art scanned by MobyGames members. And that's just what is happening at the MobyGames Twitter feed, which is updated daily with new pics. It's actually doing pretty well, if you look at the number of retweets and favorites for each post.

When we started this, we asked MobyGames Approvers for some cover picks, and now we'd like your help! Please comment on this post and pick some of your favorite cover art on the site, and we'll gradually flow it onto Twitter (and Facebook/Google+, as time permits!)
Submitted by Simon Carless (54) on Aug 01, 201539 comments
RIP: Nintendo's Satoru Iwata - 1959-2015.
So sad to hear today that Nintendo President Satoru Iwata passed away - and at the relatively young age of 55, too. Many people online are linking to the MobyGames profile of Iwata, which only exists because MobyGames contributors typed in the credits for literally hundreds of seminal Nintendo games. The site admins would like to honor Iwata-san for his vital contribution to the history of games, & thank all of you for doing so much to preserve his history - even before his sad and unexpected passing.
Submitted by Simon Carless (54) on Jul 13, 20151 comments
Sciere's 300k MobyPoints milestone!!!
This is fairly unbelievable, but veteran MobyGames contributor Sciere has just hit 300,000 points on the site... wow! This includes 2585 games, 24,000 screenshots... I could go on - here's his stats.

(Sciere also makes sure we're up to date on newer console and PC games, more than almost any other user - so MASSIVE thanks for him for this - otherwise we'd be a past-only website!)

Also, thanks to some forum notes, the other milestones must be pointed out: piltdown_man reached 90,000 points; Terok Nor reached 20,000 points; Indra reached 20,000 points, & Freeman reached 20,000 points. Congrats to all of them!
Submitted by Simon Carless (54) on Jul 10, 20158 comments
Twitter feed 'Best Of MobyGames' highlights, Pt.1!

Some of the latest updates from the MobyGames Twitter feed - go subscribe, if you haven't!

Blizzard's classic @Diablo II debuted 15 years ago today in the U.S., on June 29th, 2000:

Cover Of The Day: Will Harvey's delightfully playful Zany Golf (1988, PC):

V.silly shmup Parodius for SNES debuted in Japan 23 years ago (July 3rd, 1992):

Cover Of The Day: surreal Japanese metapic for Keita Takahashi's We Love Katamari (PS2, 2005):

Cover Of The Day: Broderbund's oh so '80s sci-fi' Shufflepuck Cafe (Amiga, 1989):

Submitted by Simon Carless (54) on Jul 04, 20150 comments
Our 6th ever MobyGames 100k user!
Gigantic congratulations to LepricahnsGold who has made it to 100,000 contribution points on MobyGames!! He is only the 6th ever user to make it to that historic milestone - the others being Sciere, Cor13, [formercontrib!], Kabushi, and Patrick Bregger.

[While we're here - another notable recent milestone is that 666gonzo666 hit 50,000 - massive thanks to him!]

If you'd like to join them, please go ahead and contribute now - MobyGames is only possible through our amazing users' contributions.
Submitted by Simon Carless (54) on Jun 14, 20158 comments

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