User review spotlight: Carmageddon (DOS). Released in 1997.

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Bataille de Mousse!!
New Macintosh and Windows cover by jean-louis | Today, 01:10 PM
New DOS cover by oo | Today, 01:09 PM
James Pond 2: Codename: RoboCod
New Trivia by Rod Primitive | Today, 01:01 PM
Heimspiel: Eishockeymanager 2007
New Windows credits by Rainer S | Today, 12:55 PM
Outcast 1.1
New Windows credits by Sciere | Today, 12:34 PM
Jeepers Creepers
New Trivia by FatherJack | Dec 21, 2014

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Mario's Early Years: Fun with Numbers (DOS)
Added by Michael Cassidy | Today, 01:16 PM
Bataille de Mousse!! (Windows)
Added by jean-louis | Today, 01:10 PM
Bataille de Mousse!! (Macintosh)
Added by jean-louis | Today, 01:10 PM
Karma (DOS)
Added by oo | Today, 01:09 PM
Sword of Kadash (Atari ST)
Added by Kabushi | Today, 12:20 PM
GNU Chess (Atari ST)
Added by Игги Друге | Today, 12:20 PM

New Screenshots

Bataille de Mousse!! screenshots by jean-louis

Sword of Kadash screenshots by tcooke182

GNU Chess screenshots by Игги Друге

Steel & Steam: Episode 1 screenshots by 666gonzo666

The Sun at Night screenshots by 666gonzo666

eXceed2nd-VAMPIRE-REX screenshots by 666gonzo666

Lime Iro Senkitan: Jun - Meiji Nihon, Otome Sakimorisu. screenshots by コナン

Outcast screenshots by אולג 小奥

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Front cover
Die Hard Trilogy
""Three maximum adventures, one explosive package!""

Front cover
Shoot 'em up Construction Kit
"A piece of software that demonstrates the time and effort needed to produce a game"

Front cover
Let's Explore The Airport
"Interactive encyclopedia (1)"

Front cover
"Enhancing, not cloning "

MobyGames News

Happy holidays - new records, new platforms!
Well, it's that holiday time of the year, and we're finishing up with a bang! Two things, this time! First, as the ever-delightful Karsa Orlong points out in a PM to me: "New records: - the first four top contributors (FatherJack, Sciere, Karsa Orlong, 666gonzo666) beat their annual records with FatherJack setting the all time year to year record - Sciere set a new annual record of approvals (beating my 60k approvals from 2013), what is the proof, together with contributions points record, of his alien deep space cybernetic origin!"

Second, Kabushi continues to add new platforms, and if hyou follow this forum thread, you can see them being piled up in _real-time_, which is awesome. Just added is the Bally Astrocade, among a number of others. Finally, once again - thanks to EVERYONE who makes MobyGames' continued success possible - and have a wonderful Xmas & New Year!
Submitted by Simon Carless (46) on Dec 23, 20144 comments
All Neo Geo Pocket Color games now documented!
A cute little milestone here - 666gonzo666 points out that, now he's added Baseball Stars, every single Neo Geo Pocket Color game (all 36!) are now up on MobyGames. Hurray!
Submitted by Simon Carless (46) on Nov 26, 20146 comments
4,000 C64 games - & goodbye to valued contributors!
Thanks to Karsa Orlong for pointing out that we've just shot past 4,000 games for the Commodore 64 - an impressive milestone! Looks like a lot of this is due to the powerhouse known as FatherJack going through missing games alphabetically - thanks to him and ALL who are contributing to the tally here!

Also, sad news - a couple of contributors have hung up their spurs. The artist sometimes known as joyvalley (and thf) has left the building, and as a #3 all-time contributor, we're incredibly appreciative for his work. The same is true for Top 10 all-time contributor MAT, who is also no longer hitting the submit button :/ Maybe we'll see them back in the future, but if not, we'd like to thank them for their tireless preservation of video game history!

[Final bonus news item - Kabushi has added the Coleco Adam & Camputers Lynx systems (!) as MobyGames platforms, yay as we try to complete our portfolio. You can add games, now and if you'd like to add tech specs, see this thread.]
Submitted by Simon Carless (46) on Nov 23, 20148 comments
DRM-FREE Fall Sale at GOG
GOG's DRM-free big fall sale has begun. Up to 90% off on 700+ games. And for the next 48 hours Mount & Blade is available for free!
Submitted by MobyReed (62) on Nov 12, 20141 comments
New MobyGoal - 3,500 Amiga games!
Following our success in getting to 1500 arcade games, we're switching to our old friend the Commodore Amiga! Right now, we have 3107 games listed for it, and our new MobyGoal - displayed on the front page of the site prominently - is to get to 3500 titles in total. Ready, set.... document!
Submitted by Simon Carless (46) on Nov 07, 20143 comments

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Parlour Games
SEGA Master System version released. (Japan)
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Burai: Gekan - Kanketsu-hen
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