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Petz: Wild Animals - TigerzNew Nintendo DS cover by Charly2.0 | Today, 07:50 AM
Battle of Giants: DinosaursNew Nintendo DS cover by Charly2.0 | Today, 07:50 AM
Roland Garros French Open 2003New Windows credits by リカルド・フィリペ | Today, 03:44 AM
Glory of the Roman EmpireNew Windows credits by Evolyzer | Today, 03:44 AM

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Clouds & Sheep (iPad)Added by Sciere | Today, 03:45 AM
Mahjong Deluxe 3 (iPad)Added by Sciere | Today, 03:45 AM
Rocksmith: All-new 2014 Edition - Bon Jovi: It’s My Life (PlayStation 4)Added by jaXen | Today, 02:57 AM
Rocksmith: All-new 2014 Edition - Bon Jovi: Blaze Of Glory (PlayStation 4)Added by jaXen | Today, 02:57 AM

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Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire


by Nowhere Girl

Pajama Sam: No Need to Hide When It's Dark Outside


by Nowhere Girl

Putt-Putt and Fatty Bear's Activity Pack


by Nowhere Girl

Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II - Retribution - The Last Stand Necron Overlord


by jaXen

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Petz: Wild Animals - Tigerz

by Charly2.0

Battle of Giants: Dinosaurs

by Charly2.0

S.C.I.: Special Criminal Investigation

by S Olafsson


by Karsa Orlong

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VR Ping Pong

by Sciere

The Onion Knights

by Sciere

Super GunWorld 2

by Sciere

Knee Deep

by Sciere

New Reviews

Front cover

Dungeons & Dragons: Eye of the Beholder

"Knee-deep in Waterdeep, rev. 3.14a"

by Virgil on Apr 18, 2017
Front cover

Fester's Quest

"Uncle Fester's 8bit Adventure"

by Shamal Jifan on Apr 17, 2017
Front cover

The Lost Mind of Dr. Brain

"Dr. Brain's brain has been drained, and his thoughts need to be contained"

by *Katakis* on Apr 17, 2017
Front cover

Salt and Sanctuary

"Pitchfire and Sanctuary"

by Pagen HD on Apr 13, 2017

MobyGames News

REMINDER: Our PlayStation game adding contest ends May 31st

As you may recall, we're running a contest for adding missing PlayStation games which'll run through the end of May. The person who adds the most PlayStation games - with a bonus for adding other formats - will win a $100 Amazon gift card.

Looks like all of the PS4 games in the original spreadsheet were completed, but there's still likely a bunch of PlayStation Vita (and some PS3/PS2) titles that you could use the 'entry helper' on - or do new entries from scratch - if you want to keep playing along! (And there's a few PS4 games not on the list too.) Good luck...

Submitted by Simon Carless (1282) on Yesterday, 04:44 PM0 comments
Congrats - jaXen (50k points!), Rainer S. (top covers contrib!)
Just a quick note, since somebody in the MobyGames Discord pointed out that jaXen has just reached 50,000 MobyPoints, a super-impressive total, given that he's been with us since 2004 & has accelerated his contributions recently. (This also puts him into the Top 30 all-time contributors.) Congrats to him!

In semi-related news, it seems that Rainer S. recently became the top all-time game cover art contributor, with 51,624 total points from covers alone. We've been having some very strong cover-adding contributors in recent months - with Charly 2.0 also looking like he will get to 50,000 points JUST from covers at some point if he keeps up his current pace. Thanks to both of them!
Submitted by Simon Carless (1282) on Apr 23, 20174 comments
Looking for a 'corrections czar' for MobyGames...
So, we get about 100-200 corrections submitted per month via the MobyGames website, and that's quite a lot to keep up on! We've chipped away at the corrections of recent. But each one requires a bit of research and sometimes simple, sometimes more complex changes to our data.

There's 'only' about 600 pending corrections across every single category right now, and the majority date back to early March, thanks to sterling work by S Olafsson and others. But we're looking for someone to help manage our corrections queues longer-term as a volunteer. (You can also recruit other people to help!)

Is anyone out there interested in helping valuable corrections get onto MobyGames & leading our efforts in the longer-term? If we can get caught up, it should just be a few minutes per week. If so, please reply in this thread or PM Simon now. Thanks!
Submitted by Simon Carless (1282) on Apr 20, 20170 comments
New - MobyGames Discord chat server for contributors.
Hey, everyone. Have you ever wanted to text chat in REAL TIME (or not real time, depending on your time zone!) with other MobyGames admins, approvers, and contributors?

If so, there's a new MobyGames Discord private chat server instance for you. Discord is an easy to use, IRC-style (if you go way back!) web-based or executable-based chat client, and we thought it would be worth setting it up to collaborate. We expect chat volume to be low, but welcome anyone and everyone.
Submitted by Simon Carless (1282) on Apr 07, 20177 comments
New platforms - 'dedicated console' & 'dedicated handheld'!
Thanks to Kabushi, we've now launched two new hardware platforms, 'dedicated console' & 'dedicated handheld'. The best example of this so far is the NES Classic Edition, contributed by Kam1Kaz3NL77.

As Kabushi notes: "Dedicated consoles is for machines that have games built-in and are connected to a TV or monitor, but does not support additional games in the form of cartridges, discs or downloads. This includes both old Pong machines as well as more modern Plug and play TV games."

"Dedicated handhelds is like the above but where the display is integrated into the device. It includes both traditional LCD games such as Game & Watch as well as the larger tabletops but also stuff like watches and key chains."

So please go ahead and contribute! And please ask questions in this thread if you have any issues.
Submitted by Simon Carless (1282) on Apr 03, 20179 comments

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