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Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel!New PlayStation 3 cover by Charly2.0 | Today, 04:40 PM
Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIIINew PlayStation 3 cover by Charly2.0 | Today, 04:40 PM
Ultimate Drunken WarriorNew Xbox 360 credits by Patrick Bregger | Today, 04:34 PM
Ultimate DodgeballNew Xbox 360 credits by Patrick Bregger | Today, 04:34 PM

Just Added more

Ultimate Polygon (Xbox 360)Added by Patrick Bregger | Today, 02:58 PM
Ultimate Drunken Warrior (Xbox 360)Added by Patrick Bregger | Today, 02:58 PM
Blind Alley (Timex Sinclair 2068)Added by Kabushi | Today, 12:25 PM
Ultimate Dodgeball (Xbox 360)Added by Patrick Bregger | Today, 10:02 AM
UK Regions & Counties (Xbox 360)Added by Patrick Bregger | Today, 10:01 AM
UFO Commando (Xbox 360)Added by Patrick Bregger | Today, 10:00 AM

New Screenshots

Ultimate Polygon

Xbox 360

by Patrick Bregger

Ultimate Drunken Warrior

Xbox 360

by Patrick Bregger

Ultimate Dodgeball

Xbox 360

by Patrick Bregger

UK Regions & Counties

Xbox 360

by Patrick Bregger

UFO Commando

Xbox 360

by Patrick Bregger

Asphalt: Nitro


by Sciere

The 39 Steps


by MAT



by GTramp

New Reviews

Front cover

Super Mario Bros. 2

"Is it Mario or Doki Doki Panic, and who really cares?"

by *Katakis* on Nov 25, 2015
Front cover

The Addams Family

"Flawed but enjoyable"

by Ivan Obretenov on Nov 19, 2015
Front cover

Life Is Strange: Complete Season - Episodes 1-5

"Time Travel, Mysteries, and Teen Angst"

by krisko6 on Nov 19, 2015
Front cover

Cosmic Fantasy 2

"No to damage differentiation, yes to shower scenes"

by Cor 13 on Nov 18, 2015

MobyGames News

Site Updates (Nov 10th)
First of all, a big huge Moby-sized thanks to Tracy Poff who is now helping out on the code side and is already making great contributions!

Here's the log for today's update:

- Better tools for approvers
- Thumbnail fix on https
- Fix for broken images on polls
- Removed minimum date check on patches
- Various text improvements
- Various behind the scenes updates/fixes

Programmed by: Nelio and Tracy
Submitted by MobyReed (65) on Nov 10, 201527 comments
Milestones, other goodness for Oct/Nov, 2015.
Here's a few key points from things going on with MobyGames right now:

- In top MobyGames user news, our superhero Sciere has beaten the top # of points _ever_ added in one year, with 53,011. WOW. Infinithanks to him. Elsewhere, a couple of other neat milestones, as noted by Cavalary - Jo ST hit 20k points in total, and Trypticon hit 10k total points.

- Our social media efforts are still going strong, with a Tweet every day highlighting Moby's unprecedentedly large - and now unwatermarked - cover archive. And lots of RTs for our content, too!

- Unfortunately, we haven't made a lot of progress on MobyGames back end code changes recently. But we have a new volunteer coder who is trying to help out, so more on that soon if we get anywhere!

And that's the news for Oct/Nov, 2015 - we'll keep updating you, and thanks for the uploads.
Submitted by Simon Carless (59) on Oct 30, 20154 comments
Xbox Live Indie Games - the Moby-archiving!
Since news spread that the Xbox 360's Xbox Live Indie Games service is gradually closing - with no new games allowed from Sept. 2016 and the service closed in Sept. 2017. Due to the online nature of the store, there's obviously some danger that info on these games will be permanently lost.

Luckily, one of our top contributors, Patrick Bregger, has shot out of the gate like a rocket, and dedicated himself to archiving screenshots and info from _every single_ XBLIG game. Right now he's going backwards from Z, and has added a couple of hundred games to our previous total - there's now nearly 400 up there.

We salute his fortitude to get through all the Zombie games, for starters - there are nearly 100, including Zombie Sausages 2, Zombie Cow-Milking, and the actually pretty good Zombie Accountant.

We wanted to highlight this for two reasons - one, to thank Patrick PROFUSELY, because these synopses, screenshots, and credits are great, & just don't exist anywhere else. And secondly, he definitely needs some help - so if anyone would like to message him or post in this thread, that's be great!
Submitted by Simon Carless (59) on Oct 04, 20158 comments
MobyGames - text-only covers now accepted!
Along with the recent lifting of the exception on accepting multiple discs/diskettes with the same artwork and different disc numbers, our exception on accepting text-only covers has been lifted as well.

Below are a couple of sample covers which we had on file as accepted. This just shows the inconsistency when it comes to such things. (It was hard to say which is irrelevant as text-only, and which text is more important or if some minor graphics were included so it can be accepted.)

This was the last barrier to accepting the full cover set of actual covers. NOTE: we still do not accept manual scans, except the cover page - and this only in cases when manual serves as a front cover as well (most commonly found in jewel case packages).
Submitted by MAT (104337) on Sep 17, 201514 comments
MobyGames Call For Help - coders, contributors!
As we continue to add original credits, screenshots, info, and cross-linked info on the history of video games daily, MobyGames needs your help to expand! In particular, we need aid in two areas:

1. Coders who can understand Perl, can help! We're still stymied in accomplishing a lot of bug fixes and new features due to lack of coding help. If you know Perl and can volunteer some time to get up to speed on our codebase, we would be _very_ appreciative. Please message Simon if you can help out.

2. Contributors to underdocumented historic platforms! Check out this forums thread, but we think the Apple II, ZX Spectrum, Arcade, TRS-80, & TI-99/4A are all missing a LOT of releases. In addition, platforms like GBC, GBA, DS and Wii are missing a number of licensed & more 'minor' releases - of course, no games are minor in the end. So if you can help out and could specialize in any of these platforms - please contribute now - appreciated!
Submitted by Simon Carless (59) on Sep 11, 201517 comments

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Tip Of The Day

Sometimes a developer receives a nickname during the development of a game. However when entering credits to the database we do not accept nicknames right into the person's name like John "Madman" Doe. Adding the nickname often results in a duplicate entry. What you can do, depending on how the credits are structured, is to add the nickname to the end of the person's name in parenthesis like John Doe (Madman). Additionally you can submit a name correction to the person's profile stating that John "Madman" Doe should be an aka.   more tips

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Portopia Renzoku Satsujin Jiken
NES version released. (Japan)
Sharp X68000 version released. (Japan)
Lipstick Adventure
Sharp X68000 version released. (Japan)
Bari Bari Densetsu
TurboGrafx-16 version released. (Japan)
David Crane's A Boy and His Blob: Trouble on Blobolonia
NES version released. (Japan)
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