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The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the KingNew PlayStation 2 credits by Patrick Bregger | Today, 04:46 AM
Shadow of the ColossusNew PlayStation 2 credits by ElFuturÉsBrillant | Today, 12:10 AM
The Happiest Days of Your LifeNew ZX Spectrum cover by Teran | Yesterday, 04:59 PM
Type-RopeNew ZX Spectrum cover by Teran | Yesterday, 04:59 PM
KlicketyNew Trivia by Jo ST | Yesterday, 07:40 AM
The Riddle of the MazeNew Trivia by Kabushi | Sep 28, 2015

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Stratego: Next Edition (Nintendo DS)Added by HervĂ© Piton | Yesterday, 06:10 PM
Robot Warlords (PlayStation 2)Added by piltdown_man | Yesterday, 10:21 AM
Knockout Kings (Game Boy Color)Added by Terok Nor | Yesterday, 10:13 AM
CyberTiger (Game Boy Color)Added by Terok Nor | Yesterday, 10:13 AM
BattleTanx (Game Boy Color)Added by Terok Nor | Yesterday, 10:13 AM
AstroRaid (Windows)Added by JudgeDeadd | Yesterday, 08:26 AM

New Screenshots

Chronos: A Tapestry of Time

ZX Spectrum

by ssw85


ZX Spectrum

by ssw85

BCV: Battle Construction Vehicles

PlayStation 2

by piltdown_man

Smash Court Tennis Pro Tournament 2

PlayStation 2

by piltdown_man

Bust-A-Move Again


by Infernos

Robot Warlords

PlayStation 2

by piltdown_man



by JudgeDeadd



by Jo ST

New Reviews

Front cover

Mean Streets

"A very good entry to the Tex Murphy series, complete with some humor thrown in for good measure"

by *Katakis* on Oct 02, 2015
Front cover

Final Fantasy IX

"The pinnacle of the series"

by Bregalad on Sep 28, 2015
Front cover

B.C. II: Grog's Revenge

"Superb graphics"

by kevin laskowski on Sep 24, 2015
Front cover

Traffic Department 2192

"Probably no longer worth playing, but Velasquez makes it at least worth remembering."

by Cavalary on Sep 20, 2015

MobyGames News

MobyGames - text-only covers now accepted!
Along with the recent lifting of the exception on accepting multiple discs/diskettes with the same artwork and different disc numbers, our exception on accepting text-only covers has been lifted as well.

Below are a couple of sample covers which we had on file as accepted. This just shows the inconsistency when it comes to such things. (It was hard to say which is irrelevant as text-only, and which text is more important or if some minor graphics were included so it can be accepted.)

This was the last barrier to accepting the full cover set of actual covers. NOTE: we still do not accept manual scans, except the cover page - and this only in cases when manual serves as a front cover as well (most commonly found in jewel case packages).
Submitted by MAT (102215) on Sep 17, 201514 comments
MobyGames Call For Help - coders, contributors!
As we continue to add original credits, screenshots, info, and cross-linked info on the history of video games daily, MobyGames needs your help to expand! In particular, we need aid in two areas:

1. Coders who can understand Perl, can help! We're still stymied in accomplishing a lot of bug fixes and new features due to lack of coding help. If you know Perl and can volunteer some time to get up to speed on our codebase, we would be _very_ appreciative. Please message Simon if you can help out.

2. Contributors to underdocumented historic platforms! Check out this forums thread, but we think the Apple II, ZX Spectrum, Arcade, TRS-80, & TI-99/4A are all missing a LOT of releases. In addition, platforms like GBC, GBA, DS and Wii are missing a number of licensed & more 'minor' releases - of course, no games are minor in the end. So if you can help out and could specialize in any of these platforms - please contribute now - appreciated!
Submitted by Simon Carless (57) on Sep 11, 201517 comments
MobyGames - media scan rules change!
Here's a new rule! For media scans for games that were on two or more floppy disks, CDs, or DVDs, MobyGames' policy was always EITHER to accept all media if they have different art or text (marking them Disc 1, Disc 2, Disc 3, etc) OR accept only one media if it only differed in number, marking it as Disc 1/N.

Now, the embargo has been lifted, and there is no need for comments such as "Disc 1/N" because all magnetic disks or optical discs are accepted, even if they differ only in number.

From now on, something like this is welcomed when you submit cover scans:

Of course, you can still scan as much or little as you like when you submit scans - every bit helps! Hope this helps when submitting, and thanks to all submitters.
Submitted by MAT (102215) on Sep 05, 201516 comments
User milestones - MAT, Karsa & friends!
We're so happy to see MobyGames contributors blast through some new milestones, and time to honor them here. (Thx to Cavalary/Karsa for the tips!)

Firstly, MAT gets an entire paragraph, because he just hit 100,000 MobyPoints - the 7th person in our history to do that! Congrats, & infinithanks to him...

In addition, Karsa Orlong is now officially in the all-time Top 10 for contributions, Picard just hit 30,000 total points, and Infernos just topped 10,000 and is now #80 overall. Please keep the amazing work coming...

And one final note, as spotted by Kabushi - MobyGames now has over 3 million individual 'lines' of credits, all entered by our amazing contributors! Wow.
Submitted by Simon Carless (57) on Aug 30, 201519 comments
MobyGames Twitter feed - cover ideas wanted!
Now that our covers are unwatermarked, there's never been a better time to show off some of the amazing video game cover art scanned by MobyGames members. And that's just what is happening at the MobyGames Twitter feed, which is updated daily with new pics. It's actually doing pretty well, if you look at the number of retweets and favorites for each post.

When we started this, we asked MobyGames Approvers for some cover picks, and now we'd like your help! Please comment on this post and pick some of your favorite cover art on the site, and we'll gradually flow it onto Twitter (and Facebook/Google+, as time permits!)
Submitted by Simon Carless (57) on Aug 01, 201541 comments

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