Flight of the Amazon Queen

aka: Harpatkaot Malkat ha-Amazonot, L'Amazone Queen, Poljot Korolevy Amazonok
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Joe King is the hero of this point and click adventure. His plane is carrying actress Faye Russell when it crash lands in a remote jungle, and he must battle through 100 screens of adventure and puzzle. The game's feel is influenced by hammy B-movies, and the characters are quite stereotyped and comic. As standard in point and click adventures, a set of icons at the bottom of the screen allow you to interact with visible characters and items in the main view area.


  • Полет Королевы Амазонок - Russian spelling
  • הרפתקאות מלכת האמזונות - Hebrew spelling

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Average score: 78% (based on 28 ratings)


Average score: 3.6 out of 5 (based on 83 ratings with 7 reviews)

Classic Adventure Game - one of the best the Amiga ever had.

The Good
Flight of the Amazon Queen is a 2D point-and-click adventure game set in the 1940s, originally published for DOS and the Amiga at the same time in 1995.

The Amiga version featured lush music, bright graphics and an easy to use interface in a funny classic adventure game.

The Bad
The only thing I didn't like was the intro cut scene should have been longer to introduce the game with more background information.

The Bottom Line
It is 1949 and you play Joe King, pilot for hire with his small private plane. The game is a spoof of old timely radio adventure serials. Joe is scheduled to fly the famous movie star, Faye Russell, to a photo shoot in the Amazon jungle.

Of course, things never go according to plans. After an unfortunate turn of events they find themselves stranded in the heart of the Amazon jungle, where Joe will embark on a quest to rescue a kidnapped princess and in the process, discover the true sinister intentions of a suspiciously located Lederhosen company. In a rich 2D environment, Joe will cross paths with a variety of unlikely jungle inhabitants including, but not limited to, a tribe of Amazon women and 6-foot- tall pygmies.

This is a third person, point and click game with easy to use icons for action, a small inventory, and a brilliant map. The music is upbeat and changes with each location, and the graphics are imaginative and colorful, with careful attention to often-hysterical details (Aztec temple statues holding baseball bats!). And the short animated cut scenes used to advance the story are a pure delight to watch.

There are lots of great places to visit and plenty to do when you get there, with a unique challenge in each new location. The puzzles are crazy, absorbing and fun and are usually solved by clues you have picked up in conversations and/or with inventory items. Most are not too difficult and really add to the game.

It's a great game, an old style adventure similar to Indy and the Fate of Atlantis that'll give you hours of fun and leave you feeling good. We love it!

The humor, whilst not side-splitting is very much tongue-in-cheek and pokes gentle fun, with the net result that you play through much of the game with a smile on your face. It was this sense of fun throughout that made Flight of the Amazon Queen so enjoyable.

Many features contributed to the overall playability. The easy to use interface that went some way towards allowing me the freedom to decide what I wanted to do. The comic book style cutaway sequences were very well done and most effective.

If you enjoy adventure games with gentle, offbeat humor, then I am sure you will enjoy Flight of the Amazon Queen.

Amiga · by mike kelly (3) · 2004

A-Game Cult Classic

The Good
Much like watching Mystery Science Theatre 3000, playing FOTAQ makes you feel like you're involved in something very special and secret; a cult classic, so to speak. The game's developers make no apologies in making you feel like you're in a B-Movie based game; everything in this adventure game is charming, from the German crazy scientist villain, to the Amazon women's captives wishing to remain in their clutches. The clever dialog adds to the atmosphere, featuring many puns and colorful jokes (an existentialist monkey that disappears when you tell him he doesn't exist is great).

The Bad
While the puzzles and item usage did seem logical after solving them, the process itself was a bit tedious, as it makes you try every item in your inventory - not fun. Some of Queen's multimedia charms are also its main shortcomings; Joe's voice for example, is spattered with a Brooklyn-numb nut type accent and it gets annoying fast (an unpleasant surprise after playing the silent version). Much of the supporting characters have equally annoying voices, but I guess the aim was to immerse us in a true classic B-Movie experience.

The Bottom Line
A truly enjoyable game dedicated to adventure game and movie fans that, while a little frustrating at times, will have you smiling on many an occasion.

DOS · by drbriefs (3) · 2004

Good old adventure

The Good
In the middle of 90, many adventures had absurd choices or way to proceed...this one is fun, playable and without absurd way to finish the game. I love the setting and I liked the story, Joe and Faye (We have to remember that this game was created in 1995) are good and they interact very well, I also loved Joe's partner. Graphic in my opinion is good and still playable right now (I play the original version, not the remastered)...but I understand many people could not like 1995's graphic.

The Bad
Sometimes it is annoying going from a location to another (no fast travel), some situations were highly stereotyped but for me these are minor flaws.

The Bottom Line
A game to play in a videogamer life, especially if you love point and click adventures with a retro feeling

DOS · by Sberl · 2023

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This game was developed about three years (a year and a half before signing publishing deal with Warner). Back in the early days it was an Amiga floppy product which eventually became four language Amiga/PC CD-ROM game with full voice. Most of the graphics were done using Deluxe Paint IV running on an Amiga 1200 with an accelerator board because the Amiga had the best version of Deluxe Paint at the moment.

It was originally written in AMOS BASIC on Amiga, but was eventually converted to C code instead, and later ported to PC computers. The tools to build the game were also written in AMOS. The game engine was called JASPAR for "John And Steve's Programmable Adventure Resource".

There were three additional tools called JOKER (building rooms, laying out objects and actors), ACE (cut scene editor) and DOG (dialogue editor). The engine and tools were written by John Passfield and Tony Ball converted the JASPAR engine to PC.

Freeware release

Flight of the Amazon Queen has been made freeware. The source code was kindly given to the ScummVM team, by John Passfield and Steve Stamatiadis, who then made it fully compatible with their engine. It can be downloaded from ScummVM.


The games antagonist, Dr. Frank Ironstein, seems to be loosely based on Dr. Josef Mengele, also known as "Angel of Death". Mengele was an officer of the German "Schutzstaffel" (SS) and a physician in the infamous Nazi concentration camp Auschwitz-Birkenau, where he conducted various experiments on the prisoners. Holocaust survivors gave detailed descriptions of his atrocious "researches". Mengele later fled to South America and was never captured. His person served as inspiration for villains in popular culture more than once. For another example, just watch Marathon Man starring Dustin Hoffman and Laurence Olivier.

Version differences

This game was also released on CD-ROM, that featured full speech.

Voice Actor

The voice of Trader Bob is spoken by Christoph Waltz in the german Talkie-Version on CD-ROM. He became very famous in 2009 as the SS officer Hans Landa in Inglourious Basterds or 2012 in Django Unchained as the bounty hunter Dr. King Schultz. His name is wrongly spelled as "Christoph Walz" in the intro credits.


  • Amiga Joker
    • Issue 02/1996 – Best Adventure in 1995 (Readers' Vote)

Information also contributed by Apogee IV, B.L. Stryker, micnictic and xxxxxxxxxxx


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