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Game - Samurai Warriors 4 DX (2024, Windows)
Added Jul 18, 2024 by Rellni944
Front Cover for Monster Hunter: World (2018, PlayStation 4)
Added Jul 18, 2024 by etempest
Front Cover for Kaizō Chōjin Shubibinman (2023, PlayStation 4)
Added Jul 18, 2024 by Albert
Media for Rez Infinite (2016, PlayStation 4)
Added Jul 18, 2024 by IchigoJones
Back Cover for Rain World (2017, PlayStation 4)
Added Jul 18, 2024 by IchigoJones
Manual for Transistor (2014, PlayStation 4)
Added Jul 18, 2024 by IchigoJones
Front Cover for World of Tanks (2021, PlayStation 5)
Added Jul 18, 2024 by MAT
Advertisement for Tank! Tank! Tank! (2012, Wii U)
Added Jul 18, 2024 by ais
Media for Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker (2014, Wii U)
Added Jul 18, 2024 by OSM24
Front Cover for Disney Sing It (2008, Windows)
Added Jul 18, 2024 by jean-louis
Spine/Sides for Might and Magic IX (2002, Windows)
Added Jul 18, 2024 by Gamesplace.se
Back Cover for Myth Makers: Super Kart GP (2007, PlayStation 2)
Added Jul 18, 2024 by Gamesplace.se
Game - Pig & Bullet (2012, iPhone)
Added Jul 18, 2024 by Ms. Tea
Front Cover for Mighty No. 9: Ray Expansion (2016, Xbox 360)
Added Jul 18, 2024 by Plok
Front Cover for Mighty No. 9 (2016, Xbox 360)
Added Jul 18, 2024 by Plok
Game - Shrimp Game (2022, Android)
Added Jul 18, 2024 by lights out party
Game - That's Bananas (2023, iPhone)
Added Jul 18, 2024 by lights out party
Game - TTYL (2023, Browser)
Added Jul 18, 2024 by Lampbane

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Moby v2024.06.07

By MobyReed (386) on June 07, 2024 · 5 comments


  • New feature: Game cover explorer (front & back covers)
  • New feature: Promo image explorer (including magazines ads, concept art, renders, etc)
  • New version of the Game Browser with options to include more information in the results - including genres, developers and publishers
  • Increased game browser CSV export from 1,000 to 2,500 results
  • Added option to have up to 100 results per page on the game browser
  • Added contribution stats feature to the homepage
  • Fixed CSV exports that were broken for a few platforms

General Updates

  • New game identifier tool that allows entering multiple identifiers and pulls store information
  • Moved patch information from Releases to its own section (example) and increased allowed description length
  • Added "preview" function to game description in the Add Game form
  • Allow 'person' and 'personid' in all MobyTags (developer/developerid still work, but are deprecated)
  • Credits form now remembers what screenshot you were last viewing (if applicable)
  • Pending game relations now appear at the top of game pages, when relevant
  • Frontend optimizations
  • Database optimizations
  • Misc. bug fixes, UI fixes and polish

Moby v2024.04.05

By MobyReed (386) on April 05, 2024 · 2 comments


  • Added release date, genres, developer and publisher fields to csv/json game browser export
  • Added chart to platform pages showing # of releases per year (example)
  • Added chart to Moby stats
  • Added "save as image" functionality to charts

General Updates

  • If you have pending submissions, you'll now see those on relevant game/person/company overview pages
  • Added support for Epic Games store (pricing, and missing games index)
  • Added support for PlayStation store prices
  • Added pending submissions to game description contribution tool
  • Properly handle itch.io prices in Euros
  • Scrapers now add note with URL to new platforms
  • Better error messages for invalid dates (including leap year)
  • Game Identifier contribution tool now displays pending and approved submissions separately
  • Updated dark mode for charts
  • Fixed importing Steam collections
  • Fixed game cache when there are updates to related sites
  • Fixed Steam SKU updates
  • Fixed game credit listings so comma separators can be copied
  • Misc. tweaks, polish, minor fixes

Update: Back in action. All of these updates are now available.

Happy 25th Anniversary!

By MobyReed (386) on March 01, 2024 · 8 comments

Can you believe it? MobyGames has now been documenting and preserving video game history for a quarter century! Since March 1st, 1999.

(the interactive version of this graph, along with the numbers month-by-month for our entire history, available here for MobyPro)

Happy Anniversary and thanks to all of our amazing contributors, veteran and new alike.

To help celebrate this occasion, we made some t-shirts and a mug featuring our 25th Anniversary badge (with thanks to John Kauderer at Atari!).

You can order yours on the Atari store. Use coupon code MobyGames for 10% off.

Since the release of the new site a year ago, we've deployed hundreds of updates, including all new features, more information, improved tools and UI/UX, bug fixes, optimizations and more. You can journey through the changelogs here, but here are some highlights:

  • MobyPro (Early Access)
  • Game Relations
  • Indexes for Platforms, People and Critics
  • Missing Games
  • Most Researched Games, People, Companies and Groups
  • Additional scrapers for the Add Game form
  • Prices, including MSRP
  • New collections features
  • Bulk credits import and auto-classification

If you'd like to help support our ongoing development and mission to document game history, please consider contributing or subscribing to MobyPro for additional features and information.

Here's to the next 25 years!

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