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Zoo Tycoon 2 DSNew Nintendo DS cover by KinopioKing | Today, 03:23 AM
Kirby: Planet RobobotNew Nintendo 3DS cover by Harmony♥ | Today, 03:21 AM
Mahjong Gokū TenjikuNew SNES credits by リカルド・フィリペ | Today, 01:21 AM
Moons of JupiterNew VIC-20 credits by Kabushi | Today, 01:17 AM

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Krunel (ZX Spectrum)Added by Karsa Orlong | Today, 03:25 AM
The Witching Hour (SAM Coupé)Added by Kabushi | Today, 03:24 AM
Munchman II (TI-99/4A)Added by Kabushi | Today, 03:24 AM
Beneath the Stars (TI-99/4A)Added by Kabushi | Today, 03:24 AM

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ZX Spectrum

by Karsa Orlong

The Witching Hour

SAM Coupé

by Kabushi

Munchman II


by Kabushi

Beneath the Stars


by Kabushi

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Zoo Tycoon 2 DS

by KinopioKing

Kirby: Planet Robobot

by Harmony♥

Kirby: Planet Robobot

by Harmony♥

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Bundle

by Kennyannydenny

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Final Fight: "Streetwise"

by Virgil

The Banner Saga

by ZeTomes

Devil Kings

by Virgil

The Banner Saga: Complete Pack

by ZeTomes

New Reviews

Front cover

Space Quest V: The Next Mutation

"The Two Guys from Andromeda are no more"

by *Katakis* on Aug 22, 2016
Front cover

Victor Vran

"The Incredible Adventures of Victor Vran and his Fabulous Hat"

by Ingsoc on Aug 20, 2016
Front cover

Assassin's Creed: Rogue

"I'd rather be a rogue than an assassin"

by Oleg Roschin on Aug 13, 2016
Front cover


"What will you find?"

by krisko6 on Aug 13, 2016

MobyGames News

Looking for MobyGames 'featured games' & reviews.
Just a quick note - we're looking for some more Featured Games, since they appear prominently on the front page of the site, and we're trying to switch them out weekly.

Just go to the 'Featured Game' wizard & enter a couple of paragraphs about why you love one of your favorite games in the MobyGames DB, and hopefully we'll go ahead and featured it!

In addition, we'd love a more regular supply of reviews (which are featured prominently on the front page right now, too!) Just go to a particular game and click on the 'review game' link next to User Reviews & you're set!
Submitted by Simon Carless (327) on Aug 20, 201614 comments
New On MobyGames: Achievement Art
Since adding promotional images of all kinds (we now have over 25,000 - check them out), we've been getting some neat unexpected image types, in addition to official screenshots & concept art.

In particular, most excellent MobyGames user Kennyannydenny has been working on adding achievement art (the pictures you get when you complete in-game milestones!) for a number of popular PS4 and Xbox One games, including for Project Spark, for Fallout 4 (scroll down!), and for Minecraft: PS4 Edition.

Turns out there's a lot of original, hi-res art associated with achievements, many of it interesting and not available easily online unwatermarked. So chalk this up to another win for MobyGames!
Submitted by Simon Carless (327) on Aug 07, 201613 comments
New on MobyGames: Atlus' E3 2006 promo art

As well as our daily image updates on Twitter, on Facebook and even on Google+, we have so much good art being added since we launched promo images that we're creating regular news stories highlighting them.

In this first highlight, we wanted to showcase Virgil's great work uploading Atlus' rare press assets from E3 2006, including concept art & enemy sprites from Grasshopper's quirky Contact, plus creepy character art from Rule Of Rose, some very pretty promo art from signature RPG series SMT: Persona 3, and similarly gorgeous promo art from the Devil Summoner series.

And a reminder: we're making all promotional assets available in their original high resolution for posterity. Just click on the image to see the full-res version! And we're looking for more promo image contributors, especially if you have press CDs or other assets. Just go to a game and hit 'contribute', or PM myself if you have a large cache of images you want to digitize or upload!
Submitted by Simon Carless (327) on Jul 30, 20160 comments
New features - select auto-approval, original promo art, more.
While we haven't been making a big deal out of it, the wondrous Tracy Poff has been making a whole bunch of small fixes and edits to MobyGames code - mentioned in our changelog, and we wanted to highlight a couple of them.

First, we've instituted selective auto-approval (on a user-by-user basis only!) on some of our smaller contribution areas. These include data like game sites, company logos, game ad blurbs, developer portraits, and Critic Scores.

This much-needed change (which includes auditing so we can check the auto-approved items) means we can catch up on the queues that were months behind, & concentrate on helping new users & approving more complex items - while still keeping quality high. [If you would like to be considered for auto-approval of any of these categories, please PM me or Tracy.]

Secondly, we've further enhanced the new 'promo images' section so that you can click through on any of the images to get an 'original uploaded quality' image. For example, for SoulCalibur for Dreamcast, grabbed from a 1999-era CD-ROM by Virgil, you can see its official logo in good high resolution - but click again and you'll access the original image from the CD-ROM.

This further cements MobyGames as one of the key image sources for video games on the Internet (& heavily cited by Google Images!) We have the most watermark-free game covers, user screenshots, and we're now building a large, correctly cited official & promo image archive. We believe that these features - plus our game credits and our overall database - are the key vital parts of Moby. We're going to keep focusing on & building them.
Submitted by Simon Carless (327) on Jul 27, 20160 comments
New milestones - MobyPoints stars, complete!
Just a brief note on some notable MobyPoints milestones for certain users, plus another completed system.

Firstly, congrats to me3D31337 for hitting 50,000 MobyPoints recently, after almost 10 years on the site (yay!) He's now an all-time Top 25 contributor to the site. Also, the resurgent Kam1Kaz3NL77 just pased 20,000 points and is now in the all-time Top 50, thanks to lots of custom cover and special edition uploads, among other things!

Finally, thanks to Terok Nor, we just polished off the complete set of titles - all 22 of them. What's up next for the 'complete catalog' treatment? It's your call, Internet!
Submitted by Simon Carless (327) on Jul 08, 20163 comments

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