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Revenge of Majorie the ChickenNew Windows credits by Sciere | Today, 09:17 PM
Forge of EmpiresNew Windows Apps cover by Kam1Kaz3NL77 | Today, 07:43 PM
Forge of EmpiresNew Windows Apps cover by Kam1Kaz3NL77 | Today, 07:43 PM
There You AreNew Windows credits by Sciere | Today, 07:23 PM

Just Added more

Cosmopoly (Windows)Added by BOIADEIRO ERRANTE | Today, 10:46 PM
Cosmopoly: Associate's DLC (Windows)Added by BOIADEIRO ERRANTE | Today, 10:45 PM
Fidget Spinner Editor: Expansion Pack 2 (Windows)Added by BOIADEIRO ERRANTE | Today, 10:45 PM
Fidget Spinner Editor: Expansion Pack 1 (Windows)Added by BOIADEIRO ERRANTE | Today, 10:45 PM

New Screenshots more

Asphalt 9: Legends

Windows Apps

by Yearman



by Koterminus

Mini Racing


by Rainer S



by Havoc of Smeg

New Cover Art more

Forge of Empires

by Kam1Kaz3NL77

Forge of Empires

by Kam1Kaz3NL77

Design Hero

by Koterminus

Design Hero

by Koterminus

New Promo Art more

Summoners War: Chronicles

by Sciere


by Kam1Kaz3NL77

Lost in Dungeon

by Kam1Kaz3NL77

Forest Camp Story

by Kam1Kaz3NL77

New Reviews

Front cover


"An advance on Arkanoid, but perhaps not a big enough one"

by Martin Smith on Nov 22, 2022
Front cover

Black Hawk

"An unusual shooter that punishes you for poor performance"

by Katakis | カタキス on Nov 21, 2022
Front cover

Empress of the Deep: The Darkest Secret

"An average game that looks a bit dated now"

by piltdown_man on Nov 20, 2022
Front cover

Blue's 123 Time Activities

"Somewhat improved, but still a run-of-the-mill edutainment game at its core"

by SomeRandomHEFan on Nov 20, 2022

MobyGames News

The beta now open to all registered users!
All registered MobyGames users can now log into the beta! Please check it out, explore and try to break things.

v20220923 update log
  • Added import/export functionality to lists (check out your Game Collection page via your profile)
  • Added ability to add games to lists via the list page
  • Added ability to sort, edit and delete lists
  • Added tooltip info for publishers and developers in game info block to indicate which release they are associated with
  • Game browser now supports game groups
  • Game browser now auto-populates company dropdown when there are fewer than 100 options
  • Developer credit pages can now be sorted by role, date, Moby Score and genre
  • Added reviews summary table to game overview and game reviews page
  • Search now supports roman numerals
  • Forum search can now be filtered by board
  • Fixed Moby Score calculation
  • Misc. UI polish
  • Backend platform updates and optimizations (e.g., much faster search index rebuild)
Submitted by MobyReed (89) on Sep 25, 20220 comments
v2 Beta Update (Sep 16th)
v20220916 update log for beta.mobygames.com
  • Added search as you type functionality (results now appear below the search bar as you type). By default the dropdown displays trending games, companies and developers.
  • Added slash commands to search:
    /g to only search games (e.g., /g mario)
    /c to only search companies (e.g., /c atari)
    /d to only search devs (e.g., /d romero)
    /gr to only search groups (e.g., /gr animals)
  • Added Frequent Collaborators section to developer pages (example)
  • Added a snippet of company overview and developer biography to search results (example)
  • Added highest rated game of developer or company to search results
  • Added forum search
  • Added ability to add and delete lists (via the Collection page on your user profile)
  • Added list of galleries to screenshot pages (example), so you can see which gallery you're viewing and easily move between them
  • MobyScore is now a combination of user score and critic score
  • Search algorithm tweaks
  • Bunch of UI tweaks, polish
  • Backend platform updates
Submitted by MobyReed (89) on Sep 19, 20220 comments
v2 Beta Update (Sep 10th)
v20220910 update log for https://beta.mobygames.com
  • Added reviews page to user profile
  • Added buy page to games
  • Added support for approval sub-queues
  • Added number of unread threads and posts to the forum
  • Added ability to delete items directly via your game collections (havelists, wantlists)
  • Game pages now indicate if you've collected the game you're viewing
  • Search algorithm tweaks
  • Various UI fixes and polish
  • Backend platform updates and bug fixes
Submitted by MobyReed (89) on Sep 11, 20221 comments
v2 Beta Update
v20220902 update log for beta.mobygames.com
  • Added trending games, companies and developers to homepage
  • Added headline/summary to user reviews
  • Game overview now lists all publishers and developers
  • Search algorithm updates
  • Search results now include number of credited games for developers and companies
  • You can now rate games without writing a review (reviewing is optional)
  • Forum now indicates which posts you haven't read (if you're logged in)
  • Handling for adult games to support Google Safesearch
  • Admin: Ability to manage user reviews
  • Better rendering for adblurbs (official descriptions)
  • Various design tweaks, polish
  • Backend platform updates and fixes
Submitted by MobyReed (89) on Sep 03, 20220 comments
v2 Beta Update
v20220826 update log for beta.mobygames.com
  • You can now add/remove games from your collection via game pages
  • Options in the Game Browser are now automatically updated to only display relevant options (e.g., if you select a platform, only the genres and dates applicable to that platform are shown in the dropdown menus)
  • Added results per page setting to Game Browser
  • Game subpage navigation now lists all available platforms and remembers your preference while viewing the same game (e.g, if you go to Screenshots, select DOS, then go to Covers, it will show DOS covers when available)
  • Added release date next to platform list on game overviews (with additional release info displayed in tooltip)
  • Added option to sort releases on game overview by date or platform
  • Added length of queue and estimated approval time to contribution status for pending contributions
  • Added more information to search results (game group description, # of games for developers, release dates with platforms)
  • Added game count to company overview
  • Search algorithm tweaks
  • Company and group game lists now display platforms in addition to game title and release date
  • Long text displays (e.g., descriptions, trivia) on overview pages are now partially collapsed with a "show more" toggle
  • Buy links on game pages are now real
  • Approvers can now choose which queues to see on the approval homepage. Click Select Queues from the sidebar menu to access this feature.
  • Moby tag rendering is now much faster
  • Various platform fixes, optimizations, polish
Submitted by MobyReed (89) on Aug 29, 20221 comments
v20220819 Beta Update
Happy Friday! A new version of the beta has been released.

v20220819 update log
  • Added ability to review games
  • Added Ad Blurb filter to Most Wanted
  • Added Forgot Password feature
  • Added number of people listed in game credits (example)
  • Added user review scores to havelists
  • Game Browser platform filter now uses OR instead of AND
  • Game Browser now displays release year of selected platform(s)
  • Various platform fixes, tweaks and design updates
Submitted by MobyReed (89) on Aug 20, 20220 comments
Moby v2 Beta Updates
v20220812 update log for beta.mobygames.com
  • Game Browser now supports platform multiselect, more sorting options and faster publisher/developer search
  • Added Last Month rankings to contributor leaderboard
  • Added game count totals to company and developer pages
  • Added Dark Mode toggle for logged out users
  • Replaced old favicon with Moby icon
  • Developer credit pages now display every single credit, on every platform
  • Developer overview now displays the top 12 game credits based on Moby Score
  • Increased # of database updates listed on homepage and feed
  • Contributors can now submit company logos
  • Approvers can now replace promo images and company logos
  • Approvers can now do group approvals, e.g. all screenshots for one game
  • Smaller base font size, site wide
  • Design tweaks on user profiles, status bar, developer pages, game browser, etc
  • Misc. platform fixes, optimizations
v20220805 update log
  • New version of the Game Browser (results now auto-update on input change, much more compact display, 12 results instead of 10, now shows developer, default Moby Score sort, bug fixes)
  • Added hotkey support to navigate screenshots, covers and promo images (left arrow = prev, right arrow = next)
  • Added more contribution stats to page header
  • Added forum moderation tools and spam mitigation
  • Added paging to private messages
  • Added change password functionality
  • Added extra confirmation step to account deletion
  • Migrated API to Moby v2 platform
  • Higher resolution cover and screenshot images on game overview
  • Game Group index is now sortable
  • Site now defaults to light or dark mode based on system preference
  • Randomize screenshots and promo images on game overview
  • Contributors can now include dates when adding a company
  • Approvers can now associate users with developers
  • Approvers can now view developer merge/split/convert audit logs
  • Approvers can now search for (potentially unapproved) games, companies, developers, and critic sources
  • Approvers can now replace cover art and game version
  • Fix miscounted contribution points
  • Various design revisions
  • Various platform fixes, updates and optimizations
As a reminder, all contributors (>0 contribution rating) can log into the beta. Thanks for all testing and feedback so far!
Submitted by MobyReed (89) on Aug 13, 20221 comments
New option for developer profiles
We’ve added the ability for AKAs to be removed from profile pages, giving developers more control over their public profile. If you’ve been credited on a game with a name that you no longer use, and would prefer us not to display both your current and former names on your developer profile, you may submit a correction (on your profile page click Contribute -> Corrections -> Privacy issue).

Please note that MobyGames relies on volunteer contributors for all entries and changes to the database. All new content and change requests go into an approval queue, which despite the heroic efforts of our community tends to have a large backlog. While we do escalate privacy requests, please be patient as it may take some time for your request to be processed. Improving all tools and reducing approval times is a major goal of the new platform that Tracy and I are working on. Stay tuned!
Submitted by MobyReed (89) on Aug 11, 20220 comments
MobyGames v2 Beta
The new MobyGames platform, currently in beta, is now open to all contributors! If you have an account with >0 contribution points you can log into https://beta.mobygames.com and start playing with it. The beta uses a temporary copy of the database, so any changes you make will be ephemeral and you can feel free to test and break things.

Note that it's under active development and things are in various states of progress (i.e., not yet polished and some things are broken or missing yet).

Please post questions, bug reports and feedback in the #beta channel on our Discord, the attached comment thread or PM me.
Submitted by MobyReed (89) on Jul 14, 202225 comments
MobyGames hits 300,000 games (& add milestones here!)
So, if you go check out the MobyGames database stats page, you'll see that we reached an important milestone - 300,000 games documented in the MobyGames database!

Congrats to everyone who helped us get there - and with a good deal of accuracy and checking along the way! (Also, in the comments for this post, maybe people can point out other neat user milestones achieved recently!)

This is an update to the 200,000 game announcement which happened in May of 2019.
Submitted by Alaka (92653) on Jul 02, 202212 comments
MobyGames ownership update
I’m pleased to announce that Atari is now supporting our mission to preserve video game history. They have completed acquisition of the site from Antstream. You can read the official press release here.

Since 2013 I’ve been running MobyGames and will continue doing so. Atari understands how important our project is for the gaming community and they’re well aligned with our plans to improve the database and tools. In fact, Atari’s new CEO is a retro gamer/collector and long time fan of the site!

We will now be investing in full-time development (we’ve been operating with part-time dev) to complete the new site that’s been in the works the past few years. Which will replace our 20+ year old codebase and tools. It’s currently in beta testing with our admins and approvers. We’ll be expanding the beta as development gets ramped up. Stay tuned!
Submitted by MobyReed (89) on Mar 08, 202217 comments
MobyGames Stats - 2021 edition
As per tradition, I present to you the database visualization! Made possible by the MobyGames API.

Previous editions:
January 2021 - January 2020 - January 2019 - January 2018 - June 2017 - January 2017 - January 2016 - January 2015 - January 2014 - January 2013 - January 2012 - January 2011 - January 2010 - January 2009

(Click to enlarge)

An explanation: each coloured shape in the graph represents a platform. The horizontal axis is time. The vertical axis represents the number of games released and is stacked. So the height of a shape on a given point in time indicates the number of games released for that platform that year. The total height of the graph on a given point in time shows the total releases that year. The graph is meant to represent game releases and thus excludes DLC, Special Edition and Compilation items. It does include each game for each platform it was released on.
As usual we see a drop-off at the end, simply because we haven't been able to keep up with all the new game releases.
Feel free to point out interesting info in the graph and your contributions in the thread!

I have also updated the bar chart race I made last year with the new data. (if you recently opened the old one you might have to hold ALT while you refresh your browser page so you don't get served a cached version. The chart animation should end in 2021)

[All data taken from MobyGames. Of course, the graph is only as complete as our database is. Come help us if you can!]
Submitted by vedder (60348) on Jan 09, 20229 comments

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