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About Me:

Born in November 1967, I'm a PC and NEC PC Engine (aka "TurboGrafx") console & game collector, owner of a GT/TurboExpress console (I also collect, to a lesser extent, typewriters, calculators, duplicating machines, LCD portable video-games, old family computers, PDAs, Palm OS & Windows CE powered devices and smartphones).

My first videogames : a Nintendo Game&Watch LCD system ("Ball" was its name) and a Hanimex "Pong" TV Console (PC-50x). My parents then offered me a Sinclair ZX-81, a Jupiter Cantab Ace, a ZX Spectrum, a Commodore 64, a Apple II, a Macintosh Classic, and a Zenith Data Systems EazyPC. I kept on buying PCs since then. I never listed all my games, I use MobyGames to try to do so and contribute to the database. Around 2000 PC and 300 NEC PC Engine games.

Started lately a very very small CD-i and WonderSwan collection (around 20 CD-i games and 10 WonderSwan games).

2021 update : we bought the house of our dreams, and moved.

2020 updates :

  • part 1 of our plan has started. My wife and I are planning to move. We found the house of our dreams. Waiting for part 2...
  • Because of the coronavirus, my second trip to Japan has been cancelled. Waiting for better days
2019 update : back to business, but we are expecting a change of our plan for our lives, realizing nothing would ever be the same again.

2018 update : sad news. My wife and I had major surgeries (as a side note, my contribution points were divided by 5).

2017 update: went to Japan, brought back a few PC & Wonderswan games. More important to me : visited (parts of) Tokyo, Yokohama, Kamakura, Hiroshima and Miyajima. Still can't forget these days. Met Kabuki artists kind enough to introduce me (and let play) shamisen.

2012 update: started a blog about pinball games and simulations. some of them are not yet listed here, but maybe soon ! Sadly, I have not much spare time for updates.