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MobyReed (386) on 4/5/2024 10:46 PM · edited · Reply · Permalink · Report


  • Added release date, genres, developer and publisher fields to csv/json game browser export
  • Added chart to platform pages showing # of releases per year (example)
  • Added chart to Moby stats
  • Added "save as image" functionality to charts

General Updates

  • If you have pending submissions, you'll now see those on relevant game/person/company overview pages
  • Added support for Epic Games store (pricing, and missing games index)
  • Added support for PlayStation store prices
  • Added pending submissions to game description contribution tool
  • Properly handle prices in Euros
  • Scrapers now add note with URL to new platforms
  • Better error messages for invalid dates (including leap year)
  • Game Identifier contribution tool now displays pending and approved submissions separately
  • Updated dark mode for charts
  • Fixed importing Steam collections
  • Fixed game cache when there are updates to related sites
  • Fixed Steam SKU updates
  • Fixed game credit listings so comma separators can be copied
  • Misc. tweaks, polish, minor fixes

Update: Back in action. All of these updates are now available.

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Koterminus (260294) on 4/6/2024 1:07 PM · Reply · Permalink · Report

One quick correction: while Epic Games Store links now appear in the missing games index and we can add them as identifiers, there's no scraper support for them yet.

I'm also not seeing the chart which is supposed to show the number of releases per year on platform pages despite having a MobyPro subscription.

Great update as always. I hope that with the price fixes, we will be able to add itch identifiers to preexisting entries soon.

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MobyReed (386) on 4/10/2024 9:13 PM · Reply · Permalink · Report

Fixed - you should see the charts now.