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One Must Fall 2097

aka: OMF, OMF:2097
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One Must Fall 2097 is a fighting game with a twist. Instead of the usual Street Fighter II trend of games, in this game you play one of 10 characters controlling one of 10 huge robots in a fighting match.

According to the game, in the year 2097, the human race is controlled by one company known as W.A.R., which started as a small company providing the Earth government with construction robots. After a while W.A.R. grew further and further and eventually took over Earth Gov.

In the year 2097, W.A.R. decided to colonize Ganymede, one of Jupiter's moons. Because of the harsh climate and difficult terrain, they sought for one person, the best of the best, to rule Ganymede for them. They've decided the best way to choose this person is to organize a huge contest, in which the winner will earn a seat in the W.A.R. high counsel and control of Ganymede.

You're one of the contestants, and you want to win.

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Credits (DOS version)

9 People

Original Concept
Additional Programming
Graphics / Artwork
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Average score: 81% (based on 12 ratings)


Average score: 3.9 out of 5 (based on 85 ratings with 10 reviews)

Play it. Now.

The Good
Everything, starting with the gameplay itself. The game is addictive, challenging and most importantly FUN. The graphics are really well drawn and the robot models are detailed; the game engine is extremely well programmed (runs really well on a 486); the music is simply great and the design and concept are HUGE!

The Bad
Nothing! It rocks!

The Bottom Line
Seen Street Fighter 2? Liked it? No? Try this one.

DOS · by Tomer Gabel (4535) · 1999

One Must Play This Game

The Good
This game simply rocks!!! alhtough it's published six years ago, this game is still much better than a lot of the other games that are out there...

Each robot has its own special moves, and each has its own extremely different aptitudes. Adding ot that is the pilots, who vary in speed, stamina, and strength...This gives a huge combination of playing styles...You can play it over and over again, and still there will be enough variety for you to come back for more...

The tournament mode is innovative...you can win matches to earn money, and with the money, you can upgrade your robots or your pilots...this way, you can customize your robot to your own playing style...

It runs great on any system!!! Unlike many old games that don't support the computers of today, OMF runs smoothly, with no tinkering needed...

The graphics and music are all pretty good...the animations of the moves and scraps are well done...

The Bad
Some bugs in the AI...ie you can do some combos over and over again, and the computer never seems to be able to block them...but these are so few, so it has basically no effect on the gameplay...

The Bottom Line
Defnitely better than most of the fighting games out there...download it now, and you'll be sucked into this awesome game...

DOS · by MadCat (53) · 2000

Crushes the competition!

The Good
Tournament play adds an unmatched RPG quality and makes for great replayability, and user addons as well. The unique pilot/robot system allows for over 100 possible combinations to fight with. News and tech reports after every fight add personality to the game. More secrets than any other fighting game I've ever played. There's always another hidden feature! A great sense of originality: each robot has completely different moves and looks. The arenas actually have an impact on your fight, from electric walls to jet plane attacks. Great music and sound (Epic's trademark).

The Bad
Most of the best features (like the air combos, super jumps, and block damage) are only accessible as secrets. Kind of annoying. Also, the announcer is repetitive the better you get (as you lose more badly, she gets funnier, though.)

The Bottom Line
I can't make the point enough times: THE BEST FIGHTER FOR THE PC. EVER. Similar games like Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, or Killer Instinct can do nothing against a game with over 40 different characters, almost no learning curve, and an RPG-style tournament mode that keeps you coming back for more. Not to mention the secret characters, moves, and even arenas!

DOS · by Robyrt (46) · 2001

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The early beta version of this excellent fighting game was originally a side-scrolling karate game. Known then only as One Must Fall, there were no robots to be seen (hence the absence of "2097" in the working title), though the fluid character animation and good fighting controls were already apparent. -Source http://underdogs.cjb.net


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