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eGames, Inc. was founded as RomTech Inc. in Langhorne, Pennsylvania, in 1992. The company "went public" in the US stock exchange in 1995 after merging with Applied Optical Media.

The company acquired software publisher Virtual Reality Laboratories, Inc. of San Luis Obispo, California, in April 1996, and FileABC in September 1996.

RomTech, Inc.'s most lucrative sales strategy came about with the branding of Galaxy Software as a publishing label and the Galaxy of Games compilations. Those titles were sold exclusively in US chain stores (Best Buy, Target, K-mart etc.) and exceeded all sales projections at the time.

In 1998 Joseph A. Falsetti was the company's Chief Executive Officer.

On March 1, 1999, RomTech changed its name to eGames, Inc. and announced that it would be concentrating all its efforts on PC games.

On October 6, 2005, eGames, Inc. acquired Cinemaware, Inc. and released the first titles under its new affiliated label, Cinemaware Marquee, in 2006.

In 2007 eGames' in-house development came to fruition with the release of Defender of the Crown: Heroes Live Forever followed by Burger Island.


eGames, Inc. is committed to bringing easy-to-use, value priced software to consumers worldwide. We are dedicated to providing consistent high quality, family friendly software for all ages. Our goal is to deliver top selling products, while focusing on serving customers and increasing shareholder value.

The eGames promise to our retail partners.

  • High stock turnover.
  • High retail margins.
  • High customer satisfaction.

The eGames promise to our end users.

  • Dependable quality.
  • Easy-to-use products.
  • Family Friendly products.

eGames, Inc., headquartered in Langhorne, PA, develops, publishes and markets a diversified line of personal computer software primarily for consumer entertainment and personal productivity. The Company promotes the eGames’, Game Master Series’, Multi-Pack and Galaxy of Home Office Help’ brand names in order to generate customer loyalty, encourage repeat purchases and differentiate eGames Software products to retailers and consumers.

eGames, Inc. distributes its Family Friendlyä value-priced computer software to consumers worldwide in more than 30 countries through both direct relationships with many retailers, as well as through various distributor relationships. Our goal is to make sure that all retailers, worldwide, understand the compelling eGames business opportunity while having access to our products in whatever, mutually profitable, manner best suits their respective operational objectives.

Source: Selected articles from eGames Official Company Website - About eGames

Also Known As

  • RomTech, Inc. (from 1995 to Feb 28, 1999)


Company location and contact information (2010):

eGames, Inc.
2000 Cabot Blvd. West, Suite 110
Langhorne, PA 19047-1811
Phone: 215.750.6606
Fax: 215.750.3722
Corporate Website:

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