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EA Canada started life as Distinctive Software, Inc. headed by Don Mattrick. When the PSP and the Nintendo DS were released, a division inside the company was established for handheld games: Team Fusion.

Sometimes, EA Canada is also used as a global name for all the development done in the 3 Canadian EA studios, for which their involvement with the different games is not always made clear. Based on their location, the 3 studios are called:


FIFA Mobile(2016)
FIFA 17(2016)
FIFA 17(2016)
NHL 17(2016)
EA Sports UFC 2(2016)
FIFA 16(2015)
FIFA 16(2015)
NHL: Legacy Edition(2015)
NHL 16(2015)
FIFA 15(2014)
FIFA 15(2014)
NHL 15(2014)
NHL 15(2014)
2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil(2014)
FIFA 14(2013)
FIFA 14(2013)
NHL 14(2013)
FIFA 13(2012)
FIFA Soccer 13(2012)
FIFA Soccer 13(2012)
NHL 13(2012)
UEFA Euro 2012(2012)
Grand Slam Tennis 2(2012)
Battlefield 3(2011)
NBA Jam: On Fire Edition(2011)
FIFA 12(2011)
FIFA Soccer 12(2011)
NHL 12(2011)
Shadows of the Damned(2011)
Fight Night Champion(2011)
NBA Jam(2010)
FIFA Soccer 11(2010)
FIFA Soccer 11(2010)
FIFA Soccer 11(2010)
EA Sports Active 2(2010)
NHL Slapshot(2010)
NHL 11(2010)
2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa(2010)
Dante's Inferno(2010)
EA Sports Active: More Workouts(2009)
NBA Live 10(2009)
FIFA Soccer 10(2009)
NHL 10(2009)
Fight Night: Round 4(2009)
Grand Slam Tennis(2009)
EA Sports Active(2009)
Godfather II, The(2009)

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According to Develop Magazine, EA Canada was 2004's most successful game studio in the UK, based on the revenues using ChartTrack data (covers 80-85% of all sales). The company generated £93,513,089 at UK retail, beating the second, Rockstar North, by a margin of £20,000,000.

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