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PF Magic


PF Magic was a video game developer, founded in 1991 and located in San Francisco, California. Their main franchise was the Catz and Dogz series, a line of virtual pet games, and prior to that they developed PaTaank, and Ballz 3D: Fighting at its Ballziest, an innovative fighting where the characters are composed completely of spheres. In 1998 the company was bought out by Ubi Soft Entertainment that now owns the copyright to the virtual pets titles.


Precisely what the "PF" in the company's name was supposed to stand for depended on who they were talking to -- some popular selections included "Positive Future", "People Find", "Partially Funded" and "Perpetually Fighting"... however, according to co-founder Rob Fulop, the most fundamental unpacking of the letters "PF" involved the word "Pure" and an expletive.

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