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Toys for Bob is a North American game developer based in Novato, California. It was founded in 1989 by Paul Reiche III and Fred Ford. They are best known for their Star Control series. They also developed several console titles for Crystal Dynamics before their relationship ended in 2002. On May 3, 2005, Toys for Bob were acquired by Activision, becoming its wholly owned subsidiary.


Skylanders: Battlecast(2015)
Skylanders: Trap Team - Blackout(2015)
Skylanders: Trap Team - Bat Spin(2015)
Skylanders: Trap Team - Legendary Bushwhack(2015)
Skylanders: Trap Team - Love Potion Pop Fizz (Series 3)(2015)
Skylanders: Trap Team - Trail Blazer(2014)
Skylanders: Trap Team - Blastermind(2014)
Skylanders: Eon's Elite - Elite Chop Chop(2014)
Skylanders: Trap Team - Bushwhack(2014)
Skylanders: Trap Team - Fizzy Frenzy Pop Fizz (Series 3)(2014)
Skylanders: Trap Team - Hijinx & Eye Small(2014)
Skylanders: Trap Team - Tidal Wave Gill Grunt (Series 4)(2014)
Skylanders: Trap Team - Legendary Nightmare Express Adventure Pack(2014)
Skylanders: Trap Team - Nightmare Express Adventure Pack(2014)
Skylanders: Trap Team(2014)
Skylanders: Trap Team - Torch(2014)
Skylanders: Trap Team - Krypt King(2014)
Skylanders: Trap Team (Dark Edition Starter Pack)(2014)
Skylanders: Trap Team - Nitro Krypt King(2014)
Skylanders: Trap Team - Bop & Terrabite(2014)
Skylanders: Trap Team - Chopper(2014)
Skylanders: Trap Team - Gearshift(2014)
Skylanders: Trap Team - Head Rush(2014)
Skylanders: Trap Team - Fist Bump(2014)
Skylanders Giants: Hex (LightCore)(2013)
Skylanders Giants: Eye Small(2013)
Skylanders Giants: Drobot (Series 2)(2013)
Skylanders Giants: Chill (LightCore)(2013)
Skylanders Giants: Legendary Chill (LightCore)(2013)
Skylanders Giants: Fright Rider / Wrecking Ball (Series 2) / Flameslinger (Series 2)(2013)
Skylanders Giants: Shroomboom(2013)
Skylanders Giants: Chop Chop (Series 2)(2013)
Skylanders Giants: Eye-Brawl(2013)
Skylanders Giants: Thumpback(2013)
Skylanders Giants: Stealth Elf (Series 2)(2012)
Skylanders Giants: Shroomboom (LightCore)(2012)
Skylanders Giants: Eruptor (Series 2)(2012)
Skylanders Giants: Cynder (Series 2)(2012)
Skylanders Giants: Lightning Rod (Series 2)(2012)
Skylanders Giants: Double Trouble (Series 2)(2012)
Skylanders Giants: Hex (Series 2)(2012)
Skylanders Giants: Drill Sergeant (Series 2)(2012)
Skylanders Giants: Flashwing(2012)
Skylanders Giants: Gill Grunt (Series 2)(2012)
Skylanders Giants: Flameslinger (Series 2)(2012)
Skylanders Giants: Chill(2012)
Skylanders Giants: Legendary Ignitor / Legendary Slam Bam / Legendary Jet-Vac(2012)
Skylanders Giants: Legendary Bouncer(2012)
Skylanders Giants: Bouncer(2012)
Skylanders Giants: Legendary Stealth Elf(2012)

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Company address and contact information (2010):

Toys For Bob
4 Hamilton Landing, Suite 210
Novato, CA 94949-8247
Phone: +1 415-881-9100
Fax: +1 415-898-2490
Email: [email protected]

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