David R. Sullivan

Developer Biography

David R. Sullivan has been in video games since he was a young kid and worked on titles such as Wing Commander, Road Rash, Soviet Strike, Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance II and Death, Jr.

He is most recently working for 2K in a Senior Architect role.

David has previously worked for OnLive, Inc. as the Game Platform manager on the ground breaking OnLive streaming game system, as well as the Manager of OnLive Desktop and Enterprise Platform teams that put a full Windows 7 Desktop in the cloud.

Previous to OnLive, David has worked for Foundation 9 / Backbone Entertainment as a Technical Director where he was instrumental in growing the studio from less than 40 employees and mostly speciality platforms and GameBoy to a studio with over a hundred employees and SKUs on all platforms.

Before Foundation 9, David worked as Director of Technology at Interplay Entertainment Corp; Technical Director at Electronic Arts; Division Manager at Mindscape; Engineer at Leland Corp. and other contracting and equity positions in small developers.

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