Leslie Grimm

Game Credits


The Backyard (1993)   (Designers)
The Treehouse (1991)   (designed by)
The Playroom (1989)   (Design by:)
Math Rabbit (1986)   (Design)
Reader Rabbit (1985)   (Original Design)
Gertrude's Puzzles (1984)   (Authors)
Gertrude's Secrets (1984)   (Authors)
Robot Odyssey (1984)   (Authors)
Bumble Games (1983)   (Programmer/Designer)
Rocky's Boots (1982)   (By)


Think Quick! (1987)   (by)
Reader Rabbit (1985)   (Author)
Robot Odyssey (1984)   (Authors)
Moptown Parade (1982)   (Original by)
Rocky's Boots (1982)   (By)

Developer Biography

Dr. Leslie Grimm was one of the co-founders of The Learning Company in 1980, where she served as the Director of Research and Development.

Leslie is a software designer and co-creator of The Backyard, The Playroom and The Treehouse.

She has a doctorate in Biology from Stanford University. She has been designing and programming award-winning educational software games for young children for more than a decade. Before she began creating software, she spent several years in the classroom teaching children of many ages and abilities.

Leslie has two daughters. She enjoys playing piano, photography, swimming, and toys that do interesting things with forms and light.

(portions from the manual of The Backyard)

Last updated: Apr 07, 2010