Richard Joseph

Game Credits


The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (2006)   (Dialogue Post-Production Team)


The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (Collector's E... (2006)   (Dialogue Post‑Production Team)
The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (2006)   (Dialogue Post-Production Team)
Sensible Soccer 2006 (2006)   (Music)
Evil Genius (2004)   (Audio Director)
Republic: The Revolution (2003)   (Audio Director)
SimCoaster (2001)   (Sound Designers)
Action Man: Jungle Storm (2000)   (Audio Interactive)
Ball Breakers (2000)   (Sound Effects)
Colony Wars III: Red Sun (2000)   (Voice Recording Technician)
Action Man: Raid on Island X (1999)   (Sound and Music)
Sim Theme Park (1999)   (Sound and Music)
Creatures 2 (1998)   (Introduction sequence music, post production)
Glover (1998)   (Sound Effects)
LEGO Loco (1998)   (Sound Recording)
NBA Shootout '97 (1997)   (Music and Sound Design)
Sensible Soccer '98 (1997)   (Original Music Written & performed)
Sensible Soccer '98: European Club Edition (1997)   (Sound Production)
The Chaos Engine 2 (1996)   (Music)
Apache (1995)   (Audio Processing)
Diggers 2: Extractors (1995)   (Audio Effects)
Flight of the Amazon Queen (1995)   (Music)
Sensible World of Soccer: European Championship Ed... (1995)   (Music and sound effects by)
Silverload (1995)   (Music and Sound Effects)
3 Ninjas Kick Back (1994)   (Sound Effects)
Cannon Fodder 2 (1994)   (Music)
International Sensible Soccer (1994)   (Original Music)
Mr. Blobby (1994)   (Music by)
Putty Squad (1994)   (Sound effects)
Rise of the Robots (1994)   (Musical co-ordination)
Rise of the Robots: The Director's Cut (1994)   (Game Soundtrack)
Sensible Golf (1994)   (Music)
Sensible World of Soccer (1994)   (Music & Sound Effects)
Street Racer (1994)   (Sound Effects)
Super Troll Islands (1994)   (SFX by)
Time Trax (1994)   (Music)
Brutal Sports Football (1993)   (Sound)
Cannon Fodder (1993)   (Music & sound)
Diggers (1993)   (Music)
James Pond 3: Operation Starfish (1993)   (Music and Sound Effects)
Soldiers of Fortune (1993)   (SFX)
Championship Soccer '94 (1992)   (Music)
Cyber Empires (1992)   (Sound Effects)
Daughter of Serpents (1992)   (Soundtrack)
Global Effect (1992)   (Effects)
Lure of the Temptress (1992)   (Music / Sound Programming)
Putty (1992)   (Music by (uncredited))
Rome: Pathway to Power (1992)   (Music)
Sensible Soccer: European Champions: 92/93 Edition (1992)   (SFX)
The Super Aquatic Games (1992)   (Music)
Wizkid: The Story of Wizball II (1992)   (Musician)
Worlds of Legend: Son of the Empire (1992)   (Music and sound effects by)
The Adventures of Robin Hood (1991)   (Music)
Demoniak (1991)   (Title Music by)
Gods (1991)   (SFX)
James Pond 2: Codename: RoboCod (1991)   (Original Music)
Knightmare (1991)   (Music)
Magic Pockets (1991)   (Doin' the Do Home Computer Reconstruction & FX)
Mega lo Mania (1991)   (Sound)
Moonshine Racers (1991)   (Sound by)
Moonstone: A Hard Days Knight (1991)   (Music by)
Stormball (1991)   (Sound)
Cadaver (1990)   (Music)
International 3D Tennis (1990)   (Sound by)
James Pond: Underwater Agent (1990)   (Original Music)
Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe (1990)   (Sampled FX)
Myth: History in the Making (1989)   (Atmospherics)
Wicked (1989)   (Amiga Music)
Rimrunner (1988)   (Sound by)
Shoot 'em up Construction Kit (1988)   (Sound)
Death Sword (1987)   (Sound by)
Stifflip & Co. (1987)   (Sound by)
Cauldron II: The Pumpkin Strikes Back (1986)   (Scintillating Sound)
Rad Warrior (1986)   (Sound design)


Prism: Light the Way (2006)   (Dedicated to the lasting memory of)
Croc: Legend of the Gobbos (1997)   (Special Thanks)
Soldiers of Fortune (1993)   (In Memory of)

Developer Biography

Richard Joseph was a computer game composer, musician and sound specialist. He is especially known for his soundtracks for C64 and Amiga titles, but consistently kept composing music for games up to 2006. Joseph died of lung cancer on 4th March 2007.

Last updated: Mar 07, 2007