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3D Engine: Pie in the Sky

Group Description

Games using the Pie in the Sky engine by Pie in the Sky Software.

After cutting their teeth on the flight simulator Corncob 3D, Pie in the Sky Software honed their 3D engine for first-person shooter (FPS) applications, releasing two of their own and distributing the Pie In The Sky 3D Game Creation System, which was used far and wide to make countless Wolf3D clones.

Engine Release History:
  • 1995 - MS-DOS version introduced.
  • 1998 (late) - Windows version (with Direct 3D support) released.
  • 2001 (August) - Version 3.0 (final version) released.
    Featured True-3D polygonal enemies and weapons, 3D terrain, super lighting effects, etc.
  • 2003 (May) - Sales of the engine by the company ceased.

Selected Covers

Lethal Tender DOS Front Cover
Front cover for Lethal Tender
Corncob Deluxe DOS Front Cover
Front cover for Corncob Deluxe

Selected Screenshots

The game starts with this screen. A few other still pictures with text outline the destruction of Earth
Screenshot from Space Station Escape
With the shareware game there's no load screen or no title page. After a brief load period the game starts here
Screenshot from The Maze!
Load screen
Screenshot from Secret Agent: The Escape
Publisher's logo
Screenshot from Terminal Terror