Adventure versions

Group Description

Various home computer implementations of Will Crowther and Don Woods' ADVENTURE, the first text adventure game, originally developed on university mainframes.

Enormously influential, it not only inspired Infocom's Zork, Adventure International's Scott Adams and Level 9's Pete Austin, but also efforts into new genres such as Sierra On-Line's Mystery House and Warren Robinett's own Adventure for the 2600.

Selected Covers

Colossal Cave Adventure Amstrad CPC Front Cover
Front cover for Colossal Cave Adventure
The Cave Adventure iPhone Front Cover
Front cover for The Cave Adventure
Adventure Macintosh Front Cover
Front cover for Adventure
Advent iPad Front Cover
Front cover for Advent

Selected Screenshots

Starting location
Screenshot from Colossal Cave
Game info
Screenshot from Colossal Cave Revisited
Screenshot from The Cave Adventure
Title screen
Screenshot from La Aventura Original
Game start, instructions
Screenshot from Adventure
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