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Disciples is a turned based strategy game originally developed by Strategy First. Game play greatly resembles Heroes of Might and Magic however, with new approaches in strategy:
  • Combat units are limited to the leadership of the hero
  • Heroes have 3 different classes. The starting hero will affect bonuses for the selected race throughout the game: Warrior, Thief or Mage
  • Unlike HoMM, where you can stack the same creature type in a single unit, Disciples only uses one creature as a whole unit
  • Creatures (not just heroes) gain experience and may be upgraded when it reaches the appropriate experience requirement. Creature upgrades also have a unique "technological tree" which may lead to different type of creature upgrades for the same creature
  • Each race has a capital city, inhabited by a powerful guardian.
The story revolves around the struggle between the gods and their chosen races, with each series further explaining this continued struggle:
  • The Highfather - The Human Alliance
  • The Dwarven God Wotan - The Mountain Clans
  • The Undead God Mortis - The Undead Horde
  • The Demonic God Bethrezen - The Legion of the Damned
  • The Elven God Gallean - The Elven Alliance (race introduced in Disciples II: Rise of the Elves).

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Screenshot from Disciples: Sacred Lands
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