Genre: Simulation - City building

Group Description

City Building games identify its primary gameplay as the construction, development, administration, and management of a city, town, or similar venues where the player takes the role of a governor, ruler, or similar roles to successfully achieve the aforementioned goals.

This managerial simulation/strategy hybrid was initially popularized by games such as the SimCity series and Caesar series. Traditionally such games were identified with an isometric or top-down visual perspective and were also usually real-time.

City building games usually are identifiable by one or more of the following traits:
  • Main gameplay map is the city or town itself.
  • The city or town mentioned are usually already owned or may only be developed by the player.
  • Any form of opposition usually is located off-map.
  • Manual strategic placement of roads, structures or other buildings.
  • Manual management of citizen demands.
  • Trade and taxation, usually micro economics.
  • Upgrading options for structures and buildings.
  • Manipulation and exploitation of surrounding resources.
City building must be identified as the primary gameplay of the specified game. Not to be confused with RTS (Real-Time Strategy) games or other strategy games, where building does occur, however as a secondary part of gameplay (e.g. for warfare purposes, although still an important part of the gameplay). Thus, such games should be excluded from this game group (simply put, gameplay is primarily for city building purposes).

Examples of aforementioned games not to be included: Age of Empires, Warcraft, Command and Conquer, Railroad Tycoon, etc.

Selected Covers

The Settlers III Windows Front Cover
Front cover for The Settlers III
City Life: 2008 Edition Windows Front Cover
Front cover for City Life: 2008 Edition
SimCity Creator Wii Front Cover
Front cover for SimCity Creator
Cities XL Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Cities XL
City Life: World Edition Windows Front Cover
Front cover for City Life: World Edition

Selected Screenshots

The main menu
Screenshot from The Settlers III
Title screen
Screenshot from City Life: 2008 Edition
Character Creation
Screenshot from Cities XL
Main Menu
Screenshot from City Life: World Edition
Title screen (European version)
Screenshot from Caesar
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