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The flagship titles of Spanish developers Dinamic Multimedia were the PC Fútbol series, a traditional managing game that went to also include the ability to play the game itself. It also included other features, such as detailed team and player profile, the ability to follow the real Spanish league inside the game by downloading weekly information or inputting results and complete historical results of both Spanish and European competitions. Along the yearly editions, three editions following the Spanish national team were released for the 1996 and 2000 European Championships and the 1998 World Cup.

Highly popular and fiercely defended by the Spanish press, the game was also known in Portugal and South American countries, having sold over one million copies at the time of Dinamic's demise. In other markets, the names Premier Manager (97, 98 and Ninety Nine) and Euro League Football was the closest available to the original Spanish products.

Following Dinamic's closure in 2001, the series were dormant until in 2004 Gaelco acquired the rights of the name and brought some former Dinamic employees such as key programmer Marcos Jourón.

Spanish TV pundit Michael Robinson is the face of the game, from the early versions to the recent Gaelco revival.

Selected Covers

PC Fútbol 2007 Windows Front Cover
Front cover for PC Fútbol 2007
PC Fútbol 7 Windows Front Cover
Front cover for PC Fútbol 7
PC Fútbol 2001 Windows Front Cover
Front cover for PC Fútbol 2001
PC Fútbol 2006 Windows Front Cover
Front cover for PC Fútbol 2006

Selected Screenshots

Intro video
Screenshot from PC Fútbol 2007
Main menu
Screenshot from PC Fútbol 2001
Intro video
Screenshot from PC Fútbol 2006
Copy protection
Screenshot from PC Fútbol
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