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Protagonist: Ghost

Group Description

This group is for games in which the protagonist is a ghost or in some otherwise permanently disembodied state of afterlife, lingering here on Earth.


  • Games in which the protagonist is merely a spirit separated from their body temporarily, then brought back to life upon being reunited with it, are excluded, as are games taking place in a context of the afterlife (e.g. heaven, hell). This group is for protagonists who are dead, but still have unfinished business here in the world of the living.

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Selected Covers

Casper SEGA Saturn Front Cover
Front cover for Casper
Bubble Ghost DOS Front Cover
Front cover for Bubble Ghost
Murdered: Soul Suspect PlayStation 4 Front Cover
Front cover for Murdered: Soul Suspect
Dead Already? Browser Front Cover
Front cover for Dead Already?

Selected Screenshots

Screenshot from Casper
Title screen
Screenshot from Casper
Main title screen
Screenshot from Bubble Ghost
Splash screen.
Screenshot from Murdered: Soul Suspect