WipEout series

Group Description

A series of futuristic racing games where the player controls hi-tech hovercraft. It was started with the release of the original Wipeout in 1995. Initially development was done by Psygnosis and eventually the studio lost the name as its branding and became SCEE Studio Liverpool, as the company had already been acquired by Sony in 1993.

Selected Covers

WipEout Pure PSP Front Cover
Front cover for WipEout Pure
WipEout XL Windows Front Cover
Front cover for WipEout XL
WipEout 2048 PS Vita Front Cover 1st version
Front cover for WipEout 2048
WipEout Fusion PlayStation 2 Front Cover
Front cover for WipEout Fusion
WipEout HD: Fury PlayStation 3 Front Cover
Front cover for WipEout HD: Fury

Selected Screenshots

Shot from the intro
Screenshot from WipEout Pure
Screenshot from WipEout XL
Title Screen
Screenshot from WipEout Fusion
Title screen
Screenshot from WipEout 64
Starting grid (Vineta K).
Screenshot from WipEout HD
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