Out of This World Screenshots (3DO)

User Screenshots

3DO version

Before the accident... everything's quiet
Your lab after the accident
The first level
With your alien friend. Can I call You Bob? :D
Recharging your gun
The caves; completely redrawn
Stairs to the caves
Underground pool
Don't worry Bob! I'll save you!
Main menu
Trying to reunite with our alien buddy.
Charge up the gun to destroy doors.
Swimming in the flooded caves.
Each area of the 3DO version has been redrawn with greater detail.
Chase scene. Run!
Passwords are given at death.
Back onto the surface.
In an alien palace. Or broom closet, maybe. Who knows?
Lester's quick on the draw.
Entering the gladiator tank.
Pushing buttons at random.
Crash landed in a bath house.
Lasers streak by in the foreground.