A Nightmare on Elm Street Screenshots

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Commodore 64 version

Find Freddy`s house
Freddy drains your soul if he catches you

DOS version

The people who made and published the game
Nightmare On Elm Street Title Screen
A close up of the games Antagonist, Freddy Krueger, claw and all.
Select one of five characters here. Joey is always the character being rescued.
The game starts out with an overview of the town. The player must find Freddy's house before Freddy finds him.
There it is Freddy's house, the location of his house changes everytime though.
Greeted at the door by a nun... Hmmmm....
Chased by a rather lively Wheelchair...
Oh MY WOW, Why Look at that... It's a key...
Great, Just Great... Freddy killed me, time to reload that save game...