Adventure Island

Adventure Island Screenshots

Game Boy Advance version

Title Screen (In Japanese)
Getting ready for the adventure
These eggs contain helpful weapons and items
The axe can be thrown at enemies making it easier to get past
You can cover more ground and jump higher with the skateboard
The fire will kill you instantly if you walk into it
Some enemies like this snake can fore projectiles at you
Carefully time your jumps over the rolling boulders
This fairy will absorb the damage done to you for a short amount of time
The spring is needed to cross the gap
These frogs jump can quite high
These pots are needed to get a high score
The end of round score tally up
These clouds can hold your weight but the odd one will fall when trod upon
Pig enemies that can walk upright on 2 legs
Watch out for these big fish as they jump up from the sea
The G signpost means that your at the end of the current level
These spiders are quite slow and not much of a threat
These bats swoop down at you and need to either be hit by an axe or jumped over
It's best to run through this section as big icicles fall from the ceiling
Back in the forest again
The first boss that you encounter
These tiger run from the left hand side of the screen and require fast reaction in order to jump over them

Adventure Island Screenshots

MSX version

Run... Wonder Boy
Collect the egg and the gold
Title screen
Proper copyrights

Adventure Island Screenshots

NES version

U.S. title screen
Title (Japanese version)
Jumping over an enemy
Skateboard! Yahoo!!
Strange sculptures... maybe left by the ancient Atlantian civilization?? Oops, wrong game! Gotta run!
Pay attention... a boulder!!
Invincibility! Cool! :)
Finishing a level
Cloudy level
Nasty octopuses (octopi? whatever)... :O
Underground cave
In the ice cave
Kids, don't play with fire