Airborne Ranger Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen.
Ranger Assignment.
Mission Selection.
Choose mission difficulty.
Mission briefing.
Pack supplies for the mission.
Flying over the enemy land in an Osprey.
On the ground.
A supply bag.
An enemy soldier is in the trench.
Mission Assessment - I failed the mission and got killed also.
Snow drifts.
An enemy bunker.
Making my way across the landscape.
In a trench near a bunker.
Wall parts.
Enemy tent.
Enemy runway.

Amstrad CPC version

Title and loading screen
Select your mission
Set your difficulty level
The mission Assignment
Flying in
I failed to land safely.

Atari ST version

Title screen
Main menu
Mission selection screen
Mission briefing
Insertion by parachute
The starting location
I got killed
Game over

Commodore 64 version

Title screen
Mission selection
Time to jump off the plane
In the ditch
Seek cover where you can..
Buildings can be destroyed as well, with grenades or LAW rockets
Ranger assignment
Select a mission.
Your mission.
Fatigue Test - AKA the lame-o copy protection.

DOS version

Title screen
Title screen (CGA)
Mission selection (CGA)
Reviewing the map.
The people who made this game.
Select one of these missions.
A mission briefing
Preparing your supply pods.
Before the mission, use a V-22 Osprey to drop your supply pods.
Picking up a supply pod.
Dumb enemy soldiers walk straight into an ice-hole.
An enemy jet. Blow it up!
Stay low and the enemy can't see you.
Throwing a grenade at an enemy bunker.
Captured an enemy officer.
Getting wet feet.
Placing a time bomb.
a P.O.W. in a tiger pit
Pick up after a succesful mission.
Mission failed. But hey I still killed 79 enemy soldiers. I thought this was a stealth game.
Promotion and my first medal. This is my lucky day.
The mission: destroy a munitions depot.
Trench warfare!
Loading up a supply pod.
The mission map in an arctic scenario
The mission briefing: My task is to destroy the enemy aircraft on the runway. (CGA)
Preparing my supply pod. (CGA)
Get ready to deploy! (CGA)
I'm on my way to the enemy base. (CGA)
Getting attacked by two soldiers. (CGA)
Enemy buildings.
Enemy hanger that holds secret aircraft.
Title screen (CGA Original)
Select Control device (CGA Original)
Highlight your choice (CGA Original)
Mission Difficulty (CGA Original)
Fatigue Test (Manual protection checking) (CGA Original)
Failed to pass manual protection (CGA Original)
Start game (CGA Original)

ZX Spectrum version

Loading Screen
Mission select
Fly over and drop supplies before parachuting
The rut seemed so tiny from the air
Gunners hide in the houses
You died