Alone in the Dark 2 Screenshots

User Screenshots

3DO version

Title screen
Interesting choice of guards.
Unlike later releases, the 3DO sticks to shaded, untextured polys.
Hello, Grace.
Carnby's on the scene.
And quickly getting shot at.
Inventory screen.

DOS version

New Game - Run Away
New Game - Explode the Gate
Run Away
You are Death ! End
Arr, matey... you may be Alone In The Dark, but it's pirates ye be fightin' this time!
a bridge too far?

FM Towns version

Title screen
Before you attempt rescuing the little girl you might want to check that creepy clown in the room
Main menu
Start of the game
Inventory, got a Tommy Gun from one of those green zombie things
Found a photo
Paused the game with the ESC key, here you can save, load, as well as turn on/off BGM and sound

PC-98 version

Title screen
Hell's Kitchen...
Camera work is great
Creepy room... a little bed, light bulb, and a joker mannequin... who is actually a monster...
Hey, that's a nice evening dress!
Poor girl... so few polygons... :)
The story... in Japanese!
Title screen
Set parameters, customize the game...
Carnby arrives in a yellow taxi
Actions & inventory
No, it's okay, don't follow me
Heated battle with close-up camera
That's it. The pirates throw your corpse out

PlayStation version

Title screen
Thompson machine gun
Two days later....
Behind the anchor
In the garden
Nice face!
Drive-by shooting
Options menu
A corner of the porch
Someone watching from the window
Found a photo
Living vines

SEGA Saturn version

The title screen.
Intro shot 1.
Intro shot 2.
Pretty agile for a fat, old bastard.
Mom! The creepy man is outside the window again.
An out of shape old man climbs through the window into a little girl's room while she's sleeping. What's that all about?
Tonight... YOU!
"I'll swallow your soul!"
Oh, the super-low-polygon hotness!
Why bother with textures - flat-shaded stuff looks better anyway!
Punching the clown is one thing, getting punched back is just.. weird!
Dude, that's just foul! What did you eat, babies and hot garbage?
"Me mad! Me go smash things! DUUUURRRR!!"
Tommy gun in action
Carnby is dead
Body fall
Use hook with rope, use on statue... like a adventure game