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Amazon Screenshots

Apple II version

Title screen
The start of the game
Trouble in the amazon!
At the airport...
Trouble seems to follow where ever you go
Meet Paco the parrot!
Arriving in the amazon...
Paco thinks he knows where you are...

Amazon Screenshots

Atari ST version

Start of the game. At NSRT HQ.
Looks like there has been trouble at the camp in the Amazon!
This isn't looking good...
More chaos...
The airport.
The police are here.
Looks like the professor's office has been ransacked!
It's Paco the parrot.
In the heart of the Amazon.
Trekking through the jungle.
A wild animal attacks you!
A wild boar is in the path.
More of the jungle.
Tough looking bunch of thugs.
At gunpoint.
Using night vision goggles to escape trouble.
An arrow in the tree.
A mountian.
At the top of the mountain.
A lava tube.
More of the jungle.
This Amazon jungle sure is big.
What's a hippo doing in the Amazon?
A native boat.
A rope bridge.
Near the lost city.
The lost city of Chak.
Camp at night.
Morning breaks on the camp.
Exploring the lost city. I guess it's not a lost city anymore than is it?
A tower.
Exploring a tower.
Is the mountain suppose to be smoking like that?
A snake! I hate snakes!
Ruins of a courtyard.
Fresh fruit is on the floor.
More ruins.

Amazon Screenshots

Commodore 64 version

Title screen
Waiting for a transmission from the amazon
Uh oh, things don't look good!
At the airport
Trouble at the institute
What a mess!
You've met Paco the parrot
You've finally arrived in the amazon
And you've promptly gotten lost in the amazon

Amazon Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen
Waiting for a transmission from the Amazon
Trouble in the Amazon
At the airport
Could be still more trouble...
Looks like you've made a friend
Finally, the Amazon jungle!
And now lost in the Amazon

Amazon Screenshots

MSX version

Game start
Satellite transmition
1st camera
2nd camera
3rd camera
Guard at the Institute
Paco the parrot