Zool Screenshots (Amiga)

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Amiga version

Intro sequence
Title screen
Zool Hiscores
Zool portrait (AGA version only)
Starting sequence (AGA version only)
Sweet World - Zool has ability to cling to walls (AGA version)
Sweet World - Switch on the left is restart point (AGA version)
Sweet World - Bumble bees are fast & dangerous enemies
Sweet World Boss - The Hum-bugger
Music World - Looks like an ambush by walking drums (AGA version)
Music World - the keyboard. I tried to play a little silly melody, but Zool is fast and it's not so completely easy to land on the key you need...
Music World - Soundwaves will take you higher (AGA version)
Music World - Travelling on cable to another location
Music World Boss - Jimmies Killer Guitar
Fruit World - This game is mainly about jumping & spinning (AGA version)
Fruit World - Zool can slide down from high places (AGA version)
Fruit World - Balancing on the edge of fruit can
Fruit World Boss - Banana and Alarm Clock
Bonus stage - Zool is flying his ship inside the body
Bonus Level - Genuine shooter with different kind of weapons
Tool World - Big bug can split into two smaller bugs (AGA version)
Tool World - Lets take a little rest on this wall (AGA version)
Tool World - Watch out for falling axe and sharp objects
Tool World Boss - Giant Driller Killer
Toy World - Panda above Zool is actually 10000 points bonus (AGA version)
Toy World - Running away from tank's intense fire (AGA version)
Toy World - AD TO EC EC... probably some secret code
Toy World Boss - Maxie the Robot
Fairground World - What a strange place to explore (AGA version)
Fairground World - Zool, evil hammers and restart point (AGA version)
Fairground World - Pick up the badge to finish current level
Fairground World Boss - The unmentionable, indescribable Two Eyed Thing
Fairground World - in this level Zool can use a balloon as a lift.
Ending sequence - Zool returns to his planet.
Ending sequence, the more kitschy part.