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Angry Birds: Seasons

Angry Birds: Seasons Screenshots

Android version

Title screen
Season selection
Loading screen (v.5.2.5)
New level packs are being added since 2010
The Pig Days level pack - every level here is a holiday or some memorable date
New Pig Days are unlocked as time passes
Playing Car Free Day
Day of the Dead!
Piglantis level pack - added in 2012
Playing a Piglantis level
Playing a Haunted Hogs level
Playing an Arctic Eggspedition level - added in 2013
Ham Dunk level intro
One of Ham Dunk levels
A Tropical Paradise level
Ham Dunk: The Finals level pack
Ham Dunk: The Finals level intro
Playing a Ham Dunk: The Finals level

Angry Birds: Seasons Screenshots

iPad version

Title screen and menu
Episode selection screen
Summer Picnic

Angry Birds: Seasons Screenshots

iPhone version

Title screen
There are several seasons to choose from
Level select; this section is St. Patrick's Day themed
Launching birds; the small blue birds split into three
Angry Birds ready to launch!
Some destruction earns points
Large red bird about to collide
The black bomb looking bird will explode on command or on impact
Halloween has some Frankenpigs
The Angry Birds are buoyant; if they land in the water they float
Level select; I've completed all of these levels
Angry Birds attack!
The spring cherry blossom theme