Angry Birds Screenshots

User Screenshots

Android version

Loading screen
Title screen
Stage select
Destroy glass obstacles with the blue bird
Level cleared
Golden egg levels (unlockables)
When paused, the game advertises other games in Angry Birds series
One of golden egg challenges
More optional advertising in the menu
This level is an add for "Angry Birds Rio"
Piggies playground
Cowboy-themed level
Pigs are miners now?
Well, yes
Birdday party
Birdday party stage select
Someone's birdday is clearly ruined...
Smash those birdday pigs!
Update 2.1.0 brings a new episode - Surf and Turf
Surf and Turf gameplay
Version 2.2 brings new aspect to the game - monetization. You can now buy upgrades to make your game easier.
One of upgrades tutorial: sling scope
You can get upgrades in combo packs
Activated earthquake
Activated the enhanced sling - it makes any bird bigger
And there's also a legal cheat - the Mighty Eagle
One of the Egg Defender levels from the chapter "Red's Mighty Feathers". Try and smash incoming Pig vehicles to pieces before they make away with eggs.
Version 5.0 introduced on the game's 5th birthday brings levels built by sketches sent in by the players
Each new level in the update features the player's original drawing
...and Rovio's interpretation of that drawing

Browser version

Loading screen
Title screen
Chapter select
Level select
The Mighty Eagle is now in classic Angry Birds too
Mighty Eagle video available from game menu
Level loading
Classic Angry Birds gameplay
More gameplay
Aiming for the smiley
Level won
Crushing the pigs
Level failed

iPad version

Title Screen
Chapter introduction; the birds are confused and angry!
Main Menu
One of the level select menus
Preparing to launch an angry bird
Each level features different obstacles to contend with
An angry bird crashes through some wooden planks
The black angry birds explode on command or after they land
Use the tnt to explode larger portions of the level
An angry bird crashes through some obstacles
The blue angry birds can split into three birds
Some levels can be tricky and require careful use of the birds
Level failed
Failed to topple this structure
Smashing some glass
Angry bird ready to launch!

iPhone version

Title screen
Where are the birds' eggs?
Those pigs have stolen them!
How to play
Use the slingshot to launch those birds!
When the bird hits the building...
...the structure topples!
Once you destroy all the birds, the level is complete!
Hmm, looks like all these pigs are delicately balanced...
Got 'em!
Later on, objects such as stones are introduced which can roll and crush pigs.
Dropping the boulder onto the pigs here is the key.
Main menu version version 2
One gigantic bird!
Totally ruined my birthday!

Macintosh version

Macintosh Title Screen (note the links to Facebook and Twitter.)
The level select screen, some are locked out to begin with.
The mini blue bird, which can split into three before impact.
Just not close enough!
Piggy survives with a smirk.
A flutter of points.
But how do you get to the chest?
In game pause menu.
Passed with flying ... uh ... birds.
The yellow bird gets a boost of speed at your command.
The hidden golden eggs menu. Find them to unlock special puzzles.
One such special puzzle, using one bird and three pieces of TNT.
Multi-Pig! Watch the score fly.
Get it wrong, though, and one lone pig gets away.
Ah, a clean victory.

PSP version

Game title in PSP menu
Main menu
Intro to some level
The enemy...
...and my bird crew
Hmm, fishing?
Looks like innocent children's playground to me
I keep saying that this game is about terrorism. Here you see a peaceful country house and a happy green family...
...and here's what happens when bird terrorists come around!
This game has some creatively designed levels
Chariot ;)
Now that's a fine piece of architecture!
Easy target ;)
A maze-ing
Golden egg menu (secret levels)
Mini game. Tune the radio to unlock a star
Another mini game
This mini game is somewhat of POW camp

Windows version

Loading screen
Main menu
The intro is the same with the other versions
Select episode
Select level
It's convenient for this version to easily look at the whole "battle field" with a swing of the mouse
My bird hit something
Level cleared!
In-game menu
Another convenience of Windows version is the ability to reset a level with just one click