Angvik Screenshots

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Windows version

Main menu - Mouse not supported.
Choosing a class indirectly. The character gets to inherit his father's equipment.
Game start - Starts with nothing, but fear not. Daddy is waiting at the edge of the screen with all his neat stuff.
Thanks for the gear, father. Now how to use this sword? Oops. The king is dead. Long live the king!
The lancer apparently can throw both his lances at the enemy. An unorthodox use for a lance.
The lancer's armor also freezes the enemy when the lancer has been touched by the enemy. Unfortunately also destroys the armor in the process.
The shepherd can use his staff to summon sheep to attack the enemy for a limited number of uses. His armor also sends sheep when destroyed.
The paladin can throw his seemingly indestructible golden cross and it will act like a boomerang, returning back to the owner.