Arch Rivals Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Copyright Screen.
Title Screen.
Today's game.
Choose your player.
Get the ball.
He shoots.
Two Points.
Pass it.
Ready to shoot.
Another two points.
Pass or shoot.
End of the quarter.
End of the first Half
Put your initials... look at the girl!;)
Final Score!
Game Statistics
The Time is Over... During the match watch out for the remains of food thrown by the enthusiastic public

Game Gear version

Title screen with credits
Take that!
Starting the match
Jumping for the starting ball
Shooting from far away... is the ball in?!
If you win the game, you get to see her naked! Naw, just kidding :/
Power forward, into the paint! And I want more defense!!
Hey, don't push me!
Running to take a rebound
Hey! It was a foul!!

Genesis version

Expressive title screen
Game strategy
Player stats
Starting a match
Selecting options
Choosing a player
The player is getting ready
Jumping for the ball
Hey, that's not fair!
Two points!
I just like tall guys!
Come on, guys, be more aggressive!

NES version

Title screen
In-game shot 1
In-game shot 2
Main menu
The other two teams
Defensive controls
Game strategy
Choose a player
In the locker room
Tip off
Punched an opposing player from behind
Scored a two point basket
The ball above the hoop
A British Knights endorsement
Be careful not to trip over the trash in the middle of the court
Half time
Half time show
Three point shots are also possible to make
A backboard glass shattering dunk
A close game finally comes to an end
Achieved a record score
Entering initials
Final score
Game statistics
A players best records