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Midwinter (Atari ST)

Midwinter Screenshots

Atari ST version

The map screen
Title screen.
Main options menu.
The team menu.
John Stark's stats.
A village.
In a garage. You can take a snow mobile from here if you want.
At a church.
Getting ready to snipe.
At a home.
Eating a meal.
Situation report.
Surrending to General Masters results in him gloating and then him shooting all of your team. Nice guy...not.
Coming up to a building.
Resupplied at a store.
Throwing a grenade at an enemy snowmobile.
Blowing up a building.
Trying to recruit someone to join the team, but this guy refuses... Jerk.
Snow mobile time.
Snow mobiling.
An enemy snow mobile is right in front of you.