Avernum: Escape From the Pit Screenshots

User Screenshots

Macintosh version

Main menu
Create your party
The intro explains why you're in Avernum
The party explores a dark dungeon

Windows version

Main menu screen.
The default party.
The list of available character types, with the option to create a custom type.
The game introduction narrative is illustrated with high-quality art.
Training a character who has just levelled up.
Adventuring in a dungeon.
The "outside" world of Avernum. The player's party is near a small fort.
The map of Avernum, with current quest locations marked.
Viewing the inventory of one of the characters.
Inside town walls.
Dialogue options in a conversation with a shopkeeper.
Buying armour.
The medals screen shows all currently unlocked achievements.
Combat in the game is turn-based.
Casting a mage spell during a random encounter.
The journal displays currently active quests, and also allows to view parts of conversations with NPCs that the player has recorded.