Barbie Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title Screen
Copyright Information
Main Menu
Barbie wants to sleep and to start the game...

NES version

Title screen
Barbie reads before falling asleep
Barbie in the sports shop in the mall. She has to throw a crystal to that dog so he'll take the tennis ball that's bouncing in front of her and blocking her way.
The dog runs off with the ball.
Barbie has to make it past that badminton racket that's hitting birdies at her
Barbie can ride on the toucan after giving him a crystal
Second part of the mall: toy shop
Barbie jumps to avoid bouncing balls and kites.
The ball dispenser is the miniboss of the mall. Barbie must give crystals to the cat so the cat will swat at it. Meanwhile, she has to avoid the balls.
Continue screen
Part three of the mall: boutique
In this case, you want to stay away from the cute tops.