Buck Rogers: Countdown to Doomsday Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Company logo
Title screen #1
Title screen #2
Intro: Joining Buck Rogers and NEO
Intro: The enemy - RAM
Intro: Battle screen
Main menu
The game begins...
The NEO base is raided.
Area map view
Character statistics
Character skills

Commodore 64 version

Rolling a new character
Distributing skill points - shown here are only the technical skills, there are many more
Choosing a combat icon for a character
The game begins...
... with an attack of the Terrines
Walking around in first person view
Encountering enemies
Turn-based combat
One enemy is defeated
Loading screen. Disable fast loader?
Title screen
A spaceship turns up among the space debris.
Searching through space debris.
Space station.
Stopped a RAM surprise attack.
Won a battle!
Orbiting the earth.
Sensors have picked up an enemy ship!
Ship combat with a RAM cruiser.
On Venus.
Encountering a group of Venusian Low Landers.
A fight on the surface of Venus. Choose your options.
Targeting a Venusian.
Orbiting Mars.
Martian surface.
Targeting a Martian sand squid.

DOS version

Strategic Simulations, Inc. presents... (notice how the company logo is much smoother than other SSI games...futuristic approach it seems)
The 25th Century Buck Rogers
Countdown to Doomsday - Main Menu
Character creation: Standard AD&D protocol - Select race, class, reroll stats, distribute skill points, etc.
Main Menu
Character creation: Choose character icons.
Earth is in trouble...
This is your commanding officer, waving you farewell on your first mission. Later on, you will report to him for every mission.
Welcome to Salvation! Primary Headquaters of the NEO Resistance, this is the base of your operations and starting port to furture adventures. Oh, most services here are free!
Rookies just before their first important mission.
First missions somehow seem to be always the hardest. This spectre shows that this won't a be a walk in the park...
Fending off a bunch of Hybrid Genies at a RAM Asteroid Base
This is your ship that you captured in your first mission, suddenly attacked under heavy fire from a pirate ship
We've been captured by space pirates!
Talon, a nasty space pirate.
Gasp! It's Buck Rogers himself! And he's here to save us!
SCOT.DOS your digital friend reports.
Cruising across the solar system.
A combat robot attacks!
A battle in space.
Overview of the Martian terrain.
A battle on Mars against desert apes.
Tuskon the leader of the Martian Desert Runners.
Tuskon's wife.
The Martian Desert Runner's village.
In Mark's Juice Bar.
The space port on Venus.
In another joint.
The Martian village is destroyed by RAM.
The Martian RAM base Gradivus Mons.
Landed in the Venus Lowlands.
A Venus Lowlander.
A battle with RAM erupts in the jungles of Venus.
An Acid Frog.
The RAM creeps have blown away innocent Lowlanders.
In the Lowlander's village.
On the Moon.
Wilma Deering, a follow NEO agent.
A shop on Mercury.
Meeting the sun king on Mercury.