Budokan: The Martial Spirit Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
Copy protection
Kendo Dojo
Kendo Training
You have lost the match
Nunchaku Training
Master is speaking
Entering the tournament
Insert disk B
Versus mode
Your first opponent
Your first match
You lose

Amstrad CPC version

Title screen
Some statistics
A match
Show us some good moves
You need to learn some new moves
Very well

Commodore 64 version

In the courtyard - from here you can access the 4 dojos to practice
Sparring: Karate
Sparring: Nunchaku
Sparring: Kendo
Sparring: Bo
After a sparring match you receive tips on how to improve your skills
In the Temple
The fighter is on his way to a tournament
Before combat you can see a description of your opponent and choose your fighting style
Tournament - Kendo vs. Karate

DOS version

Title Screen (VGA)
Title Screen (CGA)
Title Screen (EGA)
The Courtyard
Kendo Training
Bo Training
Nunchaku Training
Karate Training
Free spar mat
Entering the tournament
Your first match at the tournament
Enter the Budokan - Copy Protection
Kendo Dojo - This is were you practice your Siskebab swordplay
Versus mode - Practise vs Computer or other players
Listen to me, Grasshopper...
Teach me the art of Sushi, Master!
Title Screen (Hercules)
Entering the tournament (CGA)
Opponent for Match 2
Karate vs Kendo in Match 2
Opponent for Match 3
Bo vs Tonfa in Match 3
Opponent for Match 4
Bo vs Nunchacku in Match 4
Opponent for Match 5
Bo vs Bo in Match 5
Opponent for Match 6
Karate vs Karate in Match 6
Opponent for Match 7
Kendo vs Kusari-Gama in Match 7
Opponent for Match 8
Kendo vs Naginata in Match 8
Opponent for Match 9
Bo vs Nunchaku in Match 9
Opponent for Match 10
Kendo vs Ninjitsu in Match 10
Opponent for Match 11
Bo vs Yari in Match 11
Opponent for Match 12
seeking the way to the easter egg
easter egg hidden breakout game
Title screen (Tandy)
OK, what next? (Tandy)
Sparring (Tandy)
Your sensei is always available for advice (Tandy)
Finally! The budokan tournament (Tandy)
Our next opponent at the budokan (Tandy)
Ready to fight at the budokan! (Tandy)

Genesis version

Title Screen
Master Speech
Training Grounds
Kendo Sparring Session
Nunchukus Sparring Session
Kendo practice
Cut scene
First tournament place
Karate fight
Fight statistics
Kendo fight
Mixed match

MSX version

Karate Training
Kendo Training
Nunchaku Training
Bo Training
Karate fight
Kendo vs karate
Kendo fighter losing the match.
Bo vs Karate
Nunchaku vs Karate
Second fight
Opponent information

ZX Spectrum version

Load screen
Game options
Practice session. As soon as a key is pressed the character appears and the title goes