Written by  :  Katakis | カタキス (39505)
Written on  :  Jun 07, 2004
Platform  :  Commodore 64
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Outsmart those unicorns

The Good

Mr. Do! the clown is back, and is now smarter than ever. He eventually got sick and tired of keeping his orchard alive that he has build his own castle, and he brings his own cherries from his orchard into it. Everything was peaceful until a bunch of unicorns decided to stop by for a visit, but Mr. Do! doesn't like visitors, and stops at nothing to get rid of them once and for all.

You control Mr. Do!, and the aim is to get rid of the unicorns by crushing them with blocks. Once you have destroyed all of them, you move on to the next castle. Mr. Do! comes equipped with a hammer that has two uses: first, he can use it to knock out the blocks in the floor on each level, or bang an unicorn in order to slow them down. The unicorns will fall into the holes in the floor, and knocking them while they are in the holes will cause them to fall onto a lower level. If you make a block fall on a unicorn, then he will be destroyed. Most blocks have cherries on them, but there are three blocks with keys on them. Knock these blocks down and the castle door opens, revealing a shield. If you manage to get the shield, the unicorns will become harmless for a short while and will contain a letter.

If you hit one of these unicorns while in this state, you will earn a letter in the word EXTRA, and that letter will be on a flag that waves at the top of the castle. If you get all five letters, you will receive an extra life. A few blocks have skulls on them. If you knock out a skull block, the blocks in between them will fall down a level, and a bridge is formed between the two skull blocks. This technique can be much useful if one or more unicorns are below, giving you an opportunity to crush them with several blocks. Another way to stay safe is to change the direction of the ladders that lead up to a platform. This will confuse the unicorns who will eventually find another way to get to you.

Another way to complete a castle is to knock out all the cherry blocks, but this is not recommended because you'll waste time this way. If you waste enough time in the same castle, the unicorns will increase speed, and as you progress through the castles, more will appear.

The Bad


The Bottom Line

Another game in the Mr. Do! franchise, and is a bit better than Mr. Do!

Rating: ***