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Macintosh version

Intro continues
Main menu
Mission diary
Camp Toccoa, GA August 10, 1942 0900 hrs
Target practice
Practice with each weapon at different stations
Battle map
Outskirts of St. Mere Eglise, France June 5, 1944 2330 hrs - just hit the ground an army of one
But with any combat comes risks
Another wave of troopers...
Quotes from war time leaders between chapters
More combat diary
Positioned for a counterattack

Windows version

Intro Movie
Title Screen and Main Menu
There are four difficulty settings in Call of Duty, but the game is not that hard even in veteran.
Diary Entries and mission documents set the tone for each area
New American soldiers must go through boot camp
Crawling through boot camp
Soldiers charge the outskirts of an occupied town
After you die in the game, a remarkable quote about war appears on screen.
Defending against attack from the air
Dodging mortars
British Commandos sneaking aboard a ship
A firefight in close quarters aboard a ship
The stopwatch indicates timed explosives
A dangerous machine gun nest
Soviet Propaganda is used to motivate the soldiers
One soldier takes the rifle, one soldier takes the ammo
The Russian charge on Stalingrad!
Sabotaging the defenses around a dam
Aimed Head-shot on a German soldier
Young and scared soldiers
Crouched soldiers form a plan
Escaping a German roadblock
Paratroopers landing in the dead of night
A rough car ride
Tanks can only be destroyed with heavy armaments, like this big gun
Move out in small groups and take cover often
Under heavy fire and against all odds...
Blowing up a pursuing vehicle
Shootout at the old church
A major shootout
Riding shotgun into German occupied territory.
Rescuing a British soldier from a dank, German dungeon.
Yes, thank God we still have that flak gun :)
Fighting inside the German boat.
The interface gets a communist flavor when playing the soviet missions.
Red Square
The obligatory sewer level
Anti-tank weapon
Tank vs. tank
Exploding an anti-aircraft gun.
View from the top of the Reichstag

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