Command & Conquer Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

Main Title/Main Menu
Selecting sides.
Switching TV channels, from the opening FMV.
The GDI commander Shepard
German no blood version :)
Mission end screen
Choose your mission
A brave soldier
Seth, your boss as NOD player
NOD in the desert
Hard Time
GDI Base
Pre-rendered FMVs are reward to any victorious or even failed mission.
Getting some support from you Gunboat while prepping to establish a base.
Some missions already start by putting you in a fierce battle for survival.
Capturing enemy structures will allow you to build units of the opposing side.
Only way to spot a stealth car is to pass close by it.
Nod forces attacking the GDI outpost.
Prepping to take over the control of a GDI Ion Cannon by capturing advanced radar center.

Nintendo 64 version

Title screen
Building a power plant.
Base is under attack.

PlayStation version

Scene from the intro movie
GDI title screen
NOD title screen
NOD troops are searching for the traitor.
The NOD missions take place in Africa.
You get your orders from Seth.
Establishing a base in Egypt.
A Tiberium Harvester
The commanding general of the GDI
One of my soldiers got killed.
Searching for the remaining NOD troops.
Mission statistics
My troops are demolishing the NOD base.
A grenadier squad is destroying the SAM-site.
A cutscene showing A-10 Warthogs.
Select territory to attack.