Apple II
Minimum CPU Class Required Apple II+
Minimum OS Class Required DOS 3.3
Minimum RAM Required 64 KB
Media Type Floppy Disk
Video Modes Supported Double Hi-Res, Hi-Res
Input Devices Supported Joystick (Analog), Keyboard
Number of Players Supported 1-2 Players
Notes Crusade in Europe had a 64k version and 128k version. The 128k version featured a slightly different graphics set, day/night indicators, and the "flashback" feature.

Atari 8-bit
Business Model Commercial
Supported Systems/Models Atari XE Series, Atari XL Series
Minimum RAM Required 48 KB
Media Type 5.25" Floppy Disk, Cassette Tape
Input Devices Supported Joystick (Digital)
Multiplayer Options Hot Seat
Number of Players: Offline 1-2 Players

Commodore 64
Media Type Cassette Tape, Floppy Disk
Number of Players Supported 1-2 Players

PC Booter
Business Model Commercial
Minimum CPU Class Required 8088 / 8086
Video Modes Supported CGA, EGA, Tandy / PCjr
Sound Devices Supported PC Speaker
Input Devices Supported Keyboard

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