Crysis 2 Screenshots

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PlayStation 3 version

Start screen

Windows version

Main menu
Intro sequence - first: some talking
Intro sequence - then: getting out of the submarine
Intro sequence - finally: on the surface
Loading screen, including gameplay tips
The actual game starts in this room
Infected corpse on the left - computer on the right.
Let's go have some fun outside!
Nice view
Ammunition crate provides - guess what? - ammo.
First enemy encounter
You can pick up and throw many objects. Including...
... park benches.
"Protect our environment".. Well, energy wasting electronic displays on waste bins cannot be bad for the environment, right..?
Water does not look as convincing as in the first Crysis game.
Approaching an enemy using stealth mode
They're coming for me!!
About to perform a stealth kill
The visor view shows various information like waypoints, ammo pickup locations etc.
Hmm, quite a lot of people went missing here..
Mutually getting hit
Time for some driving!
Opening a door
Welcome to New York City!
Enjoy your stay ;)
Nanovision mode makes it easy to spot enemies in dark or foggy areas
Hmm, things gonna get more interesting soon..
Intercepted transmission - complete with animated 3D New York
Weapon customization
Nanosuit customization
Cell soldiers and Ceph battling it out

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