CyberMage: Darklight Awakening Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Main menu
Options screen
The start of the game
Fighting a slugg
Talking to the EarthMother
Under attack of two ugly zombies
Just left some small and cozy elevator
With powerblade against brutal soldiers
Let's take these items and laser pistol
Trying to shoot down flying robots
My friend Mung has a keycard for me
Controlling armored tank is real fun
Somebody lost a lot of money here
That bodysuit could come in handy
Not so warm welcome into Slumtown
What weapon to choose for fight?
Surrounded by group of three cyborgs
You can bet and win (or lose) money at the Arena
One of the game's awesome views. The thing I'm holding teaches me one of my special powers
You see such screens between levels for a brief moment
I just want to buy a gun, but this police hovercar and the trooper seem to dislike this idea
Casting Prism, one of the more devastating powers. Nice effects!..
Err... hi. Are you... from the resistance? Well, I certainly wouldn't RESIST... ya know... Hehehe...
Oh my, you can just BUY those regen packs!
Come on, dude. I just want to have some fun here... you know what I'm saying?
This area looks a bit System Shock-ish, don't you think?
Ahh, flying in a police hovercar... life is good!
I traverse the corridors with my trusty axe. Evil soldiers have almost killed me...
An impressive-looking character in a temple. I decide to show my respect by opening a little sub-menu to the right
During the course of the game you'll accumulate an impressive array of spells
A very cool, high-tech, super-sci-fi-looking dungeon. Ominous flow, and look at my new weapon!..
Police station entrance. I hold a fearsome-looking mace!
I like what you did with this place, but my plasma cannon is just moody today
Bodies of defeated enemies, rough underground passages, electronic locks on the door, and suspiciously sexy female punks
Gritty area with friendly soldiers and low-budget architecture. I hold a mine in my hands. It's mine. Get it?!..
Dude, you gotta get acquainted with how this new green weapon works. Eye patch or not. You SEE what I mean? Haha. Ha!!
Sometimes, a simple blade can do just as much damage as the fanciest firearms... I reduced the screen size - just to show this options exists
Using my keen psychic powers, I swiftly placed two electric traps. Only then I noticed that there seem to be no enemies nearby
Cozy dark tunnels, old-fashioned candles on the walls, a colorful gun in my hands... and you said we should go to Hawaii
A garden level! I cast a fire-based spell on that spider. My fingers do a horns sign for some reason...
I think this green magic of mine complements nicely the orange of the fire in this gloomy castle. What's your opinion?..