Cylindrix Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title Screen
Developer information
Distributor information
Creating a pilot
Single-player Menu
Selecting the vehicle for the player
Selecting the wingman (or wingwoman?)
Selecting the vehicle for wingman
1st opponent info
3D view before the battle starts
Starting position. Your wingmen are ahead.
Destroying the vehicle
Behind the enemy lines
Battle statistics
2nd opponent info
Viewing the cylinder's base
Almost dead
Selecting the battlefield for training
Aiming the assault tower
Exiting the game

Windows version

Choose a character
... or make one!
Start menu
Introduction to the first level
Here we go!
Now we're in the thick of the action
I shoot at them...
They shoot at me...
Claiming a pylon for my colour
This sentry means business!
I'm backing away as quickly as I can!
Game over!
Maybe if I'd used a different ship...
... or a different wingman...
Level select
The end!