Darius Twin Screenshots

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SNES version

Title screen
Part of the opening sequence
Blasting enemies on the first stage
Warning! End of level boss approaching fast...
A giant killer fish...
Stage select
I've acquired some slightly more powerful lasers now.
Careful, don't crash into cave walls!
An end of level squid
Under attack in space
Two large enemies? is that fair?
Avoid the attack from behind...
Some missile launchers at the bottom of the screen...
A giant end of level lobster!
Shark attack!
Shoot that entire group of boxes to release a power up.
The gold shield is the most powerful one in the game/
Dodging enemy fire...
I have some pretty powerful weapons now.
Caught in a swarm of enemies...
Avoid these giant rockets
Don't get hit by enemy fire without a shield!
Another attack from behind