Dead to Rights: Retribution Screenshots

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PlayStation 3 version

Main title.
Main menu.
The game starts with Jack barely walking so you take control of Shadow and protect him.
Sneak up to the enemy for a silent kill.
Live news at the Temple tower where unknown assailants are holding hostages.
Jack is coming in to... negotiate.
Some basic tutorials are offered during gameplay.
Bosses are best dealt with well-timed counter-strikes.
Takedowns are brutal and quite exaggerated, but that's the point.
When zoomed-in, more of the front view will be visible to you.
Captain Inness chewing up Jack for his exemplary dealing with the kidnappers and killers at the Temple tower.
Jack is sparring with his dad, but not holding back his punches.
Passing through the precinct.
Shadow can sense people's heartbeats and hence sense enemy combatants through solid objects.
There are very few places in the games where civilians are walking and noone is attacking you.
Sometimes even cover won't be enough if you're sticking your head in the open.
Taking out the shooter on the second floor.
Disarming the opponent and taking his weapon.
Helping your fellow officers clean up the streets in Chinatown.
Red enemies are aware of your presence, but in this case it is too late as Shadow aims for the throat.
You are easy target for the enemy when in the open.
Hiding from the enemy snipers.
Jack doesn't need keys to open gates, he opens them Chuck Norris style.
The city map.
Approaching the stadium where the enemy built their HQ.
You can order Shadow to attack an enemy and then help him finish it.
There's no sneaking strategy when enemy outnumbers you... one shot one kill is a way to go.
When you grab the enemy, you can hold him hostage as a shield, or throw him which is especially useful when in high places.
After disarming the enemy, execution can be pulled off, but you have to aim by yourself and quickly.
The enemy has taken over the police station, and Jack is out of bullets to add to the predicament.