Defender of the Crown Screenshots

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Amiga version

Title screen
Interactive Movie: cast
Choose your character.
Meeting Robin.
Monthly statistics about the island of Britain
The game map
Engaging in combat.
One of the various random events
Tournament it is!
Good turn up today
The arena
A Norman castle in the middle of the night
Attempting to enter the castle.
I want that gold!
Laying siege to a castle.
Yeah, I suck...
Title screen
The cast
Choose a character.
A meeting with Robin Hood
Your status
Choose what to do next.
Raiding in the middle of the night.
The first group of sentries
Inside the castle
Trumpet song
The tournament begins.
The joust
Attacking a castle.
Knock that wall down.
A princess rescued.
Text shown after saving your girl from the Normans for the second time.
The Greatest Treasure
New Respect
The beautiful Saxon damsel Katherine
The Saxon lady Anne
The love scene after you rescue a Saxon Maiden.
The Saxon lady Rebecca
The shadow of our two lovers smooching Saxon style.
Laying siege to a Norman Castle.

Amstrad CPC version

Title screen
Describing the sides of the conflict (in French)
Choose your player
Home, sweet home.
Information of the Forest of Sherwood (in French)
The map of Briton.
Let's go raiding.
Raiding a foe's castle.
You were unsuccessful in your raid.
I called a joust.
I sit astride my steed before the crowd.
We begin the joust.
I must aim correctly.

Android version

Main menu
Game information
Title screen
Game manual
Meet Robin
Background story
Selecting lord
Turn summary
Game primary menu
Tournament engaged
Tournament loading screen
Tournament introduction
Selecting opponent
Taking position
Lances duel
Out of the horse
Duel lost
Read map
Campaign orders
Building campaign army
Lord information
Buying army
Battle field screen
Raid loading screen
Raid second location
Raid first location
Lack of funds
Siege loading screen
Throwing rock
Game control pad view
Enemy turn
Rogues ambush
Battle field result
Game lost

Apple IIgs version

Title screen.
The cast of characters.
The story so far...
Choose your character to play as.
Robin Hood.
Main map of England.
Trumpet players.
A day at the jousts.
Overview of the jousting field.
A battle.
A castle.
Sword fighting in the courtyard of a castle.
Sword fighting in the inner keep.
Choose your ammo for the catapult.
Using the catapult on the enemy castle.
Side view of jousting.
Your castle has been captured by the enemy. Game Over.
Love scene - she approaches...
Love scene - The Saxon Lady Rosalind.
Love scene - Kissing.

Atari ST version

The title screen.
A castle.
Choose your Saxon lord to play as.
The main map of England.
Rocks away!
It looks like the bad guys have set your castle on fire...
The battle screen.
The fair lady Rosalind has been kidnapped and you and Robin Hood set off to free her.
All right, come down here and fight like a man!
The bad guys are taken care off, now unto the Saxon damsel...
She's so happy that you saved her, that she soon becomes your bride.
You and your lady on the main map.
These creeps look kike they're up to no good...
Play those trumpets, guys!
The tournament grounds
Your goal: knock the other guy off of his horse!
Side view showing the results.
Laying siege to a Norman castle.
A Saxon lady.
The Saxon lady Rebecca.
You have rescued the Saxon lady Anne and now she is madly in love with you.
The cinematic love scene after you rescue a Saxon maiden.
Our hero makes his move...
Saxon lady Katharine.
Choose your stakes at the tournament.

Browser version

Title screen
Trumpet song
Choose your tournament opponent
Tournament arena
Enemy castle
Attempting to enter the castle.
Game Over.Your castle is burning.
Thieves stealing your money
The love scene
The Saxon lady Anne
Riding a horse in tournament
The story
Take that wall down
Character Selection
A meeting with Robin Hood
Your status
The game map
Enemy has attacked you
Rescue her or not?
Tournament loading screen

Commodore 64 version

The title screen
The cast of good guys
The cast of evil Normans
Picking a character.
Hey, Robin! You gotta help me out man!
The game's credits.
Let's get 'em men!!
A Norman castle
All right... Who forgot to bring the other rocks for this thing?
The first Rock and Roll.
The main map.
You, your stats and your girl.
You'll need some fancy sword work here.
Man, where's Errol Flynn when you need him?
Time for a good knight's sleep.
The End!
Making music medieval style.
A jousting we will go! A jousting we will go!
The jousting field.
Who will be knocked off their horse?
Champion of the tournament!
A Saxon castle.
Attacking a Saxon castle.
A Saxon maiden has been kidnapped!
The maiden has been rescued!
The Saxon lady Anne.
The Saxon lady Katherine.
The Saxon lady Rosalind.
Robin Hood tells you of the struggle in England.
Roger Falconbridge, a Norman Lord.
The view of Anne from her back during the love scene.
Our two lovers kiss in the love scene.
After falling in love with the Saxon lady, you return to battle with new determination.
Another battle.
Enemies turn
Background story
Meet Robin
Turn info
Buying army
Read map
Transfer forces
Siege ammunition loading
Alliance support

DOS version

Title screen (CGA)
The cast (CGA)
Choose your character. (CGA)
Meet Robin. (CGA)
Overview (CGA)
The tourmanent starts... (CGA)
The tourmanent itself (CGA)
Attacking a castle. (CGA)
A siege (CGA)
Another siege (CGA)
A Saxon maiden has been kidnapped! Do you attempt a rescue or not?
The beautiful Saxon maiden Rosalind during the love scene
Hey, it wouldn't be a Cinemaware game without a scene like this right?
You and your new bride on the map
Falling in love with a beautiful Saxon maiden after you rescue her.
Philip Malvoisin's info
Reginald Front-de-Boeuf's info
Roger Falconbridge's info
The joust. I am going to joust against Philip Malvoisin.
Riding to Sherwood to seek help from Robin Hood.
A battle
Game Over. I lost.
Plotting Normans.
The beautiful Saxon maiden Anne
Anne is now my wife.
Inside the castle's inner keep during a raid

Game Boy Advance version

Main title screen.
Main menu screen.
Prologue to the story.
Before you start the game, you pay a visit to your old friend, Robin Hood.
Character selection screen.
A map on England (right) and a main in-game menu (left).
Raiding a castle is best during night time.
En garde! Touché!
Three down, few more to go, but my health bar is seriously reduced.
It's not only the attack you must master, but the right timing for defend as well, or you won't make it.
Buying home army (only three types of units in total).
No way of disposing rogue saboteurs, so you better get used to unpredictable events.
To the tournament we go.
It's amazing how in every war there's time for games.
You choose to fight for the land or fame.
In jousting aim for the head if you wanna seriously humiliate your opponent and throw him off horse.
You must have a steady and precise hand to win jousting.
Cool addition over first version is that after jousting you fight mano-a-mano with your opponent.
Will you try and rescue damsel in distress?
A last kidnapper on your way to lady's heart.
As a token of appreciation for rescuing her, the wedding night's at hand.
Your character's statistics can pretty much be read from your face.
During castle siege, you'll have more things to thrown than just boulders.
It's never a good idea to attack enemy castle just because you bought a catapult.
The fair Saxon damsel Katherine
Wilfred of Ivanhoe on the map with his lady
Saxon lady Rebecca
Castle under attack.
Saxon lady Rosalind
Saxon Lady Anne

NES version

Title screen
Choosing your character
This is what you start with
Tournament begins!
Information about enemies
Nice castle... let's capture it!
Infiltrated the castle
Oh, what a shame...
A Saxon lady has been rescued.
You and your new bride on the status screen.

PC Booter version

Title Screen (EGA)
Choose your character (EGA)
Meet Robin (EGA)
Overview (EGA)
The Tournament starts... (EGA)
Your Opponent (EGA)
The Joust (EGA)
Raiding a castle (EGA)
Inside the castle (EGA)
Attacking a Saxon castle (EGA)
Attacking a Norman castle (EGA)
The cast. (EGA/Tandy)
The story so far... (EGA/Tandy)
A territory owned by Philip Malvoisin, a Norman Lord. (EGA/Tandy)
A territory owned by Roger Falconbridge, a Norman Lord. (EGA/Tandy)
A territory owned by Edmund Grim, a Norman Lord. (EGA/Tandy)
Evil Normans plotting an evil plot... (EGA/Tandy)
Three knights arrive and join my army! (EGA/Tandy)
A battle. (EGA/Tandy)
An overhead view of the jousting field. (EGA/Tandy)
A long day. You lost the jousting tournament. (EGA/Tandy)
The last battle. I lost... (EGA/Tandy)
The bad ending. (EGA/Tandy)
Do you accept safe passage or attack? (EGA/Tandy)
Half my gold was stolen by some Norman thug... (EGA/Tandy)

Windows version

Title screen (CGA)
Background story (CGA)
Choose your character (CGA)
Meet Robin (CGA)
Turn summary (CGA)
Your Orders (CGA)
Territory Info (CGA)
Buying army (CGA)
Transferring troops (CGA)
Lord info (CGA)
Siege information (CGA)
Loading ammunition (CGA)
Siege (CGA)
Field battle (CGA)
Tourmanent starts (CGA)
Choose an opponent (CGA)
Duel area (CGA)
Duel overview (CGA)
Duel of lances (CGA)
Raid first location (CGA)
Raid second location (CGA)
Captured (CGA)
Title screen (EGA)
Background story (EGA)
Choose your character (EGA)
Meet Robin (EGA)
Turn summary (EGA)
Your Orders (EGA)
Territory Info (EGA)
Lord info (EGA)
Alliance action (EGA)
Tourmanent starts (EGA)
Choose stakes (EGA)
Duel area (EGA)
Duel overview (EGA)
Duel of lances (EGA)
Near miss (EGA)
No winner (EGA)
Field battle (EGA)
Raid second location (EGA)
Raid first location (EGA)
Captured (EGA)
Loading ammunition (EGA)
Siege (EGA)
Game lost (EGA)
Buying army (EGA)
Random encounter (EGA)