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Deus Ex

Deus Ex Screenshots

Windows version

Title Screen
JC recieves his assignment from Anna Navarre - The true beginning of the game
One-time use bazooka is very effective weapon against enemy bots, but occupies way too much space for its usage.
Our hero, JC Denton, admires himself in a mirror while at a nightclub
Sometimes the riot officers fall in, ah, er... interesting positions when you kill them.
Two bums talk about the plague in a clinic
Your quartermaster is a grizzled old veteran.
You are being shot to pieces!
You are dead. You have failed.
Nothing is sacred in the future :-)
Someone at the business end of a sniper rifle's scope
Binoculars can help gauge the situation
Getting secrets from some of your informants, the Mole People
NSF terrorist on fire! Napalm is good.
The Hong Kong marketplace
Using a multitool to bypass a security pad
A particular creepy message
JC and Paul at Hell's Kitchen
Say Underworld
The "ton" hotel.
A statue.
Shooting TNT boxes to take out a couple terrorists
Stacking up things to help JC get over a fence.
Your tricked-out cyborg friend, Gunther.
The NYC cityscape.
A large robot not pleased with you.
Nice reflections.
Dead meat.
You can play basketball (in a makeshift sort of way).
Training field
Liberty statue map