Diner Dash: Flo on the Go Screenshots

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Windows version

The menu shows the cruise ship where you start the game at
There are nine customer types in the game, each with different personalities
Losing your luggage is not a good way to start a vacation
The first "restaurant" you will work at is on board a cruise ship.
Completing a level shows you a comment from Flo and information on how well you did
This is Flo's Closet, where you can change the clothing that Flo is wearing
Completing levels can unlock new clothing for Flo to wear
Change 5 different clothing items on Flo and click Done when you're ready to go on
Completing levels can also unlock upgrades to the "restaurants." You can choose what item you want to upgrade
Oh, no! No lights and all you have is a flashlight. Trying to serve customers with most of the screen blacked out adds some challenge to the game
When the ship hits waves, you will sometimes need to clean up some spills with the mop. Babies can also create spills
If you get an expert score on all levels in a restaurant, you will unlock a secret level
These are the secret levels that can be unlocked
In this secret level, the couples will only sit in seats that match their outfits
The second "restaurant" is on a train. You can use the podium to make people waiting in line happier
The third "restaurant" is in a submarine. Some customers want you to take their pictures
You can see where you are in the game by looking at the level "map"
When you play Endless Mode, you can choose the difficulty level