Dino Wars Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
Main menu
The Dino Wars encyclopedia
Choose your war!
Playing a game on the lava map.
Dimetrodon versus Triceratops
Pteranodon versus Tyrannosaurus
Game in progress
The Ankylosaurus is performing a tail attack.
Will the Brontosaurus survive this fight?
Rumble in the jungle
Jump attack by a Deinonychus
I have stolen the dinosaur egg.
Dinosaurs in the desert
Deinonychus versus Triceratops

Commodore 64 version

Title screen
Main menu
Fight between to t-rexes

DOS version

...in a galaxy far, far away...
Main menu
Select the board / environment to play on.
Starting a match in the jungle
Dinosaurs fighting
Tail attack
Game over screen
The game comes with a dinosaur encyclopedia.
Info screen; the picture of the T-Rex continuously morphs between the creature's supposed look and its skeleton.
Game configuration screen
Volcano area: you cannot cross the lava and have to use bridges.
Here comes the T-Rex
Intro (CGA)
Main Menu(CGA)
Encyclopedia (CGA)