Divine Sealing Screenshots (Genesis)

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Genesis version

A rather sparse title screen.
Falchion talks about his ship.
This is Elias. She wants you to save her.
Next stop, Water Planet!
Not much going on yet.
Shooting some strange blobs.
It's hard to tell in a still, but the water background is migraine-inducing.
I've gotten enough points to upgrade my weapons. Useful!
Aw, nuts! I'll never save her like this!
First stage boss. He flies around in a simple pattern.
I thought this was a rescue mission!
Doesn't this usually work the other way around?
I've taken quite a bit of her power, now!
Next stop...some other planet!
This stage takes place in some kind of strange purple cave.
There's more going on than in the first stage.
No! I've died again!
Game over.